Rafael Peralta


** FILE ** This undated photo released by the U.S. Marines, shows Sgt. Rafael Peralta, 25. Peralta was being considered for a posthumous Medal of Honor, the United States’ highest military award. Peralta was shot during a house-to-house search in Fallujah. Lying wounded on the floor of a home, he grabbed a grenade that had been lobbed in by an insurgent. The blast killed him. “If he wouldn’t have scooped up the grenade, the other three of us in the room that day would have been killed,” said former Cpl. Robert Reynolds, who was in Peralta’s squad. Reynolds said Peralta sacrificed himself because “he wanted to make sure we all went home.” A committee reviewing the nomination could not agree on the award, citing questions over whether friendly fire from a comrade might have contributed to her son’s death, Rosa Peralta, told the North County Times for its Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 edition. (AP Photo/U.S. Marines)


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