‘Your quarterback is your platoon commander’



The Marine Corps hosted the inaugural Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl on Jan. 3 in Phoenix.

The competition pitted the East against the West in a game featuring 100 of the best high school football athletes from across the country.

On Jan. 4, official B-roll surfaced from the East’s locker room, revealing the pep talk given to players by Maj. Gen. Ronald Bailey, commander of 1st Marine Division, and Sgt. Maj. Mike Barrett, the Corps’ top enlisted Marine.

While the West would go on to beat the East, 17-14, Barrett had some strong words to pump the players up.

At about the 3 ½-minute mark, Barrett tells the team:

Your quarterback is your platoon commander. Do everything as a team. Everything you have …all your means…all your talents…all your fiber…leave it out on the battlefield today. Everything you have, leave it on the field today. You should walk back into this room at the end of the game with nothing left. If you can come in here and jack around and do nonsense, you did not give it all!”

In the West locker room, Brig. Gen. Joseph Osterman, commander of Marine Recruiting Command, and Sgt. Maj. Michael Logan, also of Recruiting Command, led the pep talk. Footage of their speech was not immediately available.


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