The Marine gunny behind the football GIF


A gunny’s reaction to a college football player has earned him an interesting fan appreciation: He was made into a funny GIF that’s making its rounds on the Internet.

Gunnery Sgt. Stephen Roberts is the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor for the NROTC program at Ole Miss, SB Nation reported. He oversees the color guard at each Rebels home game, so he was on the field in the second quarter of the Sept. 16 Ole Miss game against Texas. That’s when ESPN cameras caught an interesting moment.

Longhorns receiver Marquise Goodwin made a 69-yard touchdown run to put Texas up 17-7 — and came face-to-face with Roberts. And then this happened:

Some were speculating that Goodwin tried to salute the gunny, a no-no he wouldn’t have accepted. But Roberts told SB Nation that Goodwin tried to do something far more foolish.

“As he ran toward me, I could see him start to make the ‘shhhhh’ motion holding his hand up,” Roberts told SB Nation. “I knew behind me was the Texas fan section, and he was staring straight ahead. So I’m thinking, ‘Well, I know he’s not ‘shhhh-ing’ his own people.’ ”

Roberts’ response would make drill instructors everywhere proud, yelling with his hands on his hips, head bobbling. And it looks like Goodwin was caught off guard as he looks from side-to-side and then just runs away. Viewers thought the exchange was too good not to be shared, turning it into a GIF — a type of short animation that is making an Internet comeback.

Roberts said by the end of the game his phone was dead from calls and texts, and the image was all over his Facebook wall.  The message Roberts wanted to send: Never shush a Marine.

“It was, ‘Hey, don’t hush me, because Marines, well … we don’t like to be hushed,’ ” he told SB Nation with a laugh.

Despite the gunny’s enthusiasm, Ole Miss lost to Texas 66-31.


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  1. Interesting comment about making Drill Instructors everywhere proud. I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but you are required to have served a successful tour as a Drill Instructor to be an Assistant Marine Officer Instructor, which is why this motivator’s reaction makes perfect sense (he IS a Drill Instructor!).

  2. First foremost if anyone watched the game Goodwin scored on a long run and wasn’t shhing the Gunny but the crowd the gunny who was there supporting ole miss starting yelling at him for celebrating there was no disrespect get a life people and find real news to write about stop blowing thing out of proportion

  3. I have no problem with how the gunny reacted to the player, however when the camera returned to him there was no need for him to gloat. He turned into just a fanboy at that point and was enjoying his spotlight. “Semper Fi Baby” into the camera seems a bit disrespectful…..

  4. All I can see is the marine stepping out in front of the player and shouting. I don’t know what the player did other than what this article claims. For someone not being there, this looks like an intentional spotlight moment for the marine.

  5. Jesus, he wasn’t going to salute, he wasn’t going to “shhh” his own supporters behind the gunny, the crowd couldn’t start yelling at the celebrating that quick, his disrespect was stopped before it was started and finished. Get a life. Get a book on grammar, too. Go back to hiding.

  6. For those of you on here who “don’t get it”, don’t worry about it, you never will. All you need to know is “We got this.”

  7. Tom G – civilians have no business saluting anyone or anything. Even a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine have no business saluting when they are out of uniform. Well, that changed partially with the 2009 Defense Authorization Act, but still… bad form.

  8. Onkle Buck~ I thought that was very rude. I support our troops every way possible. I think you just have an inflated head and someone needs to knock you down a peg or two!

  9. If Goodwin would have touched that uniform, every Marine in that stadium would have tackled HIM. Who cares about the situation? This is still motivating.

  10. The Gunny was well within bounds…. He simply exercised his right to free speech… The one that he swore to defend. Get some, Gunny! Semper Fi!

  11. As a professional, you should not react like this even if he was directly in front of you. Which by the way the Marine stepped in front of the player. By doing this it shows a lack of self control/discipline. Instead he was made an ass of when Goodwin did not engage him and ran off. The Armed Forces have been called the “Silent Professionals” for a reason and this isnt one of them. Our skin is supposed to be thick and resist critics but yet he reacts this way for a “shushing” gesture? Its one thing if it was a PVT or service member disrespecting him but he has no “control” over a civilian. OOOH RAH you’re a tough guy…

  12. Seems like I remember three months at Parris Island with sand fleas gnawing at every inch of exposed skin and being told I will not scratch or swat because that would break military bearing. The Gunny stepped into the runner and jaw jacked and then gloated. Glad we don’t have more Marines showing their ass like this.

  13. John Montgomery on

    Gunny you did us all proud young people that don’t go to Parris Island have no idea what respect is anymore, I shudder to think what would have happened if he had touched your dress blues, or knocked your cover off poor I’m sure you would have stomped his ass but good, Semper Fi, and a big ooooorrrrrraaaaahhhh Gunny Roberts

  14. I think shooter about nailed it. The marines’ reaction did more to degrade the uniform than anything else. He might as well have been wearing a clown suit. The hands on the hips didn’t help either.

  15. Gunny got SUM!! SEMPER FI!!!

  16. who cares? it was pretty funny! I have seen another pic of that Gunny with the Cadets of Ole Miss along with the other Instructors. he is pretty intense looking


  18. This player was “shushing” for a reason – most likely he planned to jump up into his “fans”, trying to get away with “Celebration” (illegal in college games).

    I have been in uniform at many of my alum’s games, having been part of the honor guard my entire time in ROTC. Many of our players were ALSO ROTC, and cared too much to be disrespectful. The ones that did stupid things like what this player probably planned, were never much after their short term in the sports limelight.

    Even 20 years after leaving the military, while holding chains for our local JV game, I did not leave my spot, running away like many do. I did as asked, stood there (about 4 yards out of bounds) as some over-enthusiastic player ran me over. I was not booed, or criticized – rather I still get positive comments.

    Ooh Rah Gunny – Teach them well

    USAR Mustang (both NCO and CO for those who don’t know), and proud father of 2 Marines

  19. Being a Marine and a Longhorn Alumni, when I saw this I thought he was just being motivated about the awesome TD on Ole Miss. Then I thought about how he is a damn POG with jump wings, and how I hate that. After reading this I know know he is a piece of trash DI that is probably all talk.

  20. What ever happened to military decorum? Does anyone any longer keep control over their own behavior, or is it all just a who has the biggest dick contest these days?

  21. I am a huge college football fan.

    But I’m also an Army veteran.

    I do not condone the conduct of this experienced NCO.

    But, I must admit that a little part of me wishes the player had “bit” the chance to elevated things a bit.

    It would have done a lot of good for a nation full of kids who think football players are god-like heroes.

    It would have shown those kids what a real man is capable of when that player would have gotten his ass slammed real quick and real hard.

    But alas… the player did not loose his composure as the marine did.

  22. 94Marine, a Salute is warrented, it is a sign of respect, it doesn’t just belong to officer’s, before you correct someone on something you think may or may not be accurate. Just shut your mouth. I think this was amazing… Gunny went from doing his job to policing up a nasty un sportsmanlike longhorn…

  23. 2 of God’s greatest creations, Marine and Longhorn football, share a memorable encounter. Goodwin did the right thing by walking away. I don’t think he meant to be disrespectful. Let’s remember that Goodwin did represent our great country in these past olympics as a long jumper and has talked about the great pride and patriotism he felt in doing so. Goodwin was about to cross a line he shouldn’t have and was guided back by this motivated Gunny. Both parties have spoken to the sports media and neither hold hard feelings towards one another. Both are great ambassadors for our even greater nation. I’m giving Goodwin a HOOK ‘EM and Gunny an OOH-FREKN-RAH… here’s to hoping Gunny continues to unfuq those around him and to Goodwin that he continues scoring spectacular touchdowns for UT

  24. Has anyone ever thought that this could be one of his ROTC cats and the Gunny was making sure he didn’t do something he would regret at a later date………..

  25. this DI was just making an ass of himself thinking that just because he is a marine he can do whatever he wants to others. yes i respect him of defending our country, but seriously how is it respectful to just embarrass some kid like that. in fact it’s stupid how all you marines that think that player deserved are just asses, he just wanted to have some fun and wasn’t going to make an ass out of himself in the first place.

  26. At first I thought he had stepped in front of the patrol officer to keep hm from being runned over. Protect and Serve! God bless our Marines! Semper Fidelis!

  27. Who cares about heat you doubters have to say. As retired soldier, this Marine deserves respect no matter what. If your bashing him then you lack respect, morals or love this country. You are the types that take advantage of everything you have and do while our troops make sure you enjoy it freely.
    Haters go backstop hiding and pitch about how fat and lady your are sad wondering why no one gas any respect for you. Keep taking advantage of what you have, sevens the more for haters.

  28. HAHAHA Ol’ Gunny Roberts has yelled in my face quite a few times. If you knew him then you’d know that that player was doing something out of line and had it coming. Gunny Roberts is as professional as they come and knows when to not say and word and knows when to stand up for whats right.

  29. *Military Man, you should not attack anyone. Maybe you should have took advantage of your education oprotunities. You should be ashamed as a “Retired Soldier” for the amount of illiteracy that you have displayed in your post. I also beg to differ with you on my amount or “lack of” respect, morals or love for this Country. I proudly serve as a SSG in the United States Army and thank you for your service, but please dont get on here and make us look worse than the display that occured in the end-zone. I am not bashing the Marine or questioning his service because he is a Brother in Arms, but he must also display the same amount of respect and honor to us by not acting a total idiot IN UNIFORM on National Television.

  30. Just because hes got a uniform on… it got to his head..If you want respect than give respect…this goes for ALL uniform officers just because you have a badge or you are or served this country doesn’t mean you can treat people the way you want to! …I want to see that Gunny yell at me like that! I’ll slap him with his own hat!! Making a fool out of himself!!

  31. You grunts kill me! Good to know you guys are as stupid as us POGs think. We were not there and do not know what happened. Last time I checked Marines back Marines right or wrong. But in you higher thought process I guess it would only make sense to back your favorite football team over another brother. Dont worry, we will be there next time you need an airstrike or a lift out of harms way.

  32. I served with gunny Roberts when he was a lcpl. One of the nicest and funny guys you could meet great to see he is still up to his old tricks. Semper fi gunny rob miss ya

  33. Outstanding, freaking outstanding….. That shit motivates me… Semper Fi fellow Marines…. And to comment on “fortlee’s” post, YOUR AN IDIOT…

  34. what he did is funny im sick of all the college kids saying hes disrespectful ,no hes not.2 all the “marines” as you say you are, need to stop hating him becuse hes a P.O.G at that moment you guys dont know if hes had combat action or what his prior jobs where ,hes a Marine,if your a Marine respect him. Good job Gunny, i bet he had a major mindfuck!

  35. tomG- before i was an army soldier i wondered myself what was wrong with saluting as if i did it i would certainly mean NO disrespect. It is a tradition that dates back many centuries amoung soldiers and belongs to them to show respect. If you have never been military you may never understand. Also,I cant speak for marines or “94Marine’s response”but enlisted soldiers (to include N.C.O.’s) do salute each other. They do so everyday at the morning accountability formation when receiving the report.

  36. Gunnery Sergeant Roberts was my Senior Drill Intructor back in 2005, as soon as I saw that I knew it was him immediately and started having flashbacks. He hasnt changed a bit.

  37. He tried to salute…in a football uniform to an enlisted Marine; That is disrespectful and he got an ear full from the Gunny lol.

    Freaking motivating! nuff said ooohh Mother Freaking rah!

    As you were.

  38. Marines are at the top of the food chain is the way I’d like to put it. Awesome dedication and undying loyalty to one and other.. Military Man, please keep your ignorance, combined with your illiteracy, to yourself. No excuse for the appearance of your comment. Hardly readable and the comment he is a Marine so he deserve respect no matter what.. So in the history of the Marine Corp., not one single Marine has been dishonorably discharge?? This is what you are saying, “NO MATTER WHAT HE DESERVES RESPECT!!!”

    easdcpl and military man, right or wrong, no matter what you respect and stand behind a fellow Marine?? I am asking a question here not attacking anyone save military man’s laziness. If you came across a fellow Marine in the middle of the act of rape and the victim is a ten year old girl, no matter what he is respected and you stand guard because right or wrong you got his back????? Please tell me I’m just being ignorant here and there is a line that can be crossed in which any respect you’ve earned can as well be lost.

  39. @Fortlee- Yeah, ok I’d like to see you try that little man, you would have your soul ripped out and broken in half and then shoved straight back up your ass.

    @B—— Our temperament is just fine, you just haven’t realized how assed up and undisciplined you are, its not our fault that civilians like yourself wear your feelings on your sleeves.

  40. I think my SDI and DI’s would have had a shit fit to see a marine…. gunny or not, act like that in the civilian world. I think my SDI would have quarter decked him til dead.

    As a Marine I remember it being beaten in to my brain at Paris Island that I DO NOT act like that in public….. EVER.

  41. Excuse me? Marines do not deserve respect? Marines have been the spearhead for almost every conflict since the creation of this country. Marines have put up with more harsh conditions than many realize. The USMC is NOT just a branch of military, institution, or gun club. We are a brotherhood for life, except for those who lost that right. The only EX-Marines there are, are those with BCD/Dishonorable Discharges. Many of ‘us’ Marines are more intelligent than 3/4 of the population. So watch your comments Mr. B.

    You IGNORANT worm. We live by a code of Ethics. Who are you to question us with such flaming questions? I will KILL any man I see in the act of Rape. The thing that the military does the best is protect the innocent. Take your stereotypes of the FEW and stop applying them to the MANY.

    WE stand behind this Gunnery Sergeant because he KNEW that player was shushing him so that the player could illegally GLOAT. Not only is he a Marine, but he is also tied to one of the current institutions of learning on the field therefore has an ethical OBLIGATION to step in to prevent this idiot player from screwing himself.

    Next time you want to spout crap out of your mouth, you better learn some literacy and respect. While your at it, get your eye exam so you can see what really happened.

    One last thing.. You have NO IDEA what kind of sacrifices those brothers and sisters of mine make everyday. If you don’t respect that, you are not American.

  42. see kevin…… the thing I hate about our current military system is the elitist attitude that a majority of the military has. They all think they are better that the average person and don’t tell me its not true because I have experienced it first hand. In reality military people are no different than any person walking down the street they just have a different job. Honestly if you want respect be humble and show others respect then you will deserve some in return don’t just demand it because you have a “special” outfit that I can pick up at any surplus store.

  43. @ Jeffrey Phillips

    “I” just had to post”:” for a bunch of fucking “M”arine and army dudes, “you all” can’t spell worth a fucking shit. Go back to fucking school.

    I put your errors in quotations. You should also go back to school, dumb ass.

  44. What I still don’t understand is the premise that Goodwin was coming to shush the gunny. That makes no sense. So as part of his big TD celebration, the WR was going to go shush the color guard? Something’s amiss.

  45. You Go Gunnery Sgt. Roberts!! No one will or should ever try to treat a Marine like that!! That is almost like an act of WAR!! There is NOTHING more SEXY than a MARINE standing his ground in that SEXY uniform! Do your thang!

  46. Brian Ellspermann on

    This Marine needs to check himself. I was I the military also so I can say that. Does he really think Goodwin was “Shhhh” him? Players “Shhhh” crowds that are screaming…..not Military personnel that are standing there being quiet. He’s calling attention to himself but fortunately for Goodwin…..he is getting good press going into the next NFL combine.

  47. shooter and Charles are PC veterans from the liberal side. You are both idiots and an apologists. The gunny did the right thing morons. I’m a Cold War vet and a current infantry. Morons like you two represent the cowards in the country! You tell them GunnyM

  48. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Freedom of speech is just one of the rights we in the military fight and die for, so I guess that I can’t hate on what people here are saying. However, GySgt Roberts did what any motivated Marine should have done in this situation. Marines without the moral courage to stand up to a college student/athlete will disagree with the way he dealt with the situation. Honor, Courage and Commitment are the Marine Corps’ Corps Values. You can’t tell me that the GySgt was not following these when he stopped this guy from doing something disrespectful to a man in uniform. Military members that reference the fact that he is a POG and needs a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) in order to (IOT) to be a Marine are just ignorant. From those comments, it is obvious that you are not a senior enlisted member or an officer. I could probably bet that you are also a part of generation “Me”. You people need to do the rest of us a favor and simply get out of the Marine Corps. Don’t even attempt to re-enlist. We don’t want you, or need you. You Marines that spoke negatively at all about the GySgt are also part of the problem. The good news for you so called “Marines”that are degrading a senior enlisted member is that the Marine Corps is currently down sizing. Your timing is perfect. As for GySgt Roberts, brother I would have done the same thing. You still motivate me. Semper Fidelis

  49. S/Sgt Sifuentes on

    Way to go Gysgt Roberts! We improvise, we adapt, we overcome! Semper Fi….. Do or Die! OOORAH! Any negative comments here that have never been thru Marine boot camp, worn the uniform or spilled the blood, or endured the time it took to be a Marine, you have nothing to say.

    Carry on Gysgt, job well done!

  50. Not very professional! Not from the Marine Corp I know. Absolutely has no reason to get in the face of an American that he is sworn to serve and protect, especially on National TV. I am an old Marine and we were trained not to behave like an idiot. Gunny get your head out of your ass! Set a better example!

  51. Typical military arrogance. For those saying the jarhead earned respect – every one on this planet earned respect the day you were born. Free medical, dental, educational and generous housing allowances is the tax payers’ thank you. Now get back to work like the rest of us.

  52. Disrespect is stepping in front of a player and preventing him from celebrating his touchdown on his field. It is a free country right? Or does that only apply to the servicemembers who receive excessive benefits from the same taxpayers who are struggling to find jobs?

  53. Former Marine. I do not believe that you ever served or maybe you did but didnt complete your term. Excessive benefits huh? I guess. Anyone who EARNED those benefits knows they are not excessive. As far as the Gunny goes. He stepped in front of the player for whatever the reason. It may have been a good one or not. Not going to judge that since I really dont know the specifics. Him putting his hands on his hips like that is pretty standard for any DI/DS. Its part of the posturing that they are tought to use.

    B———- We dont demand respect because we wear ANYTHING that you can pick up at the local surpluss store. We EARNED respect by being willing to do things and put our selves in harms way un like 99% of the rest of the population. Maybe if more people including your self had the balls to EARN one of our uniforms you could understand why we think and feel the way we do. MAYBE our country wouldnt be so cought up in MEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!

  54. Once a Marine, Always a Marine on

    Former Marine…..You are so full of B. S. that your eyes are brown. If you had actually served you would KNOW that Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine. You actually sound more like one of those whiny a55 tea-publicans who think that the rest of the populace is here simply to serve you at your leisure. Oooh Rah Gunny, Semper Fi!

  55. As a former Marine SNCO I thought that the video was initially funny, but it also left me wondering why the Gunny was allowed to interact with a player on the field. I was not there so I obviously do not know what the motivation is there. The Gunny is a support element to the school and in my opinion has no business going off on a players like that. The player did not disrespect him as the Gunny stepped right into his path. Just because the Gunny is a former drill instructor or is in uniform does not give him the right to do what he did. I would have laughed if the player kept going and ran his ass over.

    By the way, a salute from any rank is always welcomed as it is a sign of respect. It is not mandatory to salute unless addressing an officer or warrant officer.

    And no, we don’t back each other blindly… if that were true there wouldn’t be a need for Marine Corps brigs would there?

    Semper Fidelis

  56. Justin Brown 2nd MarDiv on

    Combat vet marine here I think all of yall are pretty much idiots for all this. Gunny had an issue with something the player did so I trust his motives and he lined him out pretty good from the looks of it. Whether not he was justified is none of anyone’s concern. Get some gunny and eff politically correct and all you pog’s just shut you mouths

  57. @B—-

    We ARE better than the average human being. Hence why we are serving and you’re at home getting fat on your couch.

    As for everyone else, you are retarded. (Civilians)

    Unless you have ever actually served, shut up and put another doughnut in your mouth. No one really cares.

  58. Jesse. YOU ARE WRONG! As a civilian I salute the flag on nearly a daily basis. As a civilian I salute members of the Armed Services on nearly a daily basis. The salute is a form of respect and recognition. Maybe you are military. Maybe you are not. But you need to get yor facts straight before you spread the wrong information. For ll anyone knows here the player could very well have been approaching him to say “Thank you for your service”. Maybe he did it in the wrong way but I am sure the Gunny wouldnt have liked the player patting him on the back in his dress blues either. There is no way toput out anything saying it was due to rival schools or anything else. In watching the video I did not see the schools emblem pinned to this Marines uniform. Its amusin to watch but its a joke to see the reaction from everyone.

  59. Day. you are a pathetic excuse for a military member or for a human being. If it was not for the “retards” here “sitting on the couch eating doughnuts” you wouldnt have a paycheck. They are the people who pay the taxes to pay you, build the equipment you use to perform your duties and give you a reason to defend this nation. Maybe you need a reality check. You are not defending a piece of dirt sitting in the ocean. You are defending the people who live on that piece of dirt. Pathetic. Its a shame you dont post just a little more personal info. Im sure you CO would love to see your views. On a side note……. There are those of us who were unable to serve but still made an attempt to do so.

  60. @ “infantry50”, “liberal” I am not; nor a “coward”. I took nothing away from the Marine or his service. I simply pointed out the fact that he was being commended for acting unprofessional. No one can deny that at one point in time during our career that we all havn’t slipped before. However, knowingly conducting yourself that way at the sole focal point of the game or in public period is completely out of line. You would not get in one of your Soldiers ass in front of his family or at a parade. so why yell at a civilian in front of MILLIONS? I wouldnt expect you to agree since it seems you also like to blow your “fuse” and display your disrespectful attack towards me. Which I have served for 11 years and still laced my boots this morning. Who knows if your ever in the Ft Bragg area maybe we could engage in some NCOPD over some coffee, my treat.

  61. Would love o see a different camera angle on this play as well. The story said the stands behind the Gunny were filled with Longhorn fans. Considering the Gunny stepped 2 steps to his right to place him in front of the player could he have been stopping the player from celebrating. THAT would be very shameful on his part…….. Back to my pathetic, retarded, couch sitting exsistance as a civilian.

  62. -Proud Pog— sorry but just because you choose a profession that puts you in harms way does not mean you have earned the respect. At least not mine, I feel respect is earned through actions and a persons attitude. That means it is earned individually not just through your association with the military.

    -Day— And your comments are just proving my previous points…..^_^

  63. B my point being that EVERY soldier Marine Sailor or Airman EARNED the right to wear the uniform. That on its own deserves respect. 99% of our population is unwilling or in some cases unable to make a commitment of that magnitude particularly during a time of war or armed conflict. While some people do not make good service members they still made the commitment and are still subject to whatever hazards that their job or place of duty may expose them to.

    Nobody here knows what the whole story behind this little clip really is. However if the Gunny was stopping a player from celebrating during college event in which celebration is prohibited then maybe the Gubby was actually upholding a standard set by the league and MAYBE he stopped that player from doing something that would have gotten him or his team penalized. JUST A THOUGHT.

  64. Jarheads, Grow up it is just a game. Stand and watch or strap it on and play. Other wise just enjoy the fact you got to stand on the field and watch the game for free. My god this is not war, its football.

  65. Honestly articles of clothing don’t require any sort of right to be worn. Technically a person who works their 9-5 job everyday and buys a surplus uniform/ army jacket with the money the earned has just as much “right” to wear it as the next guy.

    And, again the military is their chosen profession good for them but there are other jobs that people are also unwilling to take on in this country. I am a metalsmith, this is a relatively small field because people are not willing to make a commitment to the arts. But artists provide a much needed service to this country as does the military as a learning tool and as a means to convey cultural ideals to the public

    I guess my main point against the gunny was that regardless of the situation he did not react appropriately. And if he really wants the respect he “deserves” then he should act like he should receive it .

    ……P.S. lol Gubby lol sorry it just sounded funny in my head ^_^

  66. I’, “Old School” R/A Army from the Nam Days and not a Marine,Although I’ve had a lot of Marine Buddies,,still do in fact, but this tickles me something fierce,,Rock On Marines.

  67. I give the Gunny the benefit of a doubt. He canbe responding to disrespect (I didn’t see it) or he is a serious Ole Miss fan (I could care less) I just see a Marine taking a stand and making himself heard. People get so bent out of shape,,, go tell it to the Gunny and he’ll tell you how much he cares. Get a life and quit talking about it!

  68. Goodwin was trying to shush the Ole Miss fans, not the POG Gunny with the 85 GT score, the Gunny should have stayed out of it. By the way, why would anyone join the Marine Corps to do a job they could do as a civilian?

  69. A few things to address as a Marine and Longhorn fan.

    First, did anyone actually read the story above? Gunny clearly stated in the interview that his reasoning for his reaction is because he thought Goodwin was “shhhhhshing” him…

    2nd… My personal opinion….does assuming someone is about to “shush” you…(keyword assuming) require that serious of a reaction?

    3rd…I’ve noticed quite a few individuals mention the Gunny was a NCO….I could be wrong but wouldn’t the correct term be SNCO?

    4th…Those mentioning the whole discipline factor…. aren’t we all human? I was “voluntold” to represent my unit and the Corp at the Rosebowl ( when Texas played USC) and I was whooping and hollering with the best of em! It’s a Football Game! BTW (best “voluntold” experience ever)

    5th….. As far as saluting…..I was taught only to salute officers….but what difference does it make….that wasn’t what the reaction was based off of.

    6th……Me personally…..whenever I see a civilian wearing the Marine Corp uniform……I cringe! and I typically say something…..without earning the title and going through the training…..others….wouldn’t understand why it bothers us.

    7th….Anyone insulting intelligence over opinion, needs their intelligence tested and rated….. Since when does my opinion change the fact that I graduated in the top 3% of my graduating class, scored a 97 on my ASVAB, or a 2310 on my SAT?

    I had alot more to say but I’ll finish with this….WHO CARES?!?!?!? I get all the opinions….but all the “arguing”?!?!?!?

  70. I’d have given my eye teeth to see this idiot player grab hold of that Marine’s uniform or try and touch that Marine in any fashion. Being on the injured list for the rest of the season would be the least of his issues.

  71. Texas fan and alumni here. People are overreacting to this on both sides. Just a fun interaction to which neither party meant any harm.

    Just as an FYI, Goodwin has never missed the Athletic Director’s honor roll at Texas and competed in the Olympics for Team USA as the ‘truth’ states above. He is most definitely not a punk. One of the most respectful kids on the team. Probably why he stopped in front of the Marine and then walked away.

  72. Damn, apparently nobody watches football here! Goodwin simply did a touchdown celebration that can be seen in just about every football game on any given saturday or sunday. The player shushes the home crowd (as a visiting player), then stops in the endzone and looks side to side. I see this exact celebration ALL the time. I can almost guarantee that Goodwin didn’t even see the Gunny until he jumped in front of him, and can say for sure that his celebration was not altered in any way by the Gunny as he did what he planned on doing.

    @Phil- you seem like a guy that just walks around all day wishing someone would do something to you. You also seem like a guy that’s all hat, no cattle.

  73. I think all 18-22 year old young men should be introduced

    to the GUNNY for at least 12 weeks. Considering the quality of

    this age group these days it COULDN’T HURT.

    Semper FI, Gunny!

  74. Some of you really need to take it down a notch. Talking about the player touching/attacking the Gunny after scoring a TD? Really? Why in the world would he do that?

    Aside from that, you want to watch a USMC Gunnery Sergeant and a Team USA Olympian fighting in the end zone on national TV? REALLY? How embarrassing.

    The player clearly wasn’t addressing the Gunny, who actually moved over in front of the player to do his thing.

  75. The “shh” motion was probably a smoking gun.

    On that run, Goodwin outran the Mississippi State D with his Olympic speed.

    He “earned” the right to celebrate.

  76. There is a lot of stupid in the comments. Did you know that Mr. Goodwin is one of the nicest guys on the team. Did you know that he also represented our nation in this years summer Olympics. He was not trying to celebrate like the article or the dumb ass Marine thought he was. But hey you Marines are smarter than your average Joe as you claim but that does not mean that most of you have any common sense. Get to know Mr. Goodwin before you judge him.

  77. Air Force Longhorn on

    Speaking as an Air Force veteran, I thought the actions of the SNCO were embarrassing and disrespectful of the uniform. If I were in uniform on/near an athletic field like the Gunny was, I would never make a spectacle of myself, no matter what the visiting team member did or did not do.

    In addition, Goodwin represented Team USA in this past London Olympics and had just visited the White House with Team USA earlier that week. From all accounts, Goodwin is a respectful citizen and did nothing on the field to deserve a bobble head Gunny screaming like a banshee at him.

  78. First let me say I’m shocked so many here actually got the math problem correct and were able to post.

    Secondly, there really isn’t anything else.


  79. Cpl of Marines (RE-1A incase some of you Marines try to bash me) on

    Im not going to entertain the Civilians on here…but as far as the Soldiers (Army) and Airmen (Air Force) who think they can come on here and talk about professionalism in uniform…lets stop putting our hands in our pockets (Army) and calling our NCOs and Officers by first name (Air Force) before we come on here and talk about what a Marine is doing. None of you have worn our uniform nor do you know our regulations. As far as the Marines on here bashing a SNCO…shame on you.

  80. Apparently the fact that soldiers put their hands in their pockets makes it okay for gunnery sergeants to approach and scream at civilians because they just burned their favorite college team’s D for 69 yards.

  81. Son of a Marine on

    The dress blues and what’s on the left breast is far more impressing and deserving of cheering than a long TD or being an Olympian.

    Well said 135. “Cpl of Marines”

  82. Cpl of Marines (RE-1A incase some of you Marines try to bash me) on

    Says somebody with the name “Butthair”.

    The point here “What”, #137 is that the GySgt of Marines exercised his 1st Amendment right to do what he did. If he had done something illegal I’m sure the State Trooper would have done his job or the GySgt would have been put out of the stadium. Second who is anyone on God’s green earth to judge a man for his actions. Wipe the crap off your rear end before you go trying to wipe someone else’s.

  83. Cpl of Marines (RE-1A incase some of you Marines try to bash me) on

    If any of you can find a Commanding Officer or Marine Corps attorney who would want to charge him for his inappropriate behavior (I’ve not seen where this is considered to be a violation of the UCMJ) then I will stop commenting.

  84. No, your “point” was absolutely meaningless and irrelevant to this situation. It doesn’t matter one bit what the army and air force do when we’re talking about a Marine approaching and screaming in a civilian’s face during a football game. The GySgt even says Goodwin was “looking straight ahead,” right? So since the GySgt had to move over to get in his face, this means Goodwin wasn’t even looking at him, right? Remember, this is going by the GySgt’s own words and actions.

    Also, no one that you’re replying to said anything about it being illegal, so you’re not going to get anywhere with that either.

  85. Any marine who deserves respect doesn’t need to say it on a stupid forum. Anyone who says “respect, we earn it. you give it” doesn’t deserve any respect. And should be ashamed of themselves.

  86. @Son of a Marine, for your info dumbass, there is nothing on his left breast except for administrative awards. This d-bag probably walked around all night collecting praise for what the 0300 community has been doing for the last 11 plus years. Good job Gunny, keep hiding out on your B-billets, we’ll keep fighting the war while everyone tells you thank you for your service.

  87. Knowing this young man personally for the past 8 years, I find no entertainment in this reaction from you as a GunnerySergeant in my USMC. As stated before, your professionalism is questioned here. Stand your ground Marine and keep your poise and tactfully be aware you are living in a glass box on that sidelines. I know what Marquise’s intentions were and you gave him no regard or respect. As stated previously, “respect is earned not given” think about the actions you took. I coached this young man when he was very young and being a Marine he understood without question what your uniform stands for. I have heard plenty about this from Marquise and his Dad. So why don’t you capitolize on your demeanor as a GYSGT in our Marine Corps and your profesionalism and not on your reaction of jealousy for a young man who just returned home from representing our country in the Olympics. Marquise has state, national and international records in track and field events. He represented us in the 2012 Olympics and this is the respect you chose to give him???

  88. Fact: more construction workers died on the job in 2010 then soldiers in the whole Iraq war. And yeah they aren’t considered heroes. When did volunteering to put yourself in harms way become heroic? people risk their lives everyday for fun… lmao







  92. Cpl of Marines… You’re an arrogant a-hole. I’m an EX-Marine. I don’t believe in that “once a Marine” crap since most Marines are arrogant losers whose only self-worth comes from wearing a uniform. It’s pathetic to read how many Marines disregard the value of others because they didn’t serve. You’re all just a bunch of programmed animals who can’t think for yourselves, otherwise you’d remember sevicemember is just another job contributing to society. And those “nasty civilians” are your family, friends and taxpayers who keep that uniform on your narcissistic backs.

  93. “Why are there so many people saying “Oohrah”? That’s for the grunts, the army. Marines don’t oorah.”

    are u dumb? its the other way around lmao

  94. American sports. Why the hell is there a decorated soldier apparently standing on the edge of the field? What was the player attempting? Why is it the soldier’s duty to stop him? How does a man get so angry because of nothing? So many questions.

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