Video: Gen. John Allen motivates soldiers after deadly attack fueled by Koran burning


On Friday, Marine Gen. John Allen, the commander of all coalition forces in Afghanistan, visited a forward operating base in eastern Nangarhar province, where the day prior a man protesting the Koran-burning scandal shot and killed two U.S. soldiers. It’s a passionate address and a unique look at this Allen’s leadership style.

You can watch the video below. To learn more about Gen. John Allen, check out Marine Corps Times’ profile.


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  1. Sorry General, there is no “Noble Cause.” The mission has lasted too long. We are not welcome there anymore. That is an awful, godforsaken place. The people are ignorant haters. They treat their women like cattle. No education, no tolerance, no culture. Tribal warfare and hundreds of years of inbreeding have left a population of physically deformed and mentally unstable people. The sad truth is this…we just don’t know how to get out. We thought we were smarter than the British and the Russians. They had to learn the hard way that the “Stan” is a hellish wasteland.

  2. Well put Ted, sadly I must agree with you. So “American” of us to want to help others. That was the cause, wasn’t it? (Been too long… too many American lives lost or badly wounded, one tends to forget)

    Time to forgo politically correct protocol and get out of that “hellish wasteland”, as you so aptly named it. No more American blood shed for an unworthy, unwelcomed cause.


  3. RIP SGT Born. Cobra/Comanche will miss you greatly. You made a tremendous difference in our lives. Although I know you watching from afar, your presence will always be felt among us. See u on the high ground. God Bless.

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