Grooming standards: Get lost or good to go?


A little off the sides, please. (Marine Corps photo)

Close-crop haircuts — like those in the photo at right — have been the norm in the Corps for a long, long time. But should they be still?

Marine Corps Times wants to know what you think about this and other grooming standards. Are they too tough — or not tough enough? Should the regulations be relaxed some while Marines are in the war zone?

Are there any appearance guidelines the next commandant should address once he takes command later this year?


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  1. I have never bought into the Army/Marine rivalry. We are more the same than different. The last thing I would expect from the USMC would be image standards.

  2. Hair isn’t winning the war.. focus more on the fight then my damn hair cut. Nd its unsanitary to be shaving with dirty razors to look good in a damn firefight

  3. Forget what my hair looks like. Is it keeping me from doing my job? Dont think so. You’d be surprised at how many young Marines get out after their first enlistment because of all the standards we have.

  4. Tim McCallister on

    Grooming standards in the field? Heck, just doing what you can to clean-up in the field is hard enough without worrying about the spit and polish main-side mickey mouse crap. That said, back in the mid-70s, I was the only Marine I knew who took baby wipes to the field. I guess that’s pretty common now, huh?

  5. War Feather 2005 on

    Marines are held to a higher standard than the rest of the other branches. One has got to remember that a marine, or should I say a lot of marines were made for the field. Now, I’m not saying that grooming standards should be thrown out the window. I’m simply saying they should be left alone. I have been on multiple combat deployments, I get a hair cut when I can and shave everyday. I’m not one of those P.O.G. —– that chills the whole deployment in al asad or kabul. I am a 03 and I am at a F.O.B. I just have been lucky to have a chain of command that wants to get the job done, not worrying about the stupid stuff. Hey gents I know your a hard charger that thinks he’s above the law, but you still need to shave. I hate these whole hair cut rule though while in country, you get these full birds and sergeant majors walking and asking why marines hair is so fucked up. Hello we’re professional killers, not barbers. Well, that’s what I think.

  6. grunts deploying to cold climate areas should be able to grow beards while in ”country”, in order to help the grunts acclamatize better to the area.


    when your in the back of a six-bi we don;t need our tress blowing in the wind..get real high an tight it;s neat and clean and part of the uniform..we don;t need hair to impress any one..your title U S MARINE does that!!!

  8. When I was in Iraq with the MEU the unit developed all sorts of crazy hair styles out there. Noone said anything.

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