Public speaker apologizes to Marines for wearing DI uniform


A man who runs public speaking seminars faced severe backlash on social media from Marines and veterans groups after he dressed up as a drill instructor during one of his recent engagements.

Marines took to Facebook and Twitter to launch a social media campaign to stop Marc Accetta, the founder of a company that provides seminars and training programs, from donning official Marine Corps uniform items during his engagements.


The photo, which showed Accetta dressed as a first sergeant with the classic DI smokey cover, appears to have been removed from Facebook. And just hours later, Accetta issued a public apology on his Facebook page.


Marine Corps Times reached out to Accetta for more on what was behind his initial decision to dress like a Marine drill instructor. He said occasionally holds business training seminars that are “theatrical in nature.” For that particular event, he said the theme was “boot camp.”

“In the very beginning of the event, I address the group as a drill instructor and instill them with parallels and analogies from all U.S. military that are helpful in building their entrepreneurial business,” Accetta said. “I never claim to be an actual soldier.  The audience is totally aware that they are being addressed by civilians using a boot camp theme to teach them great principles.” 

Accetta said he was surprised by the backlash he received after a photo of him wearing the uniform was posted to Facebook. As a public speaker for the past 25 years, he said he has honored the military on many occasions by drawing attention to their sacrifice and service. Veterans who’ve attended his events over the years have been thankful for that message, he said.

“I would never knowingly do anything that was disrespectful to anyone in the U.S. military,” Accetta said. “I now understand why it was offensive, but it was very unintentional.”

Marines have, for the most part, accepted his Facebook apology, Accetta said.

“My father is a WWII veteran and I was raised to have the utmost respect for our armed forces, so this has been a very difficult experience for me,” he said. “I appreciate you asking for the proper context this all occurred in, and asking me a few questions allowing me to express myself more clearly.”


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  1. It’s as simple as this..

    You as the A-Hole in this situation have no right to wear the uniform of a US Marine, because you have never earned the title or even faced any of the hardships of earning the right to uniform the same uniform you decided to use for your “attention grabber”.

    The Army, The Navy, Air Force and the rest of world might be alright with your stunt but definitely not US Marines.

  2. Let’s just call it what it is…a pyramid scheme. That is what he was using the uniform for was to push his scam.

  3. give the dude a break…seriously, who cares? there are much much bigger issues/problems we have to deal with.

  4. He apologized. What ever business he’s in or what ever his end goal I don’t know and don’t care. Apologizing is better than most posers. Perhaps a better show of judgement would have been to buy a costumer in October but as long as he’s honest about not claiming to be Marine there are people who show a greater lack of judgement out there who need more attention.

    It sounds like he learned his lesson. You don’t keep slamming a young LcCpl after they’ve shown they’ve learned their lesson. You move on and wait to see if they screw up again and hope it’s something new that needs fixed.

    Take the apology, move along smartly and be professional but keep a knife hand in your pocket in case he tries this again.

  5. Ed, obviously a great population cares, mainly my fellow Marines that earned the uniform, the rank, or the DI cover he had. You, obviously just don’t understand what it means to do something with your life.

  6. Accetta you fucking loser your a God Damm joke. You look like a total fucking idiot and a complete disgrace. Don’t you ever fucking disrespect me or any other service members who served and wore the uniform ever again you piece of shit. Do you think your funny, or you think it’s some kind of joke. I would have seriously kicked your stupid ass into next week if I were there to see that bullshit. You have a lot of nerve you fucking retard. Don’t you ever belittle the Marines again asshole or else your going to be walking around the rest of your life with a severe fucking limp or worse……

  7. The title, “Marine” is earned. It is never given, nor bought. For those that don’t understand, you never will and I don’t expect you to. But because you don’t understand it, don’t pass it off as no big deal, it is to those who have earned it. SEMPER FIDELIS

  8. WhiskeyBravoCharlie on

    When one dons the uniform of our Military for the purpose of personal gain it is viewed by those of us who have earned it as Stolen Valor. Enjoy your 15 minutes of shame.

    And Ed, I care! I earned it, fought in & for it and don’t take kindly to it being pimped by some evangelical using it as a prop for selling snake oil. Obviously you have never sacrificed like the real men & women who have earned the title of United States Marine!

    Carry on!

  9. Way to step on your dick Accetta I hope this shameful act fuck’s your career all up, better yet I hope one of my Brother’s or Sister’s fuck’s you up. Who in the hell do you think you are? Fucking used car sales man, snake in the grass trying to profit off your stupid gimmicks and cliché’s. You should be charged with “Stolen Valor” act, but our bullshit Government is nothing but a bunch of pussies who protects idiot’s like you, it’s ironic that I took the oath and served so faggotts like you can do stupid shit like that…….

  10. I as a former Marine do find it disrespectful however, no one says anything to actors that do the same thing in movies for effect. I think as some of you said we all earned the title and Marines have a lot of pride in what we went through to get that title. I will leave it at that.

  11. No one says anything about actors you dress in uniform because the film is about the military and they are portraying a branch, rank and done in a respectful way. This guy is none of that. He apologized and I accept. Just lucky Marines weren’t around to see this or I would have ended badly.

  12. What pisses me off is that I’m sure there were Marines in the audience and they didn’t “STOMP” his ass out. I would have taken an assault/battery charge for hammering this clown. That stupid fuck disrespected and insulted everyone who has served and died wearing our uniform. That’s the problem with this country now, no one has the balls to squash morons like this, or stand up for what’s right.

  13. I feel that Mr. Accetta had as we say in the Corps. “Good initiative,bad Judgement” the man made a big mistake and has publicly apolized. The Marine I am today can recognize an honest mistake and accept and apology without hesitation, through the guidance i recieve from my Higher power and the 12 steps i live by. I would recommend if Mr. Accetta would like to continue his Bootcamp themed seminar, he finds an unemployed Vet who served our beloved Corps as a DI and give him the role during his seminars. Thank you and God Bless.

  14. Give the guy a break.
    Many Marines are getting butthurt for little things.
    Its disrespectful that he wore the DI’s uniform but he used bad judgement and he apologized.
    In movies, actors uses cammies and portray us badly (sometimes) and we don’t say anything so why this?
    If he was saying “I am a Marine” or F*** the Corps” it would be different.

    Semper Fi, Devils.

  15. This is why this country is so fucked these days cause of “Goons” like Tony and Leah and all you other liberal sympathizers. Your a perfect example why this country has no backbone anymore and were such a joke.

  16. Hey Leah Anderson, if you had earned the title United States Marine”. You would care, it appears that you no clue what it takes to become part of the Corps. Feel free to walk back into what you call your life.

  17. While I certainly do not approve of posers. The bigger issue might be: If a civilian can buy it ANYWHERE, then they should be able to wear it. So it’s not illegal. Don’t chew this guy out too bad, when the problem lies elsewhere. What do you think all the paramilitary groups wear….pink underwear? As long as a person can buy something at a military surplus store this will happen. There have been worse incidents. He apologized and he knows now what those who have served think and feel.

    There are bigger fish to fry.

  18. I commend you for coming out and apologizing for using the uniform. I know how fanatic Marines are about the uniform, being that I am a 20 year vet myself. I see what you are doing is a sign of respect and admiration. One sign of flattery is immitation. The American public views Marines as the toughest S.O.B.’s out there and if you use the US Marines as a symbol of toughness, you are not wrong. I say take off EGA’s and rank insignia, then carry-on. Motivate those lazy civilians to be more productive citizens for America!!

  19. To all of Marines out there, while he did say that he is sorry for “pulling” this stunt….he still has no right to even wear the uniform of The Marine….no after he has not gone through boot camp, to earn a Eagle, Globe, and Anchor….

    To all of the leftist, elitist….You wouldn’t even understand what Blood, and Sweat that we have had to even endure….

    If you want go try it out for yourself….”I doubt that you’ll make it through Day 1″….

  20. Being a Marine is something very few can be. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be the Marine Corps. To “pretend” to be a Marine is a slap in the face of everyone who went through the hardships and earned the title.

    “A Brotherhood only a Few can Understand…..” Semper Fidelis.

  21. As Tony wrote, “Give the guy a break,” we did. He’s lucky no Marine physically attacked him for his transgression. The Marine Corps spells out very clearly how its uniform — and Marine Corps Hymn for that matter can be utilized.

    Next time you see a movie or t.v. series involving the Marine Corps, pay attention. Not one note of the Marine Corps Hymn can be played without permission. Clint Eastwood’s film, Heartbreak Ridge,” no different. The Corps denied his company permission to use. So goes for uniforms and EGA’s.

    The Corps can be as bad as a pack of junkyard dogs in heat. Use with Caution.

    Semper fi.

  22. There are far worse atrocities than what he did. To write rude vulgar abusive language towards him, you have showed how low, due to ignorance, you place yourself, and openly, disrespecting the honor of your military (and country). We, you, us, we are all human, not perfect nor is the military, regardless of what country. The manner at which you berate him displays hate and I wonder where you all learned that from.

  23. I am a Marine serving out of MCAS Miramar. I earned my title. Did you earn yours, dirt bag. I got my EGA. Did you?! Dont disgrace us. Dont put that uniform on and motivate the rest of America like they should be; with a size 12 boot up their ass.

  24. Wooowwww DJ aren’t you a ray of sunshine. You sound like Oprah or one of those idiots on that show the view, or worse a homosexual. If you don’t like hearing bad words you should stick to rated G Websites. I can tell you haven’t served a day of your life in the military with your lame ass commments, so your opinion is not welcome here sister, so go bury your head in the sand… A.S.A.P.

  25. I love how Bryce accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being a “liberal” or automatically having not served. It really reeks of those armchair heroes who never served or who washed out of the depot or OCS. Overly aggressive, knowing they never really measured up. Acting like that out here in the public only gives the Marines a bad name and since you probably never served, it would be great if you could stop dragging our name through the mud.

  26. Graduated MCRD San Diego 1991, MCT, SOI (0341) PMO Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Weapons Co. 1/8- 81MM Platoon(Operations Deny Flight, Restore Hope Somalia) Fucking Shellback, 2/8 Service Co, PMO 2nd MARDIV Crime Prevention/Physical Security, Golf Co. 2/23 Los Alamitos Weapons Platoon 60mm Mortar Section Leader, Chaser/HMMWV School/NBC School/ Corporals Course Honorable Discharge 1998 E-5 what else you want to know Commenters (Fuck You) I’ll throw it all out there (Armchair Hero) your a fucking kook and most likely a shower shoe. Your stress card doesn’t work here dickhead, anytime you want to call me out feel free. If my comments hurt your feelings so fucking what. This isn’t like Pork Chop Platoon that your use to where everyone is nice and sweet because your such a pussy……

  27. Impressive keyboard commando resume there Bryce. I am surprised. Usually people who make up a resume add in a silver star or MOH. In addition to your imaginary story, I’d like to call out your complete lack of professionalism. Acting like a 15 year old who’s never been laid and feels like he has to prove himself really isn’t a redeeming quality is someone who claims to be a Marine. Someone with that alleged experience should be a little more self-confident and not act like a child who got his toy taken away. Also, learn the difference between your and you’re.

  28. So let’s hear your distinguished career Commenters, how do you measure up you “rock”. I’m not dragging Marines through the Mud, quite the opposite stupid. You and your buddies who stick up for idiots like this is the reason why our country and our military is so fucked up. No one’s accountable or punished cause freaks like you stick up for losers like this and pat them on the back and give them a warm and fuzzy when they fuck up and everything’s cool. Fuck That.. If that’s the Corps you served in if you even did at all then we are all fucking doomed….

  29. 1- he can’t be punished because he broke no law. He made a mistake, was confronted about it, and apologized. Unless he trots it out again, the story should be over. Are you out there criticizing every movie or tv show that represents Marines? An awful lot of them are done without USMC approval.

    2- where was I defending him? There is plenty of room for you to both be wrong here.

  30. So you are a spelling critic too, that’s great. You sure do put yourself on giant pedestal don’t you. Your a real smart guy. Still haven’t heard your resume, what are you scared off “Commentors” the fact you couldn’t even hang as a POOLEE. That’s alright I will let you have your minute in the spotlight so you can make yourself sound superior to the rest of us. I know blowing up your ego is priority in life. I sorry for your boyfriend or wife who has to listen to your smart ass all day long, must be miserable…

  31. Unlike you I don’t spend five minutes spell checking my comment’s before I send them, because I’m doing a hundred other things at once. Unlike you who sits at a computer all day stuffing your fat pie hole logged into Marine Corps Chat Rooms and plays and acts like he’s a Marine when your nothing but a poser.

  32. Man that spelling comment really got to you. And if it takes you five minutes to spellcheck your comments then I’m amazed you even made it through reading the article.

    And no, I won’t be sharing my resume with you. But don’t worry. Hopefully one day you’ll be comfortable with yourself and won’t need to hurl around mentally lazy insults. In the meantime, I think I saw a duffleblog article about you:

  33. That’s what I thought Commentors you fucking dumptruck. Your full of shit. You never served a day in your sorry ass life. Fucking pussy you make me sick. You sure are tough sitting behind your keyboard you worthless, spineless, coward. Nothing worse than a freaking imposter, your more of a dirt bag than Accetta how funny. I’m having a pissing match with a pile of shit that claims he served. You must be a total fucking embarrassment to your family.

  34. The guy had no right to wear our uniform, especially since he couldn’t conform to the regulations. But moving on he has been instructed as to his errors and we need to remember ourselves. I myself was around for the filming of Heartbreak Ridge @ Telaga. I never received an EGA, but I did earn the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor and I have listened to the Marine’s Hymn all my life, but never heard the Marine Corps Hymn played. Just saying.

  35. No blackened soul here Commenters or Commentors. You can’t even spell your name right anymore jackass. You should be the one praying for yourself. You are a little dishonest prick with no integrity who claims to be a Marine, when in actuality your a imposter a fake/fraud who likes to rattle real Marines cages. That’s alright you sorry bastard. You can’t even tell anyone of us here where and when you claimed to have served. What a chicken shit…..

  36. Right on Bryce.. I have been following this verbal ass kicking for awhile now. You finally realized Commenters is nothing but a joke and isn’t a Marine. Don’t let these “Stole Valor” guys like Aceetta and Commenters get under your skin dude. Losers like them get off on pissing us Marines off. It sure does suck though that you and I served so idiots like him can sit home on Mom and Dad’s computer and talk his trash and be free to express his feeble little mind.

  37. Bryce, I have no need to tell you where or when I served. It sure is a good thing you didn’t serve during a OEF/OIF though. Your inability to control your emotions would have gotten Marines killed, or civilians killed and set back our mission. In a world where we have to constantly justify the existence of the Marine Corps, little punks like you are our biggest threat. You make the Corps seem like a bunch of dumb pre-teens who cannot respond without a string of expletives or misplaced aggression. If America decides one day to do away with the Corps it will be because of jokers like you and the fact that Americans grew tired of those antics.

  38. So you still can’t answer.the question huh commenter. Its a very simple have you ever served where and when. What are you hiding the only punk here so far is you. Are you retarded or what? You sound like your bi polar and you should seriously get on some paxil or zoloft or something.

  39. YHey commenters.this is the last time I will ur idiotic rants. You make no sense at all and your a coward andobvisiknow nothing about the Marines nor have you worn the uniform, rotc and eagle young marines doesn’t count if you ever grow a sack and tell everyone here if you indeed served when and where than maybe I will continue.bashing your stupid ass until then your nothing but a waste of food.

  40. Why doesn’t this guy just answer the question already? How about it Commenter. I’m curious myself. What is your status? Did you ever serve or not? You do sound pretty stupid when you try to grill Bryce, yet you won’t even answer a simple question of where and when you served. Your talking a big game dude and can’t back it up? Bryce is one annoying asshole for sure but his time in service and places he’s been measures up. I much rather have a ballsy hard charger like him in my squad then some smartass, know it all, spoiled Mama’s boy, little bitch that’s for sure. Don’t take it personal. Just a observation.

  41. Once again, not giving out my resume. But I have served, and it was post-9/11. Went forward a few times. Did my job and came home while some others didn’t. The same story that could be told of thousands and thousands of Marines over the last 13 years. Take it or leave it, whatever.

    Y’all don’t get it. We’ve held the confidence and hope of the American public for these past 13 years. But that can be a fickle thing and it can always come crashing down. When people like Bryce act the way they do- immediately and to the most inane of comments- it chips away at that. Our generation had welcome homes, maybe a beer at the bar, and lots of awkward thank-yous. I don’t want those who fight our next conflict to be treated like the Vietnam vets were because we decided to go and wear out the good will by acting like Bryce.

  42. Complete.bullshit your something else commenter you should really listen to yourself I thought bryce was bad you sound even worse.why can’t you tell anyone where you served are you in the cia or a merc or something?

  43. Commenter was either a cook or a mail clerk that’s why he won’t tell anybody here in battle. ratlle. Damm I would be ashamed to if I had to admit to that. The only. Marines.he saw go down was the ones he served his disgusting chow to. Lol lol . Lol

  44. Commenter don’t take sids remark personal I think you cooks served a mean shit on a shingle. Those were delicious.

  45. First I have never been a Marine, and am too damned old to become one. I am also one of those liberals you all hate but lets get one thing clear Sailors, Marines and Soldiers (and as the daughter of a sailor I know there is a big difference between a Marine and a Soldier) have earned and continue to be owed respect and gratitude.

    This guy screwed up by donning that uniform, but he could have screwed up more – did any of you, specially those who are attacking him, notice he is wearing no ribbons, no marksmanship devices etc. At least he never claimed honors he didn’t earn.

    I find it sad that all of you here who claim honorable service as Marines can not recognize that he knows he screwed up and apologized. You moan about liberals but the attitudes that some of you profess are shameful, and denigrate the integrity of the Marines. If you never screwed up in your life than maybe you have a right to spew your hate, but think about it.

  46. Keep in mind, we as a country have freedom of speech. He apologized as a professional would! What about all those actors that played the role of drill instructors that most paid money to go see in the movie theaters?

    Plain & simple, “put down the Kool-aid” drink water & change your socks!!

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