WWE star Randy Orton gets booted from Marine movie


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Last month, WWE star Randy Orton was at the top of the ropes. Not only was he one of WWE’s most popular wrestlers, but he was announced to star in “The Marine 3: Homefront,” the latest sequel in the action-movie series.

But then Orton’s sordid past with the Marine Corps turned up and locked his career in a sleeper hold.

While Orton’s stint in the Marine Corps could have been a plus,  his service record is far from stellar. In 1999, the wrestler was labeled a deserter, court-martialed and given a bad conduct discharge, according to  Manpower and Reserve Affairs. While records show his case was appealed, Orton’s charges stuck and his service contract expired in 2002. He was only a private.

The whole controversy seems to have torpedoed his movie career, or at least his role in the “Marine” series, which originally starred wrestling veteran John Cena.

After word spread about Orton, WWE swiftly pulled him from the film, according to this report from TMZ.

The entertainment website also claims to have interviewed one of Orton’s fellow former Marines, Cpl. Mike Vinn, who was understandably upset over Orton’s service record.

“I am disgusted that his face and the word Marine are being used next to each other — real or fake — because of the fact that he quit us, the country, and the Marine Corps,” he reportedly told TMZ. “[Orton] in the role of a Marine is a disgrace to those that have worn and are wearing that uniform.”

In the film, Orton, a.k.a. The One Man Dynasty, was slated to play “a Marine forced to put his skills to the test when a radical militia group kidnaps his rebellious daughter,” according to a report from Variety.

Sounds like heroic stuff.

But when Orton was a young buck with 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., he ditched the Corps for nearly three months and was deemed a deserter, according to Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

In addition to being found guilty of unauthorized absence, he was found guilty of willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer.

My question to you is this: If Orton is out of “Marine 3,” who would you recommend take his place? My vote is for Brian Stann. I haven’t seen him act, but do you need acting chops for a direct-to-video WWE-produced film?


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  1. How about Katie Perry. Seems this new breed of Marine Corps loves her so much. Or lets get a homosexual in there now that they are allowed to express there love for eachother legs wrapped and all in Aircraft Hangars(Doogie Howser) would be a good one. Orton still earned the title so he is more qualified than anyone, just cause he got discharged doesn’t make him a Marine, he knew the Corps is full of shit these days and knew better to bail so he could go on to make millions!!! Don’t worry Randy the WWE fans will always have your back not like Uncle Sams Misguided Children……

  2. I have to agree with Joe. Randy is still a Marine…. U earn the title out of boot camp… Shittt if i had the chance of making millions of dollars and being the face of WWE… Trust me… Of would of left too… The marine corps isn’t for every one… and every marine knows that… Recruiters are contract liars so they sold him a dream… It wasn’t what they said it was… amd he got the hell out… I no there are a ton of marines that wanna get out… But they can’t cause of that bull shit that it’ll ruin there careers… Randy is the perfect example that with a dishonorable discharge… U can still making a great living… So screw that stupid ass movie if they didn’t wanna put randy in… That marine series has nothing to do with the marine corps any Damn way.

  3. Interesting story, I am a big RKO fan, not anymore though…he just got beat by KANE at Wrestlemania. I have to agree with Eddie, Randy is a Marine, he made it, he earned the title. Bad Marines are still Marines. But he is probably a bad choice to be the face of the Marines in a movie. The truth is, these movies suck, have nothing to do with the real Marine Corps, and have some of the worst acting ever…but they are great recruiting tools. I say they go find a Stud Lance Corporal who just got back from a deployment and give him the chance of a lifetime! Hell, have a huge audition and pick and active duty guy to play the roll…If Navy SEALs can act in their own movie, you’re damn straight a Marine can do it better.

  4. Right on Eddie and Vince “Once a Marine Always A Marine” the only way you get yourself stripped of that title is if you trun into a Lee Harvey Oswald or Jon Lee Malvo(BELTWAY SNIPER) for example or the other pukes that commited hideous acts. The “VIPER” did what he had to do and if we all had a choice of being a mega superstar making millions or a pee-on non rate PFC/LCPL police calling the parking lot for trash and cigarette butts we would jump shp too.


  6. While I agree with the decision to pull him from the roll, his military record has been known publicly since he took a seat at the table as an A list wrestler. This is nothing new.

    Also, for Joe, the Beltway Sniper (and ex-Marine) was John Allen Mohamid. (I know, it’s spelled wrong) The kid that was with him was Lee Boyd Malvo.

  7. Barry, I need to correct your comments. John Allen Muhammad was not a Marine, he was a soldier in the National Guard at first, then augmented to the active duty component. Second, there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine”. Once a Marine, always a Marine. We can be referred to as “former Marines”.

  8. Thanks for the correction Barry I get those two pieces of shit confused!!!!!!! And there names. Thank God they executed that sack of shit Mohamid!!!!!!

  9. There are lots of qualified Marine’s within the film industry that could play the part. They should use one of them.

  10. I would use either Bobby Lashley since he was in some kind of service (not sure if it was marines)

    Brock Lesnar (come on, who would fuck with him?)

    or Batista (Him too)

  11. Who the hell are all you pussy if you get the Big Chicken Dinner I do not want to see you playing a Marine in a movie. If you get a BCD you lose the right to clame the title of Marine. I spent 9 years in the Corp so dont tell me he can still clame the title of a Marine. So all you liberals can “Can Kiss My Ass” You proably voted for Obama to.

  12. Wow Mike you sure are a tough guy. Im on my 19th year in the Corps and I voted for Obama, Guess I’m a pussy huh. Oh by the way 13 of those years were spent as a 0311, 0331,0341. Your a funny little kid that gave me a good laugh!!!!!

  13. Oh ya Mike you illiterate fool, you should pick up a dictionary to help you on those big words like( Corps, claim, probably), no wonder I spend hours a day fixing fucked up NCO’s fit-reps and pros and cons you idiots right up, you can’t even fucking spell, good thing your outta the Corps, how in the hell did you pass the A.S.V.A.B?

  14. funny Randy….u corrected mike on his comment and even called him an idiot…then u go and say “right up” when u meant to say “write up” haha maybe u should proof read, just a suggestion…

  15. Joe, Eric, you guys are a prime example of whiny little fucks that plague our Marine Corps every day. I can’t wait until they start cutting useless turds like you out of the USMC, so that you can go back to your mom’s backyard and practice your “awesome wrestling moves”, hoping that one day, you too, could be a superstar.

    Both of you shame yourselves with your attitude towards the same Marine Corps that provides you a living, because God knows that with the speaking skills you have, you will land NOWHERE once you get out. And that day can’t come any time soon.

    I was a Private, PFC, Lance Corporal just like you are/were, and I went through those times in a much harsher Marine Corps than you clowns could endure. Suck it the fuck up and do your four years and get the fuck out, but don’t spit on the Marine Corps because you’re too “proud” to do a little police calling every now and then.

  16. As a former solider (2000-2001, medical discharge), I’m pretty much disgusted by Cpl. Vinn’s actions. It’s a FRAKKING STRAIGHT-TO-DVD MOVIE, and with the crybaby logic a lot of you are using that means there should be no more military based films because no one served, and you know that, that’s fine with me because you all don’t deserve it

  17. That is ridiculous, Randy Orton’s past with the Corps is well known, there is no way WWE did not know about this. Its been on his Wikipedia page for years. Now personally, as a former Marine, I could care less about his past, its a movie, and hes the only reason I cared to see the Marine 3.

  18. Hey Maurice, your parents must have hated you when they gave you that name huh fruitcake. Well my mouth has landed me a job with the U.S. Government protecting your borders duschbag,you freakin POG bet you were the C.O.’s bitch huh. Ya you had it hard huh driving him around and shinning his boots you boooooot!!!!!!! And police calling his house, you shut up clown…..

  19. Thanks Money don’t I feel stupid guess that’s why Im a 1st Sgt (terminal). Still there’s nothing wrong with being a liberal, Obama lover, and a Marine. It all pay’s the same!!!!

  20. Someone hit Maurices nerve, relax man, or are you one of those Marines that cant let go and the Corps is all you know? And you wont get out till they kick you out cause your to scared and stupid and don’t have any job skills to hack it in the civilian world and your a tough warrior!!!!!(Please Give Me a Break). Anyone of us would jump ship if we had Orton’s opportunity (“ANYONE”) and don’t say I would ever do that to my beloved Corps cause truth is you would me included…

  21. He should have gone to prison for deserting. He swore an oath. It doesnt matter what a recruiter may or may not have said, he signed the dotted line. To give up defending your country to persue personal fame and fortune is disgusting and unfortunately seems to be pretty popular with youngsters these days. (at least people who watch this soap-opera trash) My advice to the majority on here: Get your priorities straight, get involved, make a difference. If you want to join the USA’s armed forces for God’s sake do your homework. Your life will be one of service like mine, and I’m here to tell you it feels damn good. Service before self.

  22. Education goes a long way! Some of you should try it out…you might even be able to learn something. The majority of the responses received clearly prove that some Marines are illiterate.

  23. Eric, I would expect a non-binding answer from a moron like yourself. Your response doesn’t even deserve a second mention.

    Dave, my post had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I would or wouldn’t do. However, you better believe that I would at least finish my contract like a grown adult would, instead of pissing it down the toilet thinking of none of the consequences of being a “deserter”, like an adolescent would.

    It’s sad that I would actually reference a US Army soldier for a case-in-fact, who turned down millions in the NFL to instead serve in the Armed Forces. But today’s Marine Corps is getting softer by the minute, because of fairies like Joe, Eric, and perhaps yourself.

    P.S. I don’t see how a medically retired “former solider” who was in for one year has any say-so in any military conversation. This means you, Anna T.

  24. Spoken like a true idiot Maurice thanks!!!! Man you sure are a tough guy you being Homosexual and all!!!! No wonder you have a complex.

  25. I have a question – I understand that everyone is happy he got dropped from the movie – but why is it okay that he is still being put in front of young kids as a super star? Pulling him from the movie doesn’t take away the star factor he has gained. Sorry, maybe I’m wrong, but he should not be allowed to be a role model to young people.

  26. Three magical months at recruit training don’t make you any better than when you came into the Corps. If you were a POS before you’ll be one after.

  27. RKO Fan?Marine Mom on

    Civilians incl me have no idea. About 20& misguided children don’t make it through boot camp. Uncle Sam’s Most Cherished become a Pvt or Pfc if they get through the Crucible. At that point they have earned the title Marine. RKO walked away & covered his tat. He isn’t a vet. He didn’t fulfill his oath or term. Marines r by no means pussies, lmfao! They break u down to build u up. U cud b a POW one day . They, jerk u around & piss u off. Pain brings discipline. Pendleton is partly a boot camp. If he PASSED he was a Marine. Only the USMC can say if he still is but I do know they vow to fulfill their duties. The Viper deserted on bad terms. It was done with indifference. Maybe even hate. We aren’t. Judges or even juries, just have opinions. It’s useless & unnecessary here to hate each other. If u can’t spell, blame your teachers. You can write anything u want. Who do you thank for that? Be careful with your freedom.

  28. RKO Fan/Marine Mom on

    Btw my son the Marine has not one but 3 jobs skills and college credits he can use as a civilian. It was 20% who don’t make it. Other typos. If you’re not in the military or a vet, do some homework before you rant

  29. Some of you are the biggest bunch of trailer park losers I have ever seen in my entire life, and watching pro wrestling is a dead giveaway from the start. That total loser Orton deserted his country and is a disgusting disgrace to his country. Does anyone know the name Pat Tillman???? He gave up millions playing pro football to enlist and serve his country after 9/11. You bunch of wrestling homos are a joke and by the way Pat Tillman died to serve his country by leaving milions behind. Losers!

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