Marines returned Obama’s latte salute on social media, and the results are hilarious


Obama’s controversial latte salute has entered the world of self-parody — and it’s hilarious.

Maximilian Uriarte, the grunt-turned satirist who created the “Terminal Lance” comic strip, posted a slew of pictures on Facebook of people doing their own salute with a beverage in hand. We can’t guarantee they are all Marines, but the vast majority of Uriarte’s audience is comprised of active and discharged Marines. Some substituted the latte for a beer, a glass of scotch, a giant bottle of vodka or put on a horse mask and saluted with a half-filled bottle soy sauce (that contributor wrote “Of course I was drinking soy sauce. Horses love soy sauce. How do I type with these hooves?”)

Some were cross-eyed, others were left-handed, they all looked pretty derpy and hilarious.

Here’s some of what Uriarte posted:

Salute1 salute2 salute3 salute5 salute6 salute7

Earlier this week the White House posted a short clip on Instagram of the president leaving Marine One, and rendering a salute with a coffee in his right hand. In uniform this type of salute is a big no-no, and it sparked a debate about whether Obama was disrespectful or, as the commander in chief and  civilian, he can salute (or not salute) however he pleases. Of course, debates like this fell into partisan camps faster than you can chug a shot of espresso.

Uriarte, like he always does when debates like this emerge, said he stayed out of the fray and just looked for the laughs.


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  1. Can you imagine peoples’ reaction if Obama would have slopped coffee or whatever was in that cup all over himself?
    Reminds me of the old MAD MAGAZINE section entitled: “Scenes we’d like to see…..”

  2. That was disgraceful, unthinking, selfish, and just down right stupid. Which when You think about it, sums up the last 6 years !

  3. We are the “President’s Own”…. tradition states when saluted, salute back as respect given and respect returned. Its just not saluting the individual Marine, its saluting all of us, back to Nov 10th 1775. We Marines do not salute just the President currently in office but every one back to President Washington. Tradition is what we are about… Some just dont get it. We must understand that they are civilians thus unsat at times. LOL

  4. Love this!!!!! There is no excuse for obomas blatant disrespect to our service men and women!!! He is suppose to be Commander in Chief not a blemish on the backside of an ass
    Marine Mom and Gold Star

  5. All usual, all the comments all come from racists! The racist right is all upset over the president saluting a Marine with a coffee in his hand. Loserville and all the usual suspects went to town on the “latte salute”.

    As President Obama exits Marine One, he salutes two Marines with a coffee cup in the hand. Sometimes you got to wonder how far will these people go before they cause themselves heart attacks.

    From day one, the racist right aided by the insurgency and Loserville managed to make Republicans look childish and even more stupider than usual.

    But it’s not without precedent. President George W. Bush saluted the troops with his terrier in hand, and right-wing pundits somehow failed to go berserk.

    Why? Because Bush was their guy, of course (nowadays, he’d probably be castigated by those folks as a mealy-mouthed RINO — Republican in Name Only — who was soft on terror).

    And presidents saluting the troops isn’t a custom dating back to the Revolutionary War. It was actually started in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan.

    If Republicans want to gleefully circulate photos of #LatteSaluteGate — you know it’s important because there’s a hashtag — I get it. It’s good political theater. But it’s probably hard for most of them to keep a straight face and insist that they’re deeply offended.

    Just like they’re not really outraged that Obama plays golf and takes vacations (inconveniently, he’s taken less vacation time than Bush).

    Just like most Republicans probably aren’t revolted by first lady Michelle Obama’s fancy clothes (Nancy Reagan was known to like nice things).

    One former marine I know is more upset with the previous president that sent him and his buddies into harms way based upon a lie, his outrage is at the president that lied about why we went into Iraq where he lost some of those buddies and isn’t too happy about it.

    Total disrespect shown to a black President. Bush waved a dog and wasn’t called on it, but Obama is tan, Cons hate that.

  6. Really? Walk a mile in the President’s shoe and see who likes you. Back in the late 30’s- early 40’s a lot of people didn’t like FDR or his cousin before him (Teddy), but both tried to push things through that were good (great) for the USA. Notice that most president change physically during their tenure because of the pressure and their big problems are not what’s going on globally, but trying to do good for the the country (Promote the GENERAL welfare, not the kiss-ass stuff for the elite industrialists). Where would we be w/o Social Security (even though the gov’t screwed that up). What about helping out those who can’t adequately help themselves because the elite have made it impossible (see Health Care, the Stock Market screw-up, the housing crash, etc…). I bet when you screw up you’d wish that someone would cut you some slack!

  7. Those who have not served, those who think because their kids served, those who think they speak for all Americans do me a favor. . . SHUT THE HELL UP PLEASE. The President doesn’t even have to salute, only military in uniform salute other military in uniform is the rule. The President saluting was started by Reagan because he thought it made him look tough to salute, so every President started doing it. Its NOT mandatory for Presidents to salute. Now, having said that Obama haters are just using this to further their hate agenda against the President. How about some outrage over the republicans vetoing The Fair Pay For Women Act guaranteeing equal pay for women in this country that the “Disrespectful” President put before Congress a couple of weeks ago. Where was the outrage from everybody then? Oh? This non-issue is the straw that broke the camels back? Really? Please stop with all this false patriotism, it sickens me.

  8. It is not even required to salute a Marine. I have seen sooo many other posts from Marines saying that they know that President Obama respects them. He respects them so much that he is trying hard not to put them into another war. He wants to save their lives! Bush saluted with a dog in his arms. many photos of other presidents with less than perfect alutes. Nonsense. This is just Republicans covering up their DO NOTHING for the last 6+ years! They need to be seen and not heard, and get their sorry hating asses to work. Earning their pay would be a good start!

  9. shows who is the better man—THE MARINE!!! No matter the disrespect that was shown THE MARINE stood TRUE!!!!


  10. Oh I am sorry, while Cpl Davis may be correct, he still would like to show some kind of respect to the Marines….Respect the Rank, but not the Person is what I was always told to do when I was in the Marine Corps…

  11. While Obama has never been in the military, the president is the commander in chief of the United States military. Having said this, the least this maggot could do is learn how to properly return a subordinate’s salute.

  12. Definitely a different generation of service members here, I see. You guys are disgusting, and you’re only hurting yourselves and the Corps with this display of unprofessionalism. If you think things go back to normal when there’s a good ol boy back in the White House, you’re delusional. This behavior is what you should expect your own subordinates to emulate at the moment of truth. You’re showing them that you discard military bearing and respect for authority whenever it’s convenient.

  13. I don’t see why anyone cares that much about a salute. the guy isn’t even military and its kinda weird that anyone expects him to act like it. Otherwise funny pics post more!

  14. . . . exactly Lean6, when there was a good old boy in there saluting all f’d up nobody had shit to say, but oh, let the Negro President salute a little awkwardly and the whole damn sky is falling. Come on people, just be honest and say the reason you don’t like this President is because he’s Black. I would have a tad bit more respect for you if you just came out and said that than instead of trying to turn this innocent mistake into some inditement of the Presidents respect for his own military. That is just a ludicrous thing to say about the President. But it seems to me that people are much more quick and comfortable saying these types of things about this President more than any other in recent history. And it makes me wonder why that is. . . oh right, he’s Black.

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