Marines do the Harlem Shake: Bored Marine Video roundup


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A viral video sensation has taken hold over the last few weeks in which people break it down to the “Harlem Shake,” a rowdy song by Baauer, an American producer and DJ.

Not surprisingly, Marines jumped in on this quickly. A quick search this morning shows there are numerous Marine Corps-themed “Harlem Shake” videos, some of which can definitely get a person with a reasonable sense of humor laughing.

I present the following without judgment, and with the disclaimer that there may be some suggestive dance moves in here. Still, they’ll definitely live on in Bored Marine Video lore:

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In case you missed it, yes, this has become a full-fledged craze. For my money, it’ll be hard to beat the University of Maryland’s effort Saturday at the Maryland-Duke basketball game.

Marine highlights above? I give bonus points to the Marines for using night-vision gear. The use of the motorcycle near the billiards table also is pretty smooth.

Your thoughts, friends?


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