A view of Helmand province, Afghanistan, by air

Farm compounds dot Helmand province, Afghanistan, as this photo taken from the back of a CH-53E helicopter today shows. //Dan Lamothe/Staff

Farm compounds dot Helmand province, Afghanistan, as this photo taken today from the back of a CH-53E helicopter shows. //Dan Lamothe/Staff

CAMP HANSON, Afghanistan — Marine Corps Times has reached its destination.

Photographer Tom Brown and I caught a few of the last seats available this afternoon on a CH-53E helicopter from Camp Dwyer to Camp Hanson, home of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines — the Teufelhunden, as they call themselves. The base in northern Marjah, and the unit is spread throughout the region.

So far, we’ve met with Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, the battalion commander, and Maj. Billy Ray Moore, the executive officer. I also chatted up several Marines about guns, ammo and not taking showers — all thing relevant to a combat environment. Some of 3/6’s Marines showered just four times from January until last month, when the unit received wooden shower stalls.

As always, there will be more to come. We hope to get off Hanson soon and spend a significant amount of time with a company to be determined.


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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. Welcome to the 3/6! Our guys will take good care of you. And don’t forget, pictures and names!!!! OOH RAH!

  2. I hope kilo company is the unit to be determined:)If so give a shout out to lcpl koehnen his wife and kids miss him like crazy:)

  3. Momof2Marines on

    I’m hopin for LIMA!!! We barely hear about our Marines from Lima by name. Kilo and India have had much better coverage overall. Not that I’m being selfish or anything….. 😉

  4. It’s only fair that someone put in a word for India!! I’m hoping for India. Whatever it is, they’ll treat you right! Safe travels to you.

  5. And I’ll put the word in for Weapons!!
    But whoever you are with, please tell them that we Love them ALL, and MISS them!!! Ooh-Rah!! Godspeed Daniel!

  6. Oh…H&S gets nooooooo press! Talk to those guys at Hanson..and if you see my son (um, he’s tall with a short haircut and has a tattoo on his elbow with the Truck detachment) – tell him his mom really misses him and that his wife and new baby are looking forward to homecoming! (he hasn’t met his daughter yet!)

  7. Embedded with THE Greatest Fighting Force on Earth- You are in for quite a ride, brother! Be safe, and God Bless you for what you are doing!! My vote is for LIMA…
    ~Proud Marine Mom of LCPL Raney~

  8. Cathy Furlong on

    I’m thrilled to hear you are going to be with 3/6! My vote is for India Company. As I’ve said before on your Red Sox blog, if you see my son Tommy Furlong (Weapons platoon) tell him I love him and I am so proud of him. Go Red Sox! God Bless you and all the troops. Stay safe Dan.

  9. I send all of my votes to India Company. Love the 3/6. So very proud of all of you guys and so blessed to have you as my son. God Bless you and all of the Troops. Semper FI and stay safe.

  10. Forests Mom on

    I am throwing in my vote for Lima. Haven’t seen a picture of my son in Lima since Christmas. This proud marine mom would so love to see that awesome guy and all of his equally awesome unit! God loves you all and be safe.

  11. India Co. Awesome group of guys! 2nd platoon is amazing and you are in for a ride no matter what group of guys your with from 3/6. Have fun and stay safe. Lcp. Oxley, Lxp. Walters <3

  12. I’ll keep my toes crossed that it’s Weapons Co. We have seen NO info on them. Who ever you pick, BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Theres a guy from Rochester NY his name is Michael . he’s with Lima Co .. if your fortunateenough to join up with Lima .. tell him his Dad and family miss him . God Bless all of the 3/6. we are semper fidelis to them ..

  14. Thanks for the coverage. Also looking for more Lima Co. coverage. It’s been about six weeks since we heard from our Marine. Look for Alex from PG. Dad misses him alot!!

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