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A group of combat cameras produced a skit showing how the Corps is adapting to the government shutdown and budget cuts through several key changes: replacing rifles with Nerf guns, feeding Marines cold food instead of hot and forcing married couples to live in the barracks alongside single Marines. [HTML1] It’s titled “Adapt and Overcome” and features a mustached first sergeant telling his Marines how the cutbacks were going to affect the service. The combat cameras have to swap their Nikon cameras for disposable Fujis, he tells them. And their laptops are replaced with Etch A Sketches. “Don’t be a ninny…

Members of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 464 are slated to return to Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., on Monday after a seven month deployment to Afghsnitan. While downrange,  “The Condors” provided assault support for 16 Marine and 5 coalition units moving a total of 35,000 passengers and 6.5 million pounds of cargo, according to Lt. Col. Alison J. Thompson, the unit’s commanding officer. Check out this video produced by combat cameramen to hear Thompson speak about the unit’s experience downrange. [HTML1]