Marine mail call in Marjah

Thomas Brown//Staff

Thomas Brown//Staff

CAMP HANSON, Afghanistan — We’re waiting for a ride to one of the infantry companies that falls under 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines. In the meantime, photographer Tom Brown and I watched a heartwarming part of Marine life today: Mail call.

I’ll be honest: From my tent, all I could hear at first was “Meatloaf!” “Meatloaf!” “Meatloaf!” I assumed they were distributing Meals Ready to Eat.

Turns out, the Marines in the back of a 7-ton truck were actually yelling “Kilo!” “Kilo!” “Kilo!” as boxes headed for Kilo Company were pulled off the truck.

As the process started to wind down, I chatted up Lance Cpl. Joseph Attaway, an administrative clerk with Headquarters and Support Company, 3/6. Originally from Statesboro, Ga., he serves as 3/6’s mail clerk, and was praised by several other Marines when I asked who was in charge.

Attaway said the truck typically comes about once a week from Camp Leatherneck as part of a convoy with other armored vehicles. The time and day of the week varies, but the Marines “always hop right on it” when the mail truck arrives.

“People always show up for this, if nothing else,” Attaway said.


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  1. I love to see those smiles! This photo makes me happier to head to the post office. I have a package sitting next to me to ship…NOW.

  2. Fauna Harmon on

    Now I wish I had put better markings on my package to my husband in Kilo so I could pick it out of the crowd 🙂 I’m off to send more today as well.

  3. Deborah Hunt on

    I definitely agree, more pics please, and so happy to see those pkgs arriving. Sending another out soon. Love you Son, Miss you like crazy, stay safe Kilo and God Bless

  4. Ahhhhh … I would have loved to know the driver of that 7 ton…. Mail call is so important to those guys. Now to get it from Hansen out to the guys!

  5. Great work Dan. Glad you’re showing the little things that we civilians take for granted – makes people appreciate the Marines’ sacrifices even more.

  6. Chris Bradley on

    A visitor from Yankee land – but so happy to find out about your blog. Have a son in 3/6 Kilo and soooo happy to have any info. Thanks and God bless. Stay safe!

  7. I have just caught up with you. I have a son in 3/6 Kilo too. I have not heard from him for weeks. Miss him like crazy too. More picts and video. Is Yazzie named for L Crpl Yazzie?

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