Marine SNCO teaches “Real Housewives” mom about respect


The staff sergeant who married into a “Real Housewives” family is stirring up drama after schooling a grown woman on respecting others’ property by telling her to get her feet off his couch — or leave his house.


Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson is married to the daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, who is in her eighth season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Marine Corps Times first talked to Culberson about his marriage to Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana, last year. After learning Briana was pregnant, the two moved in with Gunvalson so she could help care for their new son while Culberson headed to Afghanistan on his fourth deployment.

Culberson, a joint terminal attack controller with 11th Marines, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., has appeared on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” regularly this season. Now the show that typically focuses on shopping, extravagant vacations and dinner parties gets a look at what it’s like for a young Marine dad to leave his wife and baby for predeployment training at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif.

But what really captured viewers’ attention occurred during Monday night’s season finale. The Marine gave a woman a lesson on respecting other people’s property when he threatened to kick her out of Gunvalson’s home after she took her shoes off and put her feet up on the couch.

“You don’t disrespect people’s furniture and people’s houses by putting your feet up on their couch,” Culberson said.

The staff sergeant’s wife said her mom’s home is like a museum, and that Gunvalson would kill anyone who ruined her couch. The woman disobeying the house rules is Judy Stirling, the mom of one of the “Real Housewives” stars, Lydia McLaughlin. But Culberson said he doesn’t care whose mom it is, she shouldn’t be disrespecting the home.

“Sir,” Stirling responded. “My feet were hurting.”

Stirling then told other party go-ers she believed Culberson “had a couple too many.” Earlier this season, Stirling was shown regularly throwing glitter on people, telling them that she is decorating them with “fairy dust.”

“My mom is, like, the sweetest, nicest person in the world,” McLaughlin told Bravo after the couch incident. “Like, what could she have done to be kicked out of this party? Like, I mean, did she fairy dust the wrong person?”

It’s not immediately clear if Stirling tried to “fairy dust” the staff sergeant before he tried to kick her out of the party.


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  1. Culberson “sir” was completely out of control screaming violently at a senior citizen lady throwing F-bombs at her. Then he turned around and LIED saying that she was tossing F-Bombs. Some hero – protecting a couch that he already in his mind is counting on owning one day. What happens when the baby spits up or pees on the couch – will it get thrown across the room?

    This immature guy who screams at women and little old ladies needs some serious help. I won’t be surprised to read a headline one day that his new wife has divorced him because she had to go stay in a shelter for domestic violence. Wonder if that’s why his last wife left him?

    And by the way, what show was Ms. Harkins watching? Honey Boo Boo? If you’re going to report on a tv show you need to actually WATCH it first!

  2. If you watched the whole thing. He was dead wrong and blatantly lied. He was wrong and you know it. A Marine should never treat a woman this way. Called her a B@#$% and everything.


    HE was WRONG – he provoked this entire situation! I don’t care if he is stressed, he is a male dominate pig who thinks women should bow to him! TO BAD RYAN, all women do not bow to you and by NO MEANS can you run around talking to women like this. I feel sorry for Briana as she is starting to really see the FULL picture here!

  4. I’m a marine wife. My husband deployed our 3 kids were 2 months, 2 years and 9 years old. And he was rude and disrespectful to other people. I get its hard to leave your family but you don’t have to act that way. I thought he was out of line. He made marines look like douche bags. I have never met a marine that acted that way towards women. And I live on base. Maybe he was drunk but he was still disgraceful. I lost all respect for him.

  5. He made such an ass of himself. Even if the woman was disrespecting Vicki’s couch (lol); it was a party, and you don’t treat your guests that way. He made Marines look bad.

  6. You’ve got to be shitting me. In what warped universe is calling a 65-year-old woman a “bitch” ever okay? From the soundbite, she sounded more shocked than defensive, yet he refused to let the issue go, chasing her outside and telling her to “get the f— out” in front of everyone. Yeah, real respectful.

    His behavior was aggressive and frightening. That’s not even his fucking house! He’s also shown extremely controlling behavior toward Vicki, the actual homeowner. She was spot-on when she called him a “loose cannon”. He’s one drink away from shooting up a neighborhood of civilians.

    It’s people like you and Ryan Culberson who give Marines a bad name. Enjoy your violent rape culture and state-sanctioned murder. Hoo-rah, asshole.

  7. You edited the part where he was cursing at her and raging…he was completely disrespectful to her as a guest and as an elderly woman..he is one Marine I have no respect for.

  8. Marysol Evern on

    I agree completely with previous comment. Ryan is not a good representation of what marines stand for. Ryan yelled and cursed at Judy the entire time from beginning to end. Judy was very polite and apologetic to Ryan. She explained to him that her feet hurt and never once raised her voice or was rude in anyway. Ryan then lied to everyone about what truly happened and what he said. Ryan then continued to argue and use profanity and told a 65 year old woman to “f**k off” after she said she would leave to avoid anymore problems.

  9. You clearly didn’t watch the episode. Ryan is a loose cannon and he’s a shame to the regiments. Swearing, fake-elbowing his wife’s Uncle, then screaming in the 64 year old woman’s face “What did I tell you?!” and then biting his lip like he was suppressing a violent urge to punch her…..not really becoming and quite frankly despicable. The only thing he taught anyone that night was that he is a free-loading, shit-talking, disrespectful douchebag who needs to apologize.

  10. Eric Ellingson on

    This is a pretty reckless article. I think this guy clearly overreacted. First of all, it’s not his house. Second, $1000 a month to live in a mansion like that and to have free childcare whenever he needs it is a good deal. Third point, he’s a renter. Fourth point, it’s NOT HIS COUCH. Fifth, it’s NOT HIS HOUSE. Did I mention it’s not his house? It’s not his house. He showed poor, poor behavior and displayed examples of violence (you should have watched it before you wrote such an article) and it’s a shame he is part of the military. How do you ever want to go beyond your bad stereotypes when one of your own lives up to them?

  11. Extremely irresponsibly written article. It’s deplorable Ms./Mrs. Harkins that you would write such an article.

    1) Not reporting the verbal assault on an elder.

    2) It’s NOT his home or furniture

    3) He was this close to physically assaulting anyone who disagreed with him.

    What happened to manners and values. How is it that the first thing this houseguest didn’t do when he saw this woman that he didn’t introduce himself, say hello, ask her if she was okay, (no) then offer to get her a pillow to raise her feet, offer to get her a drink of water, food etc. You know, act like a decent human being. It’s a shame you didn’t point out the obvious wrong and abusive behavior this soldier chose to engage in. He gives the military and Marine Corps a bad name and so do you for not reporting what he did in this article.

  12. From one Marine to you civilians. F*ck you, you think we care what you think of us. As far as the wife of a Marine. You are a dependent and nothing more of a Marine so quit talking like you are the representative of the Marines. Fans sticking up, do you really think those ladies would give you idiots to glances or a conversation? If you’re so bad I dare you to go tell a Marine to his face how you feel besides sitting behind a computer and stuffing your face with fast food.

  13. So let me get this straight, my wife paused what I consider to be the worst show in history today and asked me to come and view it and give my thoughts, ten mins later here I am posting my thoughts on the only place I could find to leave them. Just the very fact that this publishing titles this post as they do is giving me an idea that in some way this behavior is acceptable within the Marine Corps. I’m going to assume for a minute that people actually viewed this jumped up little turd having a roid induced temper tantrum on National television and speak as thus.

    First off I might point out the couch he was in fact ‘defending’ for flag and country was in someone else’s home, not his, not his place to step up. This was not National Security or a Defence Contract where he expected to defend strangers and their lives, it was a 64 year old woman putting her feet on a sofa. The way in which he abusively attacked her was disgusting and in my household not accepted. In my experience little insecure people have large mouths, it appears Staff Sergeant Dick is one of them. The fact that this disrespectful jackwagon is even gaining National attention eats me up enough, but the fact that he is a Marine and considered one of the Few and the Proud and is praised for being disrespectful while trying to teach a lesson in respect is absolutely pathetic to me. He was controlling a situation that didn’t exist, if you felt disrespected by a pair of old feet on your sofa then ask politely to have your guest remove them, if you don’t and are caught acting like an ass, then simply apologize, explain yourself and carry on. I’m sure the Marine code of ethics does not say when cornered in a lie… lie some more and pass the blame.

    To me this man is disrespectful, dishonest, aggressive and ignorant. All the qualities I would presume the Marines would make sure their Staff Sergeants didn’t have before promoting. The few, the proud? I see no pride in abusing people for your own self confidence. It’s amazing to me that the Marine Corps can’t teach basic social skills, good parenting can usually take care of something so simple, and 18 years of Mixed Martial Arts sure taught me discipline, apparently another thing (judging all on one persons actions) I can only assume the Marines missed the mark on as well. I have respect for my Country and all the more for the Armed Forces, I thank you all for your service and dedication to keeping the homeland safe, but I must ask if we can’t even respect our own countrymen when home, what the hell is the point in defending them overseas. So so sad… One can give all a bad name. My recommendation to the Marines, if you have a dick in uniform and want to keep him there, keep him off prime time television or give him a lesson in common manners.

  14. @ Steven

    Aannnnnd another dick in uniform… Why don’t you post your full name and rank in your post when you leave your demonstrative ignorant post. Oh and from ‘one civilian to a marine’… couldn’t respect you all more… but talk like that to me to my face and I would gladly show you what a guy who types on a keyboard can do. I’m sorry that you chose a profession that taught you to see things through such a narrow set of values, but in the real world, you know the one that you will come home to after you are disposed of from your ‘career’, you will soon find those values and that attitude will get you fired as an LEO and hired as a Security Officer at Securitas. Good luck with that… oh and I’m sure the Marine who’s wife you called a ‘dependent’ would love to know your name and rank as well, I’m sure he would share your views… or maybe he’d kick your attitude back into your adolescent years, you know like where you were last year. Grow up! Oh and BTW how was it using a calculator to figure out the skill testing question you needed to post in the first place?

  15. Your all out of your dang minds. The lady has her house rules, he was regulating them. Was he a little over board from the video clip, yes it could appear that way, but what happened off camera could and probably was something completely different. Man, I swear people these days are such babies. Ohhh he swore, Oh hes mean. Stop being a bunch of pansies, if you act out of line and get corrected, own up to it. Not to mention this show is a complete freaking sham, though not completely scripted majority of the events that take place are put in place to create drama. WAHLAH it works, have a brain people stop watching this garbage…..You know what these old ladies cuss, disrespect and demean each other on every single episode, but all of a sudden a “Marine” puts a old lady in her place people get bent out of shape. SHAME on all you. Just shame…take a hard look at your selves you filthy hypocrites.

  16. oh and Rob, your a dirt bag. I mean I am giggling at a school girl right now with your last post @ Steve. Such disrespect for Vet’s.

    here is a quick list of some Vets you may know off. Tell me again about the real world. Oh and you acting all tough behind a key board and threatening people, what does that say about you? A) your of very low standing in society and probably don’t have much to lose B) Your a child whose just going through adolescence C) Maybe you just are off your meds. Either way, your a silly goose. I don’t imagine anyone would and will ever take you serious

  17. @brad

    I respectfully disagree. The lady who owns the house did not have a problem with a 65 year-old woman, whose feet hurt, resting them. The lady did not ask her renter to enforce them and verbally assault her party guest. Whether the show is a sham or not, one should respect their elders. And the lady who was resting her sore feet wasn’t cussing. I also don’t know where you got that it is a Marine’s or any young man’s job to put an old lady in her place. I’m not sure where that place is but what makes it this renter’s place to do what he did? I don’t know one man, my father, uncles or friends (all military) who wouldn’t have knocked his light out. They would have offered to assist an older woman who was in pain and resting her feet. Respect for an elder doing that surpasses respecting a piece of furniture that he wasn’t asked to protect.

    I don’t need to take a hard look at myself. I was raised right, by my parents, the church, neighbors, relatives and choose to uphold the values I was taught in a world where they are being tossed aside. A shame indeed.

  18. What an idiot. F’n POG’s making us all look bad (sorry, had to :D). Get over yourself and quit drinking so much SSGT. What kind of example are you setting for junior Marines?

  19. @ Rob like I said you’re an idiot who hides behind a keyboard. Why would I give you my rank. What does it matter?Or is it because you are the type to tattle tale.I’m recently transitioned out of the Marines after 8 years and I’m no adolescent nor did I have to join the Marines after high school. Im currently finishing my last year of college and not only that have a lucrative job in the oil and gas industry so I must say my career in the Marines definitely helped me. 😉

  20. I agree, the guy is a tool, but is it not completely hypocritical? I mean the show is based on drama on all sorts of levels and to say that this this ssgt is being an ass hole is like saying that old lady was wearing a white dress. LOL, I mean all the ladies are bitches, old and young its the whole point of the show. People dont know this guy from left or right and @ manners anyone, being raised in a church I would think you would be the first not to judge someone. Its simply pointing out the obvious….. I mean there is absolutely no reason for people to get bent out of shape, if they didint want to stir up drama it wouldnt be in the damn show. @ ED 0311, haha 1/2 alpha 0341 semppperrrrrrr. Def has to be a pog either way you roll the dice. Ne how good day people.

  21. @ Brad

    I give up… did you actually read what I wrote? I couldn’t agree more on what you think of the show… I actually call it the ‘women yelling at women show’ as I can’t stand the drama and refuse to increase their bank balances by supporting them through ratings… that being said I’m sorry but you obviously didn’t see the 15 minutes in question and simply watched the 3 minute video. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that he was over the top and I would have thought that the majority would have you at least questioning his actions. But as I suspected you will all stick together as Marines and defend each others honor no matter how wrong. As for me picking arguments? Only time I mentioned leaving my keyboard and calling someone out was when a ‘Marine’ (if he even is one) called another Marines wife a ‘dependent’ and told her to shut up… you defend that too? Come on man what man can support the disrespect of women outright and then do a little of it themselves on a national forum? I’m going to let this go now as honestly I have better things to do, like making a living by not insulting women. As for Vets, when did I disrespect them? I have one who works for me and I tell him thank you for his service any time I can. I am a military supporter and donate to the cause all the time and defend military actions all the times to my colleagues etc (that’s right I have a real job!)… but that doesn’t mean I won’t speak out when I think someone is shaming the uniform and the country he fights for. A uniform does not give people the right to abuse others, I know, my whole family and all of my friends wear them. Now watch the whole 15 min segment, then read this whole thread and feel free to come back and abuse me if you want… bottom line I think to insult a fellow marines wife for saying she felt a Marine was rude is not acceptable. So go ahead big guy, mouth me off if you want… but 1) Never disrespected a Vet, I said a person who ‘claimed’ to be a Marine was ignorant. 2) I stand by my point in saying no woman deserves to be talked to like a piece of filth and have a Marine up in her grill. 3) I like my ‘meds’ thanks! 😉 Now chill bud…

  22. @brad

    Well we’re certainly not going to agree but because I was raised in the church means I stand up for what is right. And I have plenty of friends who aren’t of any faith who would never act the way this guy did. But for me, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. To say no one can have an opinion of the abuser on the show because no one knows this guy from left or right but then say all women young and old on the show are bit**es, well, we’ll agree to disagree. I though it was a basic lesson that all women, young and old should be respected. JMO.

  23. Mr. Anonymous on

    Ok, everyone here obviously likes drama, but look at it like this, he may have a million things rushing through his head right now and has experienced some serious stress throughout his life that no one besides a marine would understand. The camera’s may have caught only the part making him look bad but when you take so much crap you can only go so much further until you snap at every little thing, I’m not justifying what he did was right in any way but you can’t blame him, until you take automatic weapons being fired at you and take charge of situations where peoples’ lives are in your hands, that sticks with you forever and can affect who you are when you come back, he may have had so much going through his head that even someone burping the wrong way would have set him off, but putting your feet up on someone else’s furniture is still absolutely disrespectful in many ways.

  24. The OWNER of the couch, the OWNER of the house said that she had no problem whatsoever with the elderly lady putting her feet up because they hurt. There is still NO EXCUSE for violently going off on this woman the way he did. If you watched it, when challenged by a man he walked away but had no problem going off at women. And if he can’t help his behavior towards WOMEN then he obviously needs some serious therapy before he actually hurts someone or he gets hurt.

    Abusers need to seek help before they end up on the front page of the news – another military guy kills wife, kids & then self.

  25. I think we aren’t seeing the whole story. We are only seeing what this stupid show put out for us to see. We don’t know everything leading up to this.We don’t know how his mother-in law runs her house, she might be a little OCD about her house….. The fact grown men are arguing about this show is pathetic. If you’re not a Marine, you have no idea what they go through. Don’t judge them! Oorah! Semper Fi.

  26. Maybe Marines should stay off of reality tee vee shows about rich catty women who have nothing else to do. He talked to the daughter for weeks online. He knew who she was & he knew who her mother was. He knew all about the tv show and their lifestyle. Finally when he met the daughter in person she agreed to elope with him within 1 week after meeting. What’s he looking to get out of this?

  27. As a former Marine I believe this guy is a total idiot. I went to Iraq and would never publicly call a middle aged woman a bad name, especially at a party, especially when I’m being filmed. As a Marine he should know better. This is not how the Marine Corps wants to be represented and everything you do as a Marine represents the Marine Corps. If you agree with this guy you are probably a lowlife scumbag yourself. It’s a couch. A more polite approach would be, “could you please get your feet off the couch, it is a house rule” and “thank you”. I feel sorry for this guys wife.

  28. Steven I am a Marine. There is no where in the Corps that disrespecting and screaming in an old woman’s face is ever okay. It’s a couch. I’ve put my feet on all my friends couches. He needs to be put in his place and learn some respect. Maybe is needs to be retaught jj did tie buckle again. He obviously needs to work on judgment and tact.

  29. Mother of Marine on

    Unless you are in the Corps don’t comment on its values. If you are in the Corps say what you want but know everyone will hold you to a different standard. My son is a Marine and I would not want him acting like that but you even look at his momma in the wrong way you are going to see a different side. Overall I just don’t understand why this Marine would even allow them to tape him or why he didn’t have repercussions for allowing it.

  30. I am a Marine Mom…And If I Ever Witnessed My Marine Acting In That Manner I Would Slap The ShiT Out Of Him! Soo Disrespectful!!

  31. I can’t speak for the Marines, but in the Army I would not let this young man handle a weapon and would send him to counseling. He was clearly enraged and very close to losing control. Not someone who I would like to have in my foxhole.

  32. This guy was totally out of line Marine or no. Stress regardless of what it is from (and yes I’ve been deployed), as well as defending your home/family are NO reason to speak to someone the way he spoke to that lady. He’s not just a disgrace to the Marines he’s a disgrace to the Military in general, men, and my generation. I hate to think a guy with that kind of rage has access to military grade weapons. I hope his CO see’s this episode and makes him get the mental help he needs.

  33. So, I read all the comments then watched the clip. Really people! You all crack me up! It is a TV show. Nothing more, nothing less. We only see what the producers want us to see for drama and ratings. We have no idea what the whole story is. It seems to me like people tend to forget that it is TV. It’s not like it’s your neighbor or your best friend. It is meant as entertainment, nothing more. Unless you were there as an eye witness, you should not cast judgement on either party.

    As for the remark of respecting elders and women, sure in the perfect world…when it is rated. However, not all women deserve respect. Not all elders deserve it either. Respect has to be earned, not given by gender or age. And, men deserve respect as well, but the same goes. Not all men rate it either.

    I am more likely to respect the Marine than I am the other people at the “party”. It is housewives, right? So they live off their husbands’ money? Isn’t that the premise of the show? Spoiled. And that equals bratty or for older women, bitchy. It is what it is.

    I am a Marine vet, a Woman Marine, and I am not in any way offended by this. If you were never in, you will never understand. The camaraderie, the sense of pride and the knowledge of what your service pays for.

    Semper Fi my brothers. 🙂

  34. It does take a certain type of person to become a Marine and alot of you will never know unless you google or watch youtube video of how Marines are trained. Someone has to do the job that most of you posting would never allow your children grow up to do let alone make the decision yourself to do. He to me is a Marine who looks irritated because he is surrounded by ungrateful ignorant people. While soon he leaves his wife and child to finish a job he was sent to do. People comment about him staying at his mother in laws which by-the-way happens to be what alot of military spouses do while there husbands deploy. They move home to have family support. Educate yourself about what the military and families go through before you past judgement on a one time incident. SM stress before they leave for deployment and then they return sometimes messed up even more each time so everyone on this blog can post what the heck they want. Don’t bother posting to me cause I won’t be reading anymore of the garbage. Educate yourself before you say you are patriotic and want to say you love a vet or want to barbeque on Memorial day. Somebody is paying the price while each and every day (holiday or not) you are with your family and they are with their rifle.

  35. @Monique

    Yes, in fact I do volunteer at the VA and so does the group of older women I belong to. The whole point is, was his behavior right or wrong because this unstable marine is defending his out of control conduct. No one is saying he doesn’t need help. The bottom line is that his deployments don’t make his abusive behavior okay. Because people don’t approve of verbally assaulting and getting physically aggressive with women doesn’t mean they are unpatriotic.

  36. Educate ourselves on what? I have been volunteering with the VA along with a group of older women for years. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what your point is. If we don’t condone verbally assaulting an older woman because her feet hurt and nearly getting physically violent with her then we’re unpatriotic? He was wrong, his behavior was frightening and he needs help, bottom line.

  37. How can any of you defend him? He’s a loose cannon and an embarrassment to our military. It’s not that people watching don’t respect marines they just don’t respect that one. Ryan was out of control and not someone most Americans want fighting for their freedom. My father is a retired Major in the Air Force and when I told him about this episode and how over the past few years I’ve come across a few irrational combative military individuals acting like ignorant assholes in civilian situations (all of which happen to be marines); he encouraged me not to change my view of the marines. Despite brotherly teasing between military branches I have always been encouraged by my father and other military family members to respect all branches equally. However, not everyone has military connections and experiences and when someone like myself questions marine members, their ethics and integrity, it’s inevitable that mainstream civilians will!!! This man has no business being a soldier!

  38. This kid is a loaded cannon and a disgrace to every Marine by showing his utter disrespect for women (I noticed he ran away from the men). My hope is that this situation has highlighted the need for counseling & therapy for young men like him and for all vets that need it or is our do-nothing congress still blocking that too?

  39. It seems you CONDONED the mistreatment of a 64 yr old woman with the excuse he was just being a Marine. This was DOMESTIC VIOLENCE with screaming, yelling, cursing, threatening body language. Next time watch the show before you comment. I don’t know if any REAL Marine would agree that this is how marines are. They are not. Then your Staff Sgt. LIED his ass off because he’s so stupid or so PTSD’d that he didn’t get that the show was filmed. Do you really CONDONE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN? It’s irrelevant if she sprinkled fairy dust on this wannabe macho guy or sprinkled schitt on this flakey ass Marine. Maybe you don’t get it, the public doesn’t tolerate any type of violence against women— verbal or physical.

  40. Like the other Toni said educate yourselves. You have enough time to watch Real Housewives then you should spend some time looking up how many times this Marine (not a soldier…two different things sweetheart) has been deployed and he just might need some help but then most people that come back after a few deployments need help and not enough appointments out their or they are hard to come by. Now the furlough so even harder times at the va hospital. Have any of you volunteered to help out so these service members can get help or helped a vet in need. I did not think so cause your all too busy watching the most popular reality shows on TV. None of this reality crap will shed light on anything. Try to take care of a Marine with part of their skull blown off because he survived (yes this is what comes back)or maybe give his wife the day off from having to take care of him but please stop wasting your time on this blog as if it matters. Do something productive.

  41. Thank you Monique!

    And, not all wounds are received on the battlefield. There are many of us that have had traumas not related to war. PTSD does not distinguish war trauma versus non-combat trauma. We all have the same symptoms: nightmares, memory loss, short tempers, disassociation, and many many more.

    Perhaps the SSgt in this suffers from PTSD as well. However, you also have to consider this – while in, he may not be able to get the proper treatment. He may be treated differently by his command, passed over for promotion and made to feel inferior. The military is working on this, but nothing is 100% yet. Until the SSgt can get out and get into a good program, he may not get help. Again, I am not saying that is what is going on with him, it could be.

    And again, as Monique suggests, reach out. See what you can do to help. Even sitting with a vet keeping him/her company while waiting at the VA is a big help. I know I would be appreciative not only to have that service, but to see my fellow veterans, those who need so much more than myself, have that hand as well.

  42. Are u serious? So because he has been deployed, saw some crazy shit or even lived through some true story nightmares, this means he can treat people like that and not expected to be criticized. Our military is suppose to be respectable and tough and they should be held to a higher standard. Ryan doesn’t even uphold the standards schools and families set for young children. It is not okay to treat people, especially women, this way! Regardless of the fact that he’s been to war. You need to educate yourself princess!!! real men, respectable military men don’t act like that. Unfortunately it sounds like your experience with marines has taught you this behavior is okay. I feel sorry for you.

  43. Kayla,

    Just pray for my brothers and sisters who are right now experiencing some “crazy shit” and that they come back in one piece. Until you go down range and do the job and come back you can tell me what a person should act like. (not even professionals have that figured out) I promise baby girl my feelings are not hurt. I am hopeful.

  44. @Monique…we DO pray for them. Still does not excuse Ryan The Marine behavior on a reality tv show. What is he doing there in the first place? Representing the Marines? I don’t think so. In the meantime I am hopeful as you are than this dirt sandwich of a “marine” gets the help he needs before he becomes a headline in the news for being a batterer. If you really want to change things to help people out like loose cannon Ryan, talk to your congressman. I pray right along with you. It’s still NO EXCUSE for the way he is treating WOMEN ONLY. What the heck is he doing on a reality tee vee show anyway? He met the daughter ON THE INTERNET and after meeting face to face convinced her to ELOPE with him. What is this marine’s angle??? I look forward to your answer.

  45. @AngelaA,

    The clip really doesn’t show you much, and you won’t read about what he really said in the article either. You should look at the whole scene before defending what he did. There’s a good reason so many people are upset at what he did.


    Being in the military doesn’t mean that all of who you are is because of your experiences in the military. For all you know, this man is exactly who appears to be. As a vet and a military spouse, I appreciate your support, but not everyone who is in the military is a good person. There are abusive people in the military, just like in every other profession.

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  47. I understood that Ryan wanted to protect his family from Brooks. However, on the season finale, I felt that he gave military men a bad name. He didn’t even give that 64 year old a chance to apologize and get her feet off the couch. He started going in on her for (in my opinion) no reason. He is a guest in someone’s home. If she has a party, and you have a problem with the guests, leave. I am so irritated that he treated a 60+ year old woman the way he did. A good military man is chivalrous and polite. Ryan is acting like a diva. Especially when he asserts at one point that he owns the house…. UMMMM NO! Vicky does. You just hold that baby over her head so she does what your dumb ass says…. and Breanna is smarter than that…. she looked humiliated on the latest finale… but Ryan is all about him and his control. Vicky….you are awesome! Stick up for yourself! Breanna, too! She looks terrified of Ryan!

  48. Leslie, you are an idiot as well. Who do you think you are and last time I checked your dad is retired so guess what no say so anymore.Am i supposed to be impressed that your married to a federal agent? Does that make you a Marine and federal agent because youre related to them. Youre dumb!! All you idiots are dumb.YOU idiots are nothing but whining civilians and I cant wait for the day that terrorists attack America again so you idiots choke on every stupid thing you said about Marines.

  49. Daughter of a retired senior ranking Marine (more than 36 years). Married to a federal agent. Watched the clip last night at my parents house with my dad, husband, and mom, and we could not be more embarassed. Completely unacceptable behavior. My mom is Lydia’s mom’s age and my husband and dad would have given Ryan a huge hit in the face if he spoke to her or any guest at the party like he did. My father wants to find out who is CO is to have him formally reprimanded. Terrible representation of the Marines, he should be demoted and never put in a position of leadership. Or he could use this as a teachable moment and teach those below him how not to behave and how not to treat a lady. Briana needs a wake up call. The Marine Corps cannot let him get away with it. He needs to know that people are watching, and even if we are only seeing a clip, perception can equal reality in many people’s minds. He needs to know that his current CO is going to receive many phone calls/emails from active duty and retired Marines.

  50. Tyrone Biggums on

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I hope all those BITCHES get cancer from the tanning beds. Also, fuck off talking shit about Marines, it’s thanks to us that whiny shits like you get to have skewed opinions about stupid shit that has NO impact on real society at all. I weep for what this nation considers important now a days. Go look in a mirror you self-righteous fucking pricks.

  51. This three minute clip DOES NOT SHOW all that happened. This clip is NOT representative of why people are complaining about this man’s behavior. To top it off then the author sugar coats & spins to imply that he taught an old lady a “lesson” with his foul mouth and lies. Sickening.

  52. Kayla , your dad was in the Air Force. Kinda like working at Target or Wal Mart. Don’t compare your dads cush life(Air Force) to ours because while he was sitting on a base chasing birds off the runway Marines were on the front lines taking the fight to the enemy. Don’t worry though Im pretty sure your dad has told you stories from stuff he never did. Let me guess a Marine done you wrong and thats why your panties are all tangled up.

  53. I Thank Ryan for his service, my son also is a Marine. It was an embarrassment for Ryan to act in such an out of control manner ! I think most other Marines would agree. #1 it is NOT his home #2 it was fine with The Homeowner that Her friend rest on Her couch END OF STORY Ryan is “wound tight” and is preparing to physically & mentally to defend our country. I give him slack on this outburst, but an apology is Definitely needed !

  54. No excuse you don’t treat people the way he did! Why curse out a 60 something year old woman? Then you have the nerve to say you own the house! You are disrespectful and rude! I hope you get in trouble for being an idiot

  55. The tragic part is that it will be portrayed that he’s being an ass because he is a Marine, rather than he’s a Marine who just happens to be an ass.

  56. Nice article Gina Harkins, shows what a stellar writer you are leaving out half of the incident. This guy is a disgrace to all servicemembers.

  57. Just to clarify to both sides, these comments are not about THE Marines, they are about A Marine. One who acted reprehensibly. I was raised that you treat all guests in a polite hospitable fashion.

    We had a formal living room, which we (the kids of the house) could not sit in or mess with. However, when my parents had parties their guests could sit on the couches, the arms of the couches and even smoke in that room. The point is that when you have guests, you make them feel at home. This person, who happens to be a Marine, chose to fly off the handle. I could list numerous ways to address someone putting their feet on a couch when you do not allow it that are polite.

    Just as this behavior is not an example of all Marines, it should not be defended because he is a Marine. It really needs to classified as someone who has issues, whatever the cause may be, that needs to resolve them.

  58. Ryan was completely out of control! He was so disrespectful to that woman. He used the f-word in each sentence that he screamed at her. He had no right to speak to anyone the way he did or treat anyone that way. I am embarrassed to have someone like him represent the United States military!! He is a disgrace to the uniform!

  59. Sadly disgusted in San Diego on

    This was the most disgusting display I’ve ever seen by one of our marines! I’ve grown up in a military town and have dealt with our military men on a daily basis not to mention my father in law is a marine and husband navy. I am very proud of our marines and our military! The respect and admiration for these gentlemen that serve and/or served is immense! In all my years I’ve never witnessed such a controlling, disrespectful, rude, aggressive individual as this Ryan Culberson here! To see how he couldn’t control his anger and that look on his face that he wanted to hit that elderly woman over a sofa was uncalled for and had she actually stuck up for her self, I do believe he would have gotten physical. Anger management is an under statement! I worry for Brianna and the child. His Commanding officer needs to address this immediately it makes the marines and military look atrocious as well as this story condoning his actions! I really hope the military doesn’t praise or condone this kind of behavior but it looks to be the opposite.

  60. If you’re going to write a blog about a tv episode, it might be wise to actually watch the episode first. This article is incredibly misleading. Everyone who saw the show knows Ryan was not “schooling a grown woman on respecting property.” What he did was fly into a fit of rage and cuss out a woman for putting her feet up… on a couch that doesn’t belong to him. Ryan showed his true colors on the show… he’s got major anger issues. What an embarrassment he is to the Marines.

  61. This is the most misleading, one-sided “story” I have ever read. Clearly this writer ignored the number of F-bombs dropped on this woman, the really aggressive tone of voice, and even the recoiling of his wife and mother-in-law, as if they feared physical violence.

    This article is almost as much a disgrace as Ryan’s behavior.

    My dad is a Vietnam Vet who saw action and has PTSD — he NEVER has spoken to a woman that way. EVER. EVER. Shame on those of you who justify this behavior.

  62. Free-Thinking Marine Wife on

    “Marine SNCO teaches ‘Real Housewives’ mom about respect”?! Is this some sort of parody? Trolling? Am I reading The Onion right now? Ryan Culberson knows nothing about respect; he never gives it to anyone, not even his own mother-in-law. He’s in no place to school anyone about respect, as if that’s something that would ever be appropriate for one adult to do to another in polite society anyway (you don’t go around teaching people “lessons” at dinner parties).

    This article is a farce. That d*ckhead disgrace of a Marine, Culberson, was not giving “a lesson on respecting other people’s property” he was having a full-blown, ABUSIVE, control freak-out on a stranger in his mother-in-law’s house (not *his* house, he merely rents a room) about the world’s most minor party foul. NOTHING about what he did was acceptable or warranted. Making excuses for it or trying to frame it as something benign, or worse, appropriate, is unacceptable.

    And please, “rules of the house”? This isn’t a boarding dorm. The fact that the ACTUAL OWNER of the house was humiliated and angered by Ryan’s actions speaks volumes about how much it was NOT his place to talk to guests about their conduct, much less get in anyone’s face and scream and hiss like a deranged toddler.

    I can’t believe this f*ck-up is a staff sgt. If you can’t even conduct yourself decently at a party, how can you be trusted to do anything else.

    This “article” promotes violence against women. Which is especially disgraceful since abuse against women is a bigger problem among military families than the general population. Those of us associated with the military should work even more tirelessly than others to be sensitive to violence. We should be trying to stamp out overly aggressive behavior, not making excuses for it. This piece of garbage post is beyond misguided, it’s harmful. And that fact that you, Gina Harkins, are trying to rationalize Culberson’s behavior is highly suspect.

    Culberson is not leader, he’s a violent bully. Those who can’t be trusted in small matters, shouldn’t be trusted in big ones.

  63. Gina Harkins on

    At the time this blog post went up, additional comments about Culberson’s behavior were pending questions sent out to him via email. Since he’s currently deployed to Afghanistan, it took some time to get his response.

    I also reached out to Vicki Gunvalson for her input on what happened. Both queries have now been answered. An updated post on the topic can be seen here:

  64. Shame on some of you for making excuses for this “man”s behavior. Being in the military doesn’t excuse his behaviour, it makes it worse!

  65. Wow, what a dysfunctional article. Are you seriously implying his behavior was acceptable? It was beyond offensive & wrong. It’s not his place to teach anyone anything, and he certainly knows nothing of respect. The jerk was screaming at a perfectly innocent guest at a party. It’s even worse that she was his elder, but that behavior is inappropriate towards anyone, no matter their age. He was cursing, screaming, and appeared on the verge of violence. Over a couch. At a party. At someone else’s house, that he does not own. He has no right to demand anything of anyone. He’s just some deadbeat tenant, getting a rent break from his mother-in-law on her turf, and he’s lucky she hasn’t booted him yet. And yet in his delusion, he thinks he owns the home, and he’s “the man of the house.” No, buddy, you aren’t the man of the house until you buy your own friggin house and act like a decent man. How pathetic that this writer would co-sign such garbage behavior.

  66. Free-Thinking Marine Wife on

    @Steven, some Marine wives, like myself, make more money than our husbands. Those who don’t, still contribute in immeasurable ways to their households. I don’t depend on my Marine, I choose him. Degrading spouses reveals your lack of character. And, by the way, if a retired Marine has no say (as you assert), then a former Marine like you, who’s recently separated from the Marine Corps, can also STFU.

    @0311, I’m with you 100%. Culberson is not representative, the USMC is better than him.

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  68. “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps.”

    —Eleanor Roosevelt

  69. I think you guys are forgetting. The show is telling and encouraging how to act. This is Hollywood. They want to betray a Marine as a rambo whack job. What I truly do not understand is why the Corps has allowed him to do this? Anyone know?

  70. Real Marine Wife on

    I don’t know about all these people barking about how rude, horrible, and a disgrace he is.


    If this situation was turned around everyone would be crying about how he was rude for putting his feet up. I notice most comments are from women.

    Get over yourself, did your parents not teach you manners?

    This show and every other housewives show does alot of editting, they make people look and sound like complete jerks.. HELLO ITS REALITY TV.. dont get fooled by the reality part!

    I’ve met many many Marines that act the same way Ryan did and its completely NORMAL, anyone commenting negatively about this Marine is a judgemental hypocrite!

    NONE OF YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO DIAGNOSE HIM, until you walk in his shoes or lived the exact same life, you really CAN’T judge him or group him with all Marines either, every Marines is different!

  71. Free Thinking Marine Wife, you are the worst kind of dependent wife. You think you have any say so or that you are a Marine…. Newsflash you’re not. I made a choice to get out. I’m not on here degrading Marines like yourself or the other idiot civilians. The problem with society is people like yourself think you know about something (Marines) because you stayed at a Holiday Inn or some shit last night.

  72. To Steven,

    You call us whining civilians? So I call you a whiny Marine! NO ONE PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TO SIGN UP! And BTW, what did you think you were signing up for? to dress up and march in a parade? YOU signed up to fight for our country and FIGHT you will do! so STOP BITCHING about “what we don’t see over there?” and “you idiots just don’t understand”, well guess what! I’m Republican and all for our military and if my two sons want to join the military, I’m all for it…but one thing I will tell them, DONT BITCH ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR , WHAT YOU WITNESS AND THROW IT IN OUR FACES! What the heck you think being a soldier is about? playing paintball wars and eating cupcakes? MAN UP AND remember it’s us TAX PAYERS who keep the military strong.

  73. Deborah are you illiterate??? Where have I complained about being a Marine? Please copy and post. You people are seriously sitting here diagnosing,bashing and giving expert advice on being a Marine when youve never served. I pay taxes too just like you idiot. That’s how ignorant you are and dont even look into things before opening your mouth.

  74. To turn a simple matter of right and wrong into larger dysfunctional issues may be what this all comes down to. JMO.

    The only issue at hand, to me is, was it an appropriate display of values and manners to verbally attack a 64 year-old woman for resting her feet instead of chivalrously offering assistance to an elder ? And was it appropriate and acceptable for anyone, military or civilian, male or female, to then verbally attack and physically insinuate harm to everyone who is telling you you were wrong at the party?

    It’s a societal evaluation, and thankfully, most know right from wrong and don’t take great leaps to make excuses. But how long before it’s a battle for a civilized society to stay on top, is worrisome for me.

  75. Steven- You just keep calling people names, you must be related to Ryan. OIL industry…LOL SO FUCKEN WHAT! Unless you are a CEO,COO of said oil Co then you aren’t shit! I STILL PAY more taxes than you. Is how you say it…”sitting here, bashing,hiding behind a keyboard” WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE INSINUATING” that we have NO IDEA what Marines go through”, I’m sick of hearing some WHINY ass soldiers bitching about “what we seen, what we are going through, etc” THAT’S WHAT I WAS GETTING AT! You are the type of arrogant , condescending, dick breath that make Marines look bad! MAN UP!

  76. Steven- really? you’re telling someone that bc their dad was in the USAF that he was basically doing the same job as someone working in target or walmart? her father is serving his country just as you are…..and its a damn shame he has to serve it with a typical immature individual such as yourself. it wouldn’t surprise me if we walked into your home to see you talking to your significant other in the same manner this POS talked to a woman he doesn’t even know in a house that’s not even his…..bottom line….go f–k yourself

  77. Deborah, I paid taxes in the Marines, you act like service members don’t. If I was trying to get at what you think I was saying I would say that. Whiny? lol, not once have I mentioned my adventures in the Marines so quit putting words in mouth.I’m not a soldier I’m a Marine dear.

    Robert, immature? let me guess your friend served in the military so you know what the Marines are all about. I’m far from immature and now that I can voice my opinion I will gladly do it to you selfish and ungrateful civilians.

  78. Real Marine Wife on

    I’m over here in the kitchen making sammiches..

    Meanwhile, feathers are getting ruffled over words on a computer screen..

    All this over a reality tv show.. rofl

  79. It’s hilarious that this post has 10x more comments then Kyle carpenters. Or sad!

    Maybe he has PTSD? Every vet is cuckoo so lets just assume. Haha.

  80. Free-Thinking Marine Wife on

    @Steven, you oil and gasbag, you can buy into whatever moto crap you want, retired Marine, veteran marine, and former Marine are all acceptable terms, it’s ex-Marine that’s not.

    And you know f**kall about me, I don’t claim to be a Marine or have any interest in being a Marine. You don’t have to be a Marine to possess basic powers of observation…in fact, in your case, being a Marine didn’t seem to help you gain any. People like me, who are married to real men, just have the benefit of seeing what a Marine can and should be.

    So you go ahead and assume whatever you want about me, petty little men like you have no influence, and I’ll continue assuming that you’re about 5’6, 5’7 in boots, with tiny hands, a penchant for mouth breathing, and a reeeeal bad case of small man’s syndrome.

    Go take some more online classes, the ones you’ve struggled through so far haven’t smartened you up any.

  81. Free-Thinking Dependapotamus, wrong, wrong and some more wrong. Lol online classes and strugggling?? Nope wrong again. Dependapotamus is all you are.

  82. SNCO teaches respect? Pathetic. That young SSgt is an embarrassment. Sure hope his SgtMaj has a chat with him sooner rather than later.

  83. In Steven’s mind is ALL about Marine Corps VS Idiot Civilians.

    Steven said, “You people are seriously sitting here diagnosing,bashing and giving expert advice on being a Marine when youve never served.”

    Steven misses the point completely because he thinks civilians are attacking all Marines when in fact people are commenting on CULBERSON (who happens to be a Marine) who insinuated himself into a tv reality show for who knows what self-serving reason. Lot’s of people nowadays will jump at any chance for their 15 min. of fame and possible riches.

    Steven apparently has anger issues to deal with. Why isn’t he even questioning Culberson’s motives? He should be asking why would a Marine want to go all Hollywood in the first place & pursue a relationship on the internet with a young woman who appears on one of tv’s sleaziest reality tv shows? Then within ONE week of meeting her face to face in real life she elopes with him? What’s the rush? WHY oh WHY on earth is this POS Culberson clamoring to mingle with “idiot civilians” in the first place?

    Seems to me that Culberson’s little plan for a quick & easy path to fame & riches is backfiring. He needs a re-boot.

  84. Steven –

    I dated for 3 years, a 27 year SGT MAJOR in the Marine Core and he was BROKE AS HELL! he didn’t make shit while active and on reserve active! I HELP PAY HIS BILLS! Yeah you paid taxes but not much, a person working for Walmart probably paid more than you did. Broke or not, he would NEVER speak to a woman like Ryan or YOU do. In fact if he would have witness Ryan talking shit like that, Ryan would have been LAID OUT COLD!

    WELL SAID SPARROW! Steve guess what a civilian is going to hire you MAYBE someday if your attitude doesn’t change…don’t like civilians, then WHY NOT MAKE A CAREER IN THE MARINES AND LEAVE the real world to men that can handle it!

  85. Sparrow, no i dont have anger issues. Deborah, you’re proving my point, I guess since you dated a SgtMaj(am I supposed to be impressed) you know everything about the Marines. lol let me guess you work at walmart. Because thats where he probably found you. I guess you know how much money or taxes I made then??? Scroll up hun and read my previous posts. I do have a job and a pretty lucrative cush job at that. I dont have to go on strike outisde mcdonalds like yourself to get your wages raised to something you dont even deserve.

  86. Sparrow, no i dont have anger issues. Deborah, you’re proving my point, I guess since you dated a SgtMaj(am I supposed to be impressed) you know everything about the Marines??? lol let me guess you work at walmart?? Because thats where he probably found you. I guess you know how much money or taxes I made then??? Scroll up hun and read my previous posts. I do have a job and a pretty lucrative cush job at that. I dont have to go on strike outisde mcdonalds like yourself to get your wages raised to something you dont even deserve.

  87. Steven when you go to bed tonight please pray to your God that he help you open your mind. You are STILL stuck in the Marines VS Idiot Civilians mode. You are not helping what you believe is the Marine’s cause. Sometimes I wonder if you are not Ryan Culberson himself. God Bless you and your service in protecting our country and all you’ve been through that the rest of us “idiots” don’t know about and I sincerely mean that.

  88. Dearest Steven,

    We are so sorry you are not feeling up to speed today. You seem to have lost your ability to have a mature debate because you seem to revert to name calling and other non-productive verbiage.

    However, we ALL understand how wonderful you are. All of us completely agree that Marines are much braver and stronger than any of our loves ones who have ever served in other branches of the military in the history of mankind. Even my family members, all seven, three of whom died of alcoholism due to the aftermath of war (WWII, Vietnam). Thus, I bow down to your greatness. No one else matters on this earth. Just you, your opinions, and your cause.

    I know you’ve had a rough few days at your computer since your first (of many) post was yesterday at 6:10 PM and your last post was just now at 12:31 AM. But, I’m not accusing you of hiding behind your keyboard like that terrible Rob W! That Rob W needs to shut up because everyone knows that neither he nor anyone else is allowed to formulate an opinion that is not completely in line with yours!

    Because of your hard work and dedication to your posts, I feel you deserve a break! Why don’t you change your tampon, pop a Midol to relieve your menstral cramps (just guessing—I get a little testy too during “that time”), and let your little tootsies soak in a hot bubble bath. I’m sure your feet hurt much worse than the 65 year old woman’s (evil woman she is, all the fairy dust and such). Too bad she had to dress up and wear heels to accompany her daughter to a silly fancy pants party. However, we don’t want to hear about that. Just like all civilians, her feelings do not matter. Only yours.

    So…night night…sleep tight…don’t let the little bed buggies bite! You little stinker, cutie patootie! [wink, wink] Bet your momma’s real proud…

  89. Thank you Robert!! And Steven you can fuck off for talking about my father like that. I can ony assume the military weeded you because your an egotistical piece of shit. How dare you talk about how marines walk on water then minutes later belittle a USAF major. He fought for our country for over 20 years you didn’t finish to retirement so stop acting like your more of a hero or know more about the military than anyone else. It’s obvious u lack intelligence and I’d be willing to put money on it that this little Air Force brat is a better shot (rifle or pistol) than your dumb fuck marine ass. You are a hypocrite. I’m glad your no longer in our military. People Are here to talk about what happened on the show. Why do you find it necessary to insult people just for voicing their opinion. The military exists to protect our freedom. In this country we have freedom of speech and that’s all people on this blog are here to do. Your an asshole for attacking people and commenting about their family. Lucky you, you have fthat freedom too and with that freedom so many fought for you decide to attack respectable military men and praise the ones who attack women. Steven, one day God will make you accountable for your actions and the way you treat people. I hope your proud of yourself Steven, cause I’m assuming no one else is. Oh yeah and Steven fuck you! I would love for you to talk about my father like that to mine or his face. I’d enjoy him putting you in your place!

  90. audrey kirkland on



    There is NO justification for ANYONE to speak this way to a guest in your Mother-in-laws home…much less a member of our USMC on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION!>>

    R: Why do you got your feet on the couch?

    J: If you don’t watch out I’m gonna fairy dust you … and then you’ll be sparkly.

    R: I’ll throw you out if you put your feet on my couch. I ain’t fucking around.

    R: I don’t care how drunk you are I’ll throw your ass out.

    J: Excuse me, sir, but I’ve had one drink … and don’t piss me off.

    R: I don’t care how many fucking drinks you’ve had, I’ll throw you out right now – and say I won’t.

    J: Who are you?

    R: Do I need to tell you? I own, live here. So I will throw you out right now.

    J: Oh, I should have known.

    R: Oh, you should have known. You want to leave? It’ll happen like that.

    J: Well, I’m sorry if I disrespected you

    R: You’re sorry [unintelligible]

    J: but my feet hurt so I put them up.

    R: Well if your feet hurt go get a fucking massage.

    J: Would you stop using the word “fuck”?

    “Even more disturbing than the words themselves were his tone while saying them, his lies about how it went down, and his escalating rage AFTER the confrontation.”

  91. Now that I read my last post I feel like I should apologize to Steven. I shouldn’t have used so many f u ‘s. To be honest with you, I am extremely protective of my family, especially my parents. ( not so much possessions like say… uh.. sofa). So I apologize steven, as I see you don’t have common sense and lack morality. My opinion of you hasn’t changed and I still think your ridiculous for advocating on Ryan’s behalf. I still think your out of line and naive for comparing the usaf to walmart. However, I shouldn’t have used such vulgarity in my post. I don’t want or really your forgiveness I just had to say sorry, after reading my last post I thought it was imperative I do so.

  92. audrey kirkland on

    There were several family members present at the party (the 64 year olds son/the home OWNERS son etc) who CHOSE NOT to be on BRAVO or be mic’ed up. WTF is this nutjob even doing ON the show?

  93. Gina Harkins:

    Perhaps you should have watched the entire episode before posting this article. Clearly, you missed it.

    Your article seems to applaud the aggressive, belligerent, volatile and wholly disingenuous actions of this fool; towards a 64-year old woman, in defense of someone else’s sofa, in someone else’s home. How much more ignorant can he be??? Totally cowardice and shameful behavior exhibited by a man, (and I use the term loosely), given the distinction and honor of representing the men and women of our armed forces, on a national platform.

    Sad, Ms. Harkins. Truly sad.

  94. @steven

    You do not need to go to Annapolis (I did and yes Steven you should be impressed) to know that this guy is a hot head. I hope you enjoy your last year at community college and really make something of yourself in your civilian life. It is my guess that the transition has been difficult for you, as I am sure it will be for Sgt. Culberson .

  95. @everyone

    With how deplorable his behavior was I am surprised that none of his past transgressions have appeared on the internet. I have a suspicion that this was not Ryan Culberson’s first violent outburst nor do I think it will be his last. Does anyone know the story behind his first failed marriage?

  96. Joe, I would hardly call University of Texas a community college. I highly doubt you went to Annapolis. For one if you went there you wouldnt refer to it as that.

  97. I specifically searched for pages involving this whole Ryan deal. I admit to sometimes “listening/background noise” to the RHOC show, and yes- I think I can actually feel my brain rotting each time. That being noted, I was curious as to what sort of reaction Ryan’s rant would generate. As someone with CPTSD, I definitely recognized something there in Ryan though I am by no means claiming to even begin to have any formal training on diagnosis (much less through a 5 minute clip on a Bravo reality show!). I have not seen a whole lot of Ryan on the show, but I remember the first time that I did “meet” him, he struck me more like an abusive, intolerant bully… a SUPERJERK. I have had friends in the marines… have attended training graduations at Parris Island/Camp Lejune (sic?) I have always thought of the Marine Corp as the Elite. I really have no basis for my posting on here , but honestly I was APPALLED by his outburst and more so, his little &itch move of LYING about it all & feel the need to release my opinion & this still present disgust into the world and out of my head. He should seriously thank his lucky stars that he has the skill of knowing exactly who is naive and intimidated enough to not recognize his true character…. And that those pampered and sheltered (vulnerable) ladies do not have a friend (sister, neighbor, mother) like myself nearby!!!!!!

  98. I specifically searched for pages involving this whole Ryan deal. I admit to sometimes “listening/background noise” to the RHOC show, and yes- I think I can actually feel my brain rotting each time. That being noted, I was curious as to what sort of reaction Ryan’s rant would generate. As someone with CPTSD, I definitely recognized something there in Ryan though I am by no means claiming to even begin to have any formal training on diagnosis (much less through a 5 minute clip on a Bravo reality show!). I have not seen a whole lot of Ryan on the show, but I remember the first time that I did “meet” him, he struck me more like an abusive, intolerant bully… a SUPERJERK. I have had friends in the marines… have attended training graduations at Parris Island/Camp Lejune (sic?) I have always thought of the Marine Corp as the Elite. I really have no basis for my posting on here , but honestly I was APPALLED by his outburst and more so, his little &itch move of LYING about it all & feel the need to release my opinion & this still present disgust into the world and out of my head. He should seriously thank his lucky stars that he has the skill of knowing exactly who is naive and intimidated enough to not recognize his true character…. And that those pampered and sheltered (vulnerable) ladies do not have a friend (sister, neighbor, mother) like me nearby!!!!!!

  99. I watched the video after reading some of your post. After reading some posts, I thought that the guy was screaming and yelling in an old ladies face or something. Did he drop some colorful language, yes. Could he have handled the situation differently, yes. I think that most are more upset at the fact that it was an elderly lady he threw out, not the language he used. Let me ask you all a question. Once you have told somebody to leave the party and they don’t move fast enough for your comfort, what do you do? From watching people get kicked out of parties, I can tell you that the person doing the kicking out becomes more aggressive. The fact that he is a marine doesn’t mean squat. Last time I checked military service doesn’t change a person into a saint. Joining the military doesn’t all of a sudden make you more or less than the person you already are. When a douchebag signs up, they just become a douchebag in a uniform. From seeing bits and pieces from these “Housewives” shows over the last couple of years this was not even in the top 100 of the worst blowups. Usually augments involve real screaming, shouting, flipping tables, fist and/or drinks flying, and real security escorting someone out.

  100. ConcernedCitizen on

    @Bob, our issue with Ryan is his scary, intimidating and threatening behavior towards an elderly woman against (of all things, a couch) which DID NOT belong to Ryan and proceeded to kick out the very woman out of a house THAT IS NOT HIS!! He continued his rage while throwing “f” and “b” insults to the same elderly woman, then his mother in law (the host) and the uncle. I don’t know which planet you live in, but where I live it is NEVER okay to threaten or show aggression towards an elderly or a woman. Sorry!

  101. @Bob- TOUCHE’! LOL (Maybe everyone is shocked because the women are who we are accustomed to seeing act irrational, petty, hormonal & out of line…. it is bad enough (although entertaining) to watch pampered & clueless “ladies” act as such… A grown man (DEMANDING respect)- well, it just seemed shocking (although entertaining to think how he has them all beat by far) to see a “MAN” fill (and fit) those shoes so well. #1) Respect will never be his acting like that. You cannot demand respect- a two year old demands a toy while having a tantrum- respect is commanded. (Good luck with that douchetard Ryan) & #2) He’s still a bully, and if he wants to have the right to tell someone to leave a party, he should first have a party of his own with his own victims- i mean, FRIENDS- & it would serve him a bit better to kick them out of his OWN home.(JS)

  102. Let me get this straight. You all watch and worship these shows and would skip dinner to view. These dumb broads are on there every night using the most asinine, crude, conniving, deceitful, backstabbing, and outlandish behavior, and you all are crying about some guy that comes on for a few minutes and put’s an old woman in her place for being rude? You have got to be kidding, right? Get a clue you morons. Most of this isn’t even real. Nor does it affect you in ANY way. None. Zip. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Bunch of pathetic crybabies with nothing better to do. Keep watching these stupid shows you minions. They are clearly succeeding at doing what it’s intending to do. Making idiots out of people.

    Carry on.

  103. So, let me get this straight. This douchebag was cussing and verbally abusing an older woman for resting her sore feet on a couch, with the idea that SHE was being disrespectful? Ok. Never mind his disrespectful behavior toward another human being, not a piece of property. Then, this Military website seems to be condoning his highly moronic behavior? Shame, shame, shame on you! And how sickening for all of the Marines who demonstrate respect and honor toward others.

  104. StevenIsATroll on

    @ILoveLabs. Hysterical! I hereby nominate you for Best Post. Thanks for the comic relief; this board needed it. Brilliant!

    I’m through now…

    Be well everybody. Almost everybody. (Look up humor writer Laurie Notaro’s book ” I Love Everybody” for reference.)

  105. @Stephnmike…..

    Oh, I read many of the comments. You clearly missed the entire post. I never blamed anyone. I simply made the observation that all of you crying about this are pathetic. If anyone is to blame it is all of you for feeding into this garbage and watching / falling for it in the first place.

    Maybe you all will feel better if you watch reruns of Home Improvement, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, and Fresh Prince. Shows that actually TAUGHT you something about life whether you are a parent, child or teenager, married or single, male or female.

    Some people have anger problems or trillions of other problems in this world. Some people handle things differently than others. And to those of you who criticize as well as generalize personnel in our military, before you do that…do me a favor and SIGN UP. If not, keep your mouths shut because you have no idea what it’s like to live the lifestyle or to serve the country. High stress for you is when a your neighboring cubicle occupier has his morning talk show up to high. Give me a break. Bunch of oversensitive sissies we put our lives on the line for in this country.

    Move along.

  106. HabitualKnifeHander on


    The only repercussions he will face are all of you hating him from your living room couches as you all tune into the show next time it airs.

    It’s a fake show with REAL people and no script.

    What he did was wrong and I would never talk to a woman that way.

    These shows are soap operas nothing more. The SSgt DOES NOT represent the Marine Corps, he represents the small percentage of garbage in every respectable organization. Police, teachers, politicians all do things that are unacceptable. Not to mention they are far worse then what he (SSgt) did and don’t have a producers involved.

    Everyone’s comments are starting to sound the same but none of you will admit that you love a garbage TV show. OR that you will stop watching it.

    Also, the Army has soldiers the Marine Corps has Marines. We also like to call our subordinates troops.

  107. HabitualKnifeHander on

    @therapist to be trained to work with military people

    Your observations where spot on. LMFAO “military people”.

    Are you prior military?

    You need to evaluate some of the people who watch this stupid ass show on TV.

    Are you really series about your post? Please tell me your not.

    You forgot one. 12) His dissatisfaction with his penis size.

    I don’t agree with his actions but somebody needs to evaluate you.

  108. This is the second comment I have left regarding this issue (the other comment in different place on this site). SSgt Colberson’s personal life is just that, personal. It is not my business to comment on. I watch the show for fashion, decorating and gossip. However, the behavior shown by SSgt. Colberson’s on the RHOC final was not just about someone’s private life; it was an appalling display of aggression and behavior inappropriate, and in violation of, the USMCC. My grandfather was a general in the Army and when the Army/Air Force separated into different military branches he went with the Air Force. My father was a Colonel in the Air Force and my uncle (who worked at the Pentagon) retired as Vice Admiral of the Navy after starting out in the Marines so I feel qualified to at least comment on this behavior. I am also a Southerner and am appalled by his behavior from that viewpoint, as well. From my upbringing, and to my knowledge, that kind of behavior is unacceptable from a military standpoint as well as unacceptable to southern men who pride themselves on their courtesy (especially to women no matter what age, color or background). If this is the lack of standard our military is held to I DO worry about our future. If the Marines fail to take disciplinary action over this kind of behavior it will further disenchant an already unhappy American public already torn by the war. If the Marines do not publicly discipline him the loss of confidence in our military (& government) will continue to snowball. For once let’s see some accountability in action.

  109. Concerned Citizen on

    @HabitualKnifeHander. I think you make valid points and want you to know that many of these ’emotional’ people will, indeed, never watch this tripe again. I don’t believe the majority is invested in these shows and wd readily cede that they are mind-numbing, pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    Whatever has been said by most of us civvies, rest assured that the very complaint- the issue- is exactly your point: Ryan Culberson is the problem and NOT the Marine Corp. Succinctly put, it is a shame that his behavior, writ large all over tv land, throws shade on the countless scores of good people in uniforms. I don’t think anyone is blaming the Marines for his anger issues in any way. (Tho I have seen posts from Marines defending his behavior as typical, whadja expect, this is the real world and we fight for you whiny candy pants.) Ignoring that argument, please realize that most people don’t see this SSgt as the face of the few, the proud. And that, sir, is the cause of the outrage. He taints the pool.

    Moreover, the bottom line is well described by @Manners Anyone; Culberson’s violent tendencies, there for the world to see, are upsetting. DV is frightening. If I see someone kicking/hurting an animal, I speak up and intervene. If I see a hungry person. I buy them something to eat. If I see a grown man having a meltdown on an Internet clip, I voice my concern. Culbertson could be a banker and most wd feel the same desire to make his bosses aware of his explosive temper. And, yes, there are abusive people in every profession…they just weren’t stupid or arrogant enough to expose themselves on an international platform. Yet.

    Feeling otherwise impotent, unable to stop the fist before it lands, we turn our outrage and concern to those who we trust may be able to do so. Unfortunately, that happens to be via military forums where it is hoped that this guy’s CO can be alerted to a) be on the lookout and/or b) get him some help, if possible. Having watched an impending train wreck on tv and the interwebs, are we wrong to try and stop the crash? Are we to ignore our basic drive to call for help? I think that’s all this blather boils down to for the rational among us. Maybe our reflexes are a bit heightened after seeing base and movie and school and office and mall shootings. Maybe one of those guys was a Ryan and no one waved a red flag beforehand. If we have knee-jerked on this forum, it was borne of good intentions. (Save an asshat or three.)

    If Culberson’s rage is typical MO and we on the outside are simply ignorant of this fact, i.e. we are only crying Chicken Little, then snicker at our naïveté and we’ll move on soon enough. Otherwise, hear where we’re coming from: this boy’s out of control rage is a problem that needs attention before it escalates. No matter the cause. No one blames his military training.

    I salute your service and thank you.

    @ Manners Anyone 10,000 Brownie points and gold stars to you.

    Sorry for the long rant. I’ve seen this very same face up close and personal. On a Duke grad who is a successful dentist. A unseen trigger goes off and this shockingly belligerent man, filled with indignation and pure hate, fists balled up at his sides and screaming so hard that he’s spitting while 1″ from my face instantly replaces the nice guy who had just been standing there a second ago. Schizo-like. I went from bewilderment to get the hell out. I pray this wife will do the same. It IS a patterned behavior and the only cure is removal. Glad it was my only experience in a lifetime filled with terrific, kind and loving, well-mannered men. I didn’t see this side until 4 months into the relationship. Typical, from what I’ve learned….

  110. This is more of a PS….because of the flood of comments all over the web regarding SSgt Colberson’s behavior. I am contacting my uncle regarding this issue. After decades at the Pentagon I’m sure he knows someone who can spin this military PR nightmare into something palatable for the American public and considering the direction public sentiment is going I would hope that SSgt Colberson DOES publicly get reprimanded and disciplined. My personal opinion (and from person & painful experience) is that his marriage will fail. My husband of over 20 years and I are divorcing over what I predict will become an issue in Brianna’s and his marriage. His comment about ‘privileged bitches’ says it all about his attitude about wealth and privilege yet he marries a female raised w/ more money and privilege than I. In my experience that attitude will not go away and Brianna is in for a very painful life lesson. It’s fortunate she has a loving supportive family to fall back on.

  111. GetHelpSteven on

    First, hats off to ILoveLabs for the brilliant post. It was awesome!

    Second, and to Steven, clearly you have a disdain for all “idiot civilians” so, if that’s the case and we are all idiots, why were you in the military at all? What were you fighting for? Your country? That’s a laugh. Your country is made up of all the idiot civilians you clearly hate.

    And if you find Ryan’s behavior exemplary…well, that says more about you than him. I feel sorry for both of you.

  112. Concerned Citizen on

    Wow! Moderate much??? I was trying to find the screen name and details of the post about Culberson’s domestic violence complaint in 2010 – poof! Gone.

    Orange County Superior Court has online records, so why did you remove this? There were no f bombs in it and the comment was very much on topic… Sad when you remove half of the arguments and discussions posted since the comments no longer reflect the whole truth. Sad day in journalism.

  113. Whoa @Steven!
    Hold up buddy!
    No one is mad at Marines. If anything, Ryan Culberson is not a good representation of the marines! After all, Ryan does have a history of DV, all you have to do is search the O.C. Court docs. Calm down.

  114. @ConcernedCitizen

    Im from this planet and unlike you, I live in the real world. I guess that in the perfect world you live in people are nice and full of sunshine. Maybe in your world when he asked her to leave the first time, she would have left. She would not go to someone else and try to explain what happened in an effort to stay. I will agree that it was a stupid reason for him to try to kick he out but he did and she didn’t leave. It does not matter how old you get, when you are told to leave, you leave. If you don’t do it, than someone will try to make you do it. And he was not yelling at the old lady. You can see in the video that he was trying his best not to yell and draw more attention to the argument. Don’t you think that if he was screaming at an old lady in the middle of a party that someone would step up in his face? And to the whole it’s not his house, I thought that he rents there so that would make it the place he lives right? Judging from the detective work that you have put in, you don’t like the guy. I have a couple of questions for you. Did you watch the entire episode? Did they show the first incident by the couch? Does it show if he or she was disrespectful toward the other? The reason I asked those questions is because it might explain why he acted the way he did.

  115. @Bob

    No, I guess we don’t come from the same planet. it wasn’t Ryan’s home, couch or party to decide, by himself, to kick anyone out of. The owner of the home was horrified and said it was unacceptable for Ryan to do what he did.

    Per the video, Ryan was shouting at the the woman whose feet were aching, and his mother-in-law, and his wife’s uncle. What he was trying hard not to do, was assault them.

    And Uncle Billy did step up in Ryan’s face and told him he needed to stop and that this happens every time.

    And really, to say “judging from the detective work, you don’t like the guy”….what???? Oh, I get it. How dare we judge him on his record of domestic violence.

    What has always baffled me is, when Ryan first saw this house guest of his mother-in-law, why he didn’t introduce himself and automatically, upon seeing an elder in a party dress, lying down with her feet up, offer his assistance to make her feel better and comfort her? He was a walking ball of rage looking for a reason to explode.

  116. StevenIsATroll on

    Ryan Culberson’s middle name is STEVEN. Does anyone else think it’s odd that Steven, king of vitriolic rants on this thread, has gone silent? Guess he didn’t get computer time, other than to email StoopidHousewives a lame excuse for his indefensible behavior. And I guess the restraining order Rachel Lawrence was granted against him for domestic violence in 2010 was a bad edit, as well. Just sayin….

  117. @Bob

    I think the points that Manners is trying to make are:

    1) Ryan does not own the property

    2) While Ryan does pay minimal rent (mother-in-law helping them out), he is not the PRIMARY OWNER-OCCUPANT.


    4) Therefore, Ryan did exactly what the PRIMARY OWNER-OCCUPANT did not want him to do.

    It’s not like he just asked someone to leave his home because they were disorderly. It is polar opposite. It’s like me renting a room in my home to my brother-in-law, then he gets ticked off at my friend, yells profanities at her, and kicks her out.

    Not sure why that is so complicated.

  118. @Manners Anyone

    The only time he “shouted” was when he was father away from the group when he said “I’m throwing her the F out.” Did they show what he or she did at the couch on the show. I don’t know because I don’t watch the show and the only thing I see is cut video after the initial incident had already happened. People had already judged him before the great detective work turned up the fact that he did have DV case. By the way, what did the documents say happened, this really isn’t worth a $1 of my money. So we are off “he doesn’t live there” and are on “he doesn’t own the house” now? Uncle Billy stepped in as Ryan was talking to Vicki not the older lady. He wasnt steping in to stop ryan from hitting someone.

  119. @Bob

    I think that is where the gap is. You did not watch the show. I can guarantee if you watched the complete scene which lasted roughly 15 minutes that you would have a different opinion. Challenge: Watch a FULL clip, then picture the older woman as being your mother.

  120. @ILoveLabs

    Thank you for the comments but you didn’t answer the questions. I know how these shows don’t always show the complete story so that’s why I asked the questions I asked. So I can see for myself the entire incident from start to finish. But if they don’t show the entire incident I didn’t want to waste my time looking for a unicorn.

  121. @bob

    This is a repost of Audrey Kirklands response above, of the transcribed conversation between Judy, (the 64-year old Grandma) and Ryan, that started the disturbing reaction from Ryan. You really have to watch the entire footage to understand the overwhelming outrage by most. The edited clip on this site, does a grave disservice to this incident. His behavior was absolutely frightening to watchnand you could see that both his wife and his mother-in-law, Vicki, were cowering in his rage. The owner of the home; Vicki, claims Ryan was not living at her home during this incident. He had already moved out.



    There is NO justification for ANYONE to speak this way to a guest in your Mother-in-laws home…much less a member of our USMC on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION!>>

    R: Why do you got your feet on the couch?

    J: If you don’t watch out I’m gonna fairy dust you … and then you’ll be sparkly.

    R: I’ll throw you out if you put your feet on my couch. I ain’t fucking around.

    R: I don’t care how drunk you are I’ll throw your ass out.

    J: Excuse me, sir, but I’ve had one drink … and don’t piss me off.

    R: I don’t care how many fucking drinks you’ve had, I’ll throw you out right now – and say I won’t.

    J: Who are you?

    R: Do I need to tell you? I own, live here. So I will throw you out right now.

    J: Oh, I should have known.

    R: Oh, you should have known. You want to leave? It’ll happen like that.

    J: Well, I’m sorry if I disrespected you

    R: You’re sorry [unintelligible]

    J: but my feet hurt so I put them up.

    R: Well if your feet hurt go get a fucking massage.

    J: Would you stop using the word “fuck”?

  122. @SH – that is correct. You have to pay $.50/page to have the docs mailed to you. You can view the petitioner/respondent of particular court filings and parcels of final dispositions.

    You can see his girlfriend prior to Briana, filed for and was granted a restraining order in Domestic Violence court. You have to pay $5.85, to have all the relevant docs mailed to you. I’m sure one of the gossip sites will post it all for free by Monday.

  123. @Bob
    ya, you’re right. I didn’t answer your questions. Truthfully, I’m embarrassed that I’m devoting hard-earned beer drinkin’ time to this BS.

    Before i put on my flip flops, grab a Coors Light and head out to party on my patio I will leave you with this. I’m a very hard working professional who is damn tired of the disrespect that ALL of our youngsters are showing their elders. I do not condone profanity, but if some snotty nose “Marine” tells me to take my tired feet off of ANYTHING , it ain’t gonna be pretty. No matter how bad the m* f* thinks he is cuz he happened to make the cut. I can guaran-damn-tee you the snotty nose “Marine” will be pickin his teeth up off the floor.


  124. Sorry, not done.

    Just want to express my utmost respect and thanks to the real Marines who continue to fight for our country. No one here is referring to the Marines as a whole. We are all just being silly and discussing a character on an irrelevant tv show.

    Thank you thank you thank you REAL Marines. We love you as you are always in our hearts and souls (because many of you are our children and beloved family).

    Please be safe and walk with the Lord (and don’t be pissed cuz we are all mad at Ryan and Steven).


  125. WELL STATED ILoveLabs! I personally would like to point out to those who are SO on the defense about Ryan Culberson…..WE KNOW he doesn’t reflect the entire Marine Corps. Some of you want to make it out to be so like STEVEN (Ryan?) who sees in his tiny mind that it’s an issue Marine Corps VS Idiot Civilians. This just IS NOT SO! Nobody is bashing the entire Marine Corp. Just an IDIOT who happens to be in the Marine Corp chasing down & marrying reality tv show daughter so he can get his 15 minutes and possible own property that he never earned. There are idiots in everywhere and we the civilians know that! It IS shameful what Culberson did chasing a stupid reality tv house wives show, showing up in uniform and losing his cool. HE IS a bad reflection on our military! We now know he has a background in domestic violence. Again, there IS NO argument against our beloved Marines – just this one. Every military place, every civilian place all have their bad apples.

    So PLEASE stop arguing like Steve – MARINES VS IDIOT CIVILIANS. He sees Us against “TheM”. He has anger issues as well obviously by the names he has called everyone on here who doesn’t agree with him. He is at odds with himself and adds ZERO to the discourse!

  126. HabitualKnifeHander on

    @Concerned Citizen

    Thank you for explaining your point of view the way you did. I wish other citizens on this blog did it the same way.

    @ ALL the Marines and spouses supporting this guy you’re making things worse.

    What he did was way over the top, if one of you where there I’m sure you would have intervened since we take care of our own.

    I still believe reality TV is crap and should be taken off TV completely. Putting a Marine on this type of television is going to continue to reflect negatively on us all.

  127. Ryan,

    Let’s just say that Lydia’s mother was a mean, foul-mouthed, old-drunk, and was vile and nasty to you. Lets just say she was stumbling drunk, spewing curse words and insults at you and spilling red wine on Vicki’s couch. Let’s say in her drunken stupor she even swung her purse in an attempt to hit you. Even in that scenario your behavior would still be inappropriate.

    The viewers were hoping that when you watched the footage of yourself (and we are aware of editing) that you would feel very remorseful and then respond with a sincere apology. Some people lack self-awareness and a good video replay is what we need to realize how we really are (not who we explain we are). Take this as a lesson to work on some things. If nobody (not one person) agrees your behavior was appropriate, maybe you should get a little help?

  128. At the time of this party Ryan Culberson was an invited guest to the party. He was NOT living in the house whatsoever OR paying rent as has been stated by the owner.

  129. He said in the scene “I live here” and the closing credits at the episode finished, that gives a status of everyone said they would be looking for an apartment. So Vickie’s just doing damage control after the fact by saying they didn’t live there then. Or did the editing monkeys make Ryan say that, too?

  130. Concerned Citizen on

    @HabitualKnifeHander. Thank you. I hope it helped explain what I believe to be most commenters’ motivation. There are plenty of igmos who prattle on about non-sensical things on ‘reality’ related blogs. I try to steer clear of those (unless I’m REALLY bored and want to entertain myself by reading awful grammar and malaprops galore), but assume there has been some spillover onto BR by these morooons.

    I do wish, above all, that the SSgt defenders read and heed your safe advice. It’s an unwinnable ‘debate’ and therefore pointless and unnecessary. The Emos will see only one man’s ratchet outburst and Marines and spouses will feel attacked and defensive of their brother. To what end?

    One of the most positive outcomes of this whole thing may be that many of the thousands of civvies who were previously unaware of the BR blog and Military Times will hopefully come back and participate in – or simply read about – more important topics. I’ve read 5 articles I wd have otherwise known nothing about. EOD, Kane, Obama…

    Again, thank you for your service. If it is ever proper for a civ to oorah you, consider this yours from me.

  131. Steven,

    Your comment below is beyond disturbing and has been reported the the Marine Corp. Good luck with your career.

    Steven Says:

    August 7th, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Leslie, you are an idiot as well. Who do you think you are and last time I checked your dad is retired so guess what no say so anymore.Am i supposed to be impressed that your married to a federal agent? Does that make you a Marine and federal agent because youre related to them. Youre dumb!! All you idiots are dumb.YOU idiots are nothing but whining civilians and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DAY THAT TERRORISTS ATTACK AMERICA AGAIN so you idiots choke on every stupid thing you said about Marines.

  132. My bad, your Marine career is over. Guessing a General Discharge on that one. But you’re gleeful inference of terrorist attack has been noted.

  133. Concerned Citizen on

    @HabitualKnifeHander. I am honored. (The caps and dash duly noted.) The next time I drive through Camp Lejeune or Cherry Pt on my way to the beach. I will shout out a big one in your honor!

    Yep, I live in NC (not far from Culberson’s hometown, ironically). Be well.

  134. I am a current active duty Marine and have been in for 16 years. Our Corps is rampant with testerone raged, disrespectful cowards like the one on this show. If I were his Commanding Officer he would be facing charges for conduct unbecoming of a U.S. Marine. And any Marine on here who thinks this behavior is okay then maybe we need to show you the door too.

  135. StevenIsATroll on

    @Darrell Says THANK YOU, SIR!!!! The strong voice of reason appears!

    God watch over you in all of your comings and goings. May others (including non-Marines) learn from you about the importance of respect; how to earn it, how to show it.

    My family honors and appreciates your service more than words can say.

  136. Ryan wouldn’t have had to even ask me to get my feet of of the couch. More likely he would have been dialing 911 for me because my mother woulda come back from the grave and knocked me off the couch! I am concerned that noone is calling HER (Ms. Stirling’s) behavior on the carpet. I was raised you don’t put your feet on other peoples’ furniture; it’s VERY rude and disrespectful. She obviously wasn’t that good of a friend because in speaking to Ms. Gunvalson she said “your son…” and when Ms. Gunvalson said “Mike?” she replied “yes”. She didn’t even know who he (Ryan) was, so she obviously was not such a good friend (not a familiar friend; more like aquaintance) that she knew putting her feet on the furniture was a no-no. I USED to play the role of the poor innocent victim so yeah I can spot it and boy was Ms Stirling playing it. Just what this country needs, more victims (of the “poor me” variety; noted because somebody WILL take that out of context)!

    As for Ryan’s behaviour, my father was a Marine (easy there Devil Dogs he passed away) and I NEVER saw this type of behavior from him. His mom signed him up when he was 15. He went on to fight in Korea where he suffered multiple injuries and had to be medically discharged by the time he was 18 because he “couldn’t run anymore”. He, instead became an alcoholic. PTSD is a VERY serious issue in the military (more of our troops are dying from suicide than from enemy actions). Yes his behavior is indicative of PTSD. If he really is this way then yes he needs help, but so does his wife. Having been in a physically abusive marriage (I don’t blame it on his time in the Army) I know what’s coming. I AM NOT CONDONING HIS BEHAVIOUR (if it’s real); merely saying he’s sick.

    And to those of you who actually realize that this crap is NOT reality, thank you for saying so. I know of several people that have been in these so called “reality” shows so yeah I know that there is sssoo much of this that is staged and that certain behaviors are encouraged and even coached. The more outlandish the behavior, the higher the ratings, the more advertising, the more money ad infinitum.

    Ms. Stirling was not so fearful that she dialed 911, sought protection or immediately left the party. If someone is that fearful of another human they usually get away as soon as possible.

  137. Ms. Harked Loogie! You are a freakin’ MORON! I watched the show myself and I saw and heard this Golddigging waste of breathable air who calls himself a marine and who thinks he owns vicki’s house attack a little bitty 64 year old woman and damn near get physical with her! And he calls himself a Marine? Hell, he doesn’t deserve to even call himself a man! He is a golddigging, coat tail riding, free loading piece of maggot-ridden GARBAGE who stalked a rich young lady who happened to be fat, needy and desperate and he hooked her so that he could have a shot at their money and his little 15 minutes of fame. And guess what? It backfired on him! He got careless and showed the entire Western World what a complete and utter pathetic jackhole his is.

    So go ahead and run with this article if you want to embarrass yourself. LOL

  138. @Kim
    Never heard Ms. S claim she was fearful. Just observed her and 99% of the party goers being weirded out by a lunatic. When you are around a crazy person you kinda scoot to the side, shut up, and think “what the heck?”. Spooky behavior!

    You are da man! Be safe and our thoughts and prayers are with you and those around you.

  139. HabitualKnifeHander on

    @Concerned Citizen Says

    Nothing motivates Marines more, especially in a Military town then to get a loud OOH-RAH from a speeding car, (horn blasting) or a thank you from a citizen. We are considered the norm around here.

  140. Concerned Citizen on

    @HabitualKnifeHander Great to know! When you say you are considered the norm “around here’, are you referring to Pendleton? Or base towns in general? Were you based in NC? Have buddies here?

    I have always said thank you to service men/women when I’ve seen them out and about, but never from a car while laying on the horn. Trust, that will happen from now on. Kinda fun. The RDU USO always asks for volunteers so I plan to go see if I can help there. Our local tv stations frequently feature some bit of military news since Fayettenam is in the viewing area. They do report on all branches, bases, deployments, homecomings, salutes, etc..

    Maybe another good thing to come out of this mess is that some folks will pay more keen attention to supporting the troops! I know I will.


  141. HabitualKnifeHander on

    @Concerned Citizen

    Military service members are considered the norm whether your in Jacksonville or Oceanside. I’ve lived on both coasts; I’m now in Jacksonville, N.C. for the 3rd time.

    The OOH-RAH that I described is welcomed behavior since a civilian really wouldn’t do it unless they are not from the area, I explain why later. A drive-by horn blowing ooh-rah : ) is inspiring to young service members in the military. It reminds them that the citizens of our country do appreciate the sacrifices they are making.

    This is very important. Why? It’s one reason a Marine will think twice about doing something to bring discredit to the Marine Corps or our country.

    We love our country and what we do and don’t expect a thank you. But military where I’m originally from are treated like celebrities. Not always the case (understandable) in towns where half the kids in your child’s school has a parent or parents in the military. Or more then half your customers are military. Not to mention there are a vast majority of retired military. Bottom line is everyone has something to do with the military or deals with service members on a daily basis.

    It’s like Hollywood you expect to see celebs. In a military town you expect to see military service members. When people stop and say thank you, I like to talk to them and answer questions they might have, again it’s a reminder.

    Continue supporting our troops, we appreciate it!

  142. Concerned Citizen on

    @HabitualKnifeHander (had to look up use of the knife hand – I get it!)

    Your comment about military being treated like celebrities reminds me of Tom Brokow’s travels, highlighting small towns in America and the respect -almost reverence – shown for their brave recruits. What may be assumed as a part of everyday life in a largely military town (for the reasons you point out) likely stands out in stark relief in a non-military or smaller town; the incredible personal sacrifice made on behalf of all of us. Makes me think you’re from a Brokaw type town…

    Since seeing all of the posts on this blog, I’ve done some research, wondering a) how we citizens aren’t made aware, every single day, of how we can support servicemen/women and b) what websites point us in this direction. I found, among others.

    Is society so jaded, are we so isolated by our immersion in technology that we just don’t see these sorts of things unless they are buried under/couched in political bs? You think reality tv shd be taken off the air and I submit that ‘sensationalized’ news ain’t far behind. I don’t recall ever seeing anything about specific ways civilians can help. Consistently, that is–other than one specific cause at one particular time. Other than several televised Salute to the Troops shows (love love love). And who knew there was a GI Film Festival?

    Are you aware of sites like serve, telling folks how to help support the troops? Even close to home?

    Lastly, importantly: Heels or Devils? Or neither. 🙂

    Thank you, again!

  143. I am a non-commissioned officer (NCO) as is SSG Culberson. I have been deployed to the combat zone for 19 months.

    SSG Culberson’s actions bring discredit to himself, the NCO corp, the USMC, and the military service.

    PTSD is not an excuse to act irresponsibly. The military has a lot of programs to teach soldiers stress management techniques. If you do not make use of your training and common sense you should be held accountable.

    If I was his commanding officer I would attempt to impress on him the importance of his actions, both on camera and off. Regardless of if you are in uniform you always represent the military. I do not know SSG Culberson personally, and if his commanding officer decides a verbal reprimand is sufficient I will place my trust in that decision. If the USMC does not take an official stance on it I can assure you that this is the result.

    If SSG Culberson or his family reads this I implore you to have Ryan practice these traits.


    Honor guides Marines to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior; to never lie cheat or steal; to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; respect human dignity; and respect others. The quality of maturity, dedication, trust and dependability commit Marines to act responsibly; to be accountable for their actions; to fulfill their obligations; and to hold others accountable for their actions.


    Courage is the mental, moral and physical strength ingrained in Marines. It carries them through the challenges of combat and helps them overcome fear. It is the inner strength that enables a Marine to do what is right; to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct; and to make tough decisions under stress and pressure.


    Commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication found in Marines. It leads to the highest order of discipline for individuals and units. It is the ingredient that enables 24-hour a day dedication to Corps and country. It inspires the unrelenting determination to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor. ”

    I believe he is lacking in all three.

  144. what a piece of shit this “boy” is. bet he beats his wife daily and she and vicky protected him. how disgusting. would have loved for him to have talked to me like that would have been a very very different outcome. vicky and briana you are disgusting for allowing that to happen and to allow that punk to stay in your home. he should have been told to leave immediately. you both appeared to be very scared of him? disgusting! he should be punished immediately. he is a disgrace to the marines but what is worse is he is a disgrace to the human race.

  145. Steven seems to be a very angry miserable person. What if that were your mother. How is elevating your feet when your a woman in your sixties bad manners. And even if she did something oriole , she apologized and was told to eff off. Your ok with that. Ya those women on the show are horrible bitches who fight and yell all the time , but they are women of like ages and Ryan wears his uniform and speaks about being a marine on National tv and then acts aggressively to an older woman, rude or not she didn’t deserve that behavior. No he doesn’t represent what a marine is or should be by no means but he should have more respect for them. He’s a pig no if and or butts about it. What it did was so messed up and editing or even if something happened off camera that we don’t know about, it doesn’t change what we heard and saw. And that was sad and disgusting. He got in her face in an aggressive way , and told her to eff off. No it’s not the end of the world but people especially little dicks like him need to be held accountable for their actions. His happened to be on National Tv. He’s a couch bag and def has problems its obvious. Seems the majority of the people agree too… Well except for you Steven. Hmmmm

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