Behind the Cover: Dress-up Fridays are here for Marines


So you’ve heard of casual Fridays? The Marine Corps is going in the opposite direction.

As outlined in this week’s Marine Corps Times cover story, Commandant Gen. Jim Amos has decided that nearly all non-deployed Marines and sailors with marine units should wear their service uniform every Friday. Service B uniforms, or “bravos,” will be worn in the winter, while service C uniforms, or “charlies,” will be worn in the summer.

Exceptions will be granted, most likely to units whose Marines get dirty on a regular basis. Think mechanics, grunts and others who aren’t working in your admin shop. Overall, though, the change will be across the board.

The move has been met with mixed feelings so far. Marine Corps Times hashes that out, while also examining reasons the change was made.

This week’s issue also includes our annual, detailed look at military pay, an examination at how use of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle may evolve and analysis of the Marine Corps’ safety statistics over the last year.


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  1. Always has been this way in the past…in all units…stop changing it from CMC to CMC and you won’t hear any complaints.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Camilla Turner, I am working at the Sunday Times and researching a piece about dress UP Fridays (as a backlash against dress down Fridays).

    This is apparently a trend in Silicon Valley companies (according to an article in the Wall Street Journal) and I am looking for example of this in the UK.

    I can see that this week’s Marine Corps Times wrote a cover story all about dress up a dress up Friday policy that has just been implemented for the Marine Corps.

    Please get in touch by email to discuss this. Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best wishes,

    Camilla Turner

  3. To be frank, I love the idea. In fact, if you are not getting legitimately dirty day after day then this should be the regular uniform the entire week. If you plan to transition from a finance office in the military to a finance office in the real world then this is what will be expected of you in the first place. Why should the entire week be casual? Its simply not necessary.

  4. As a marine retiree, I think that this is a great idea. All of the marine corps uniforms look great and every marine should look great wearing them and should be proud to be seen in any of there uniforms. Plus it gives the command a chance to see which of its marines may be a bit out of shape. But it should be command discretion certain jobs are a bit too dirty to wear those uniforms.

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