Marine mascot Chesty XIV becomes an NCO


Looks like America’s cuddliest Marine is getting a promotion.

The official Marine Barracks Washington Facebook page is announcing that Chesty XIV, an English bulldog who is the official mascot of the Marine Corps will pin on a second chevron Friday. That event will coincide with the weekly evening parade at 8th and I, a public demonstration of Marine Corps pomp and circumstance that typically includes a chance for Chesty to greet his adoring fans.

Screenshot from Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I Facebook page

Screenshot from Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I Facebook page

Chesty should remember to keep his nose clean, though.

His equally jowly predecessor, Sgt. Chesty XIII, once received a demotion for snapping at then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s dog, Bravo, during a parade event. Fortunately, he earned back his rank and retired honorably after a five-year career in 2013.

Like most Marine NCOs, Chesty XIV looks a bit aged by his tough Marine Corps service. For a look back at Chesty in his adorable puppy days, go  here and here and here.


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  1. Perpetual, Echo3Actual on

    Really? Isn’t this unrealistic unless we bust him down to PFC a few times prior to pinning on as NCO? Or are we going for the more dramatic Cpl to LCpl busting? Just curious.

  2. my father was a Marine colonel, God rest. I love the fact that only the toughest men on earth could love a face like that of Chesty. Congratulations on your promotion!

  3. I kept the official base mascot at Twentynine Stumps in the early 70s. She was an English bulldog and was a Sgt E-5. So, she out ranked Chesty. She was kind of irritable at times, but for the most part behaved in front of the General and Sergeant Major. Semper Fi

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  5. Dog pees on everything – but does not get busted in rank… Double-standard… of course – he is smarter than the 2 giving him the promotion.

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