Priceless Craigslist apartment posting for Camp Lejeune barracks is a must read



An ad for a room in the Marine Corps barracks at Camp Lejeune, N.C., touts laundry in building, “motivation specialists” and early wake-up calls. (Craigslist screen grab)

Marines who are preparing for a permanent change of station to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, might be trolling Craigslist for housing.

Well, this listing might have everything you’re looking for — or perhaps everything you’re hoping to escape.

On July 20, a Craigslist user posted a one-bedroom rental that would be available in two weeks. The “lovely” 225 square foot space is located in a “gated community with 24-hour private security,” the advertisement states. Rent is $1,000 per month, and can be conveniently paid “on the 1st or split between the 1st and 15th with automatic withdrawal.”

There are not only free laundry facilities and gym memberships, but also running trails with “motivation specialists” to “encourage” runners.

There’s a courtesy wake-up service “at or around 0530” and lawn care is provided biweekly. And while there is no kitchen in the living space, an additional $250 per month will provide the new renter with a “reasonable amount of food” at nearby facilities.

Despite the amenities, the housing does come with a number of restrictions, the poster warns.

“No resident may affix anything to the walls with the use of nails, screws, tape, or (apparently) railroad spikes,” the ad states. Although it’s not immediately clear how it was determined that railroad spikes should not be used to affix items to the walls.

Alcohol is also limited to one six-pack. There can be no overnight visitors and arguing with the “security service or wake up service” is not advised.

You can check out the complete ad here.


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  1. Is this a 6 or 12 month lease. Can I bring my dog and kids? I am very interested please let me know ASAP. Thank you

  2. momof2marines on

    They forgot “lovely metal furnishings and heat that never shuts off”. Seriously, my kid had to have a window open in January.

  3. Gerry McAvoy on

    Also comes with a clothing allowance, popular recreational

    facilities, periodic turnover of neighbors, no residents over the age of 65, and regular inspection by management.

  4. Ellis Patane on



  5. to funny marine however dont think u get 1000 for that pos especially if at french creek lol usmc 85 91 sgt

  6. About time, finally I could move back into the barracks relive my Lcpl/CPL days but only better as a Civilian with a beard.

    Also, no mention of WIFI, do I have to split this with my neighbors?

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  8. For those that do not like the NC countryside, there are similar units available on a time share basis in places like Adak, AK (for those seeking outdoor adventure) and Mesa AZ for a nice place in the sun.

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  10. Went to Motor Transport School there in 1966 . Would have given anything to have heat in the building we stayed in. Had to fill 5 gal container with fuel to run the heater at night. Somebody had to keep it filled or we went without heat….oh those were the days.

  11. This is nuts….No Marine I know..would even consider living in such arcaich.conditions…A grass hut in Vietnam…would be much better…The Marine Corps can do better than this for their Marines….This state of conditions…is pathetic.

  12. Just gimmie a X rated GP tent, cot in the sand, one light bulb, 36 Marines in the same tent with their cots. Leaks during rainy season (monsoon) air condition by opening the ends and rolling u the sides. 5 gallon cans one runs with water, One metal small pan and sponge to take a bath with, Rusty metal mirror, YEAH, WHEN THEY CAN FURNISH THAT AGAIN, it is something to SHIP OVER FOR. Oh I forgot, fleas, must have fleas

  13. I’m a former Marine Corps Captain and spent 2.5 of my 8 years at Camp Lejeune (Tarawa Terrace housing). The enlisted Marines in the Corps are among the smartest and most creative of any service. I loved this satiric ad. A sense of humor makes the tough conditions imposed by Marines Corps missions bearable.

  14. Brian H Harrington on

    It is a,scam period 250qft it is a box my bed room whom I rent a room is alot bigger am in los angeles I pay 825 50 of it for the internet

  15. Man how times have changed! I remember those buildings well from French Creek…they were just going up in 86-87. In the old long Hall barracks…I hung stuff from the ceiling (models of Corps air craft) during a CG inspection I was told, as long as there was no dust,I was good! Lol And alcohol…heh, I got NJP, then a Art13, for having in barracks….how times have changed! She did leave out the wonderful “aroma”of the area! A smell all it’s own!

  16. Jeff Zborowski on

    LMAO! But I dont know whats funnier, reading that post which brought back memories, or reading the comments and some sound like they think this is serious lol.

    Not sure where the $1000 came from, is that the going rate for BAH in J-Ville these days? And don’t forget comes with roommates, big black bugs we call cockroaches, or black mold in the head OOH-RAH!

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