Taylor Swift responds to Marines’ request


Taylor Swift reached out to Sgt. Wade Wilson's family after he was killed in combat earlier this month. The fallen Marine was a huge fan of the country star. (Associated Press)

Taylor Swift has answered the Marines’ call.

The country singer phoned fallen Sgt. Wade Wilson‘s family and said she wants to wear his dog tags in her next music video.

Wilson was killed in combat on May 11 in Afghanistan. His friends, former corporals Josh Marreel and Spencer Walker, reached out to Swift and her fans in Wilson’s honor, because he was huge fan. Marreel made a YouTube shout-out to the singer asking Swift to think of her fan, his friend.

Swift called Wilson’s mother to extend her sympathy and pray with her, Walker said. She also sent flowers to his family with the following message, according to Texas station KBTX:

Wade, thank you for loving my music. I won’t forget it and I will never forget you. All my love, Taylor Swift.


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  1. Brian Thompson on

    Miss Swift must be a good young woman! Thank you young lady for thinking of this young Marine!

    Semper Fi

    Sgt. RB Thompson


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