Behind the Cover: Amos reclaims reputation of Marine Corps


Bad behavior, bad publicity and bad timing on it all has got the commandant on the road to get Marines to clean up their acts.

It’s called the “heritage brief” and it doesn’t sound like any speech you’ve ever heard from Gen. Amos; a deep dive into recent horrible news headlines and a frank discussion of the abhorrent behavior that led to them.

The brief is also a sort of remember-who-you-are session, something Amos called a “family discussion” rather than an “ass-chewing.”  So far, only staff NCOs and officers have seen this brief, but there will soon be a video online so all Marines can see it.  But you can read about it now in this week’s issue.

Also in this issue, meet Col. Wayne Steele. You simply will not believe this awesome Marine’s years of service and the number of ranks he’s held. You can’t even guess, so get it and read it.



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