Four key graphics show the future face of Marine Corps operations


The Marine Corps released a new graphic at the recent Sea Air Space expo that highlighted the way it will respond to future crises around the world.

I picked up a copy of this poster at the Sea-Air-Space exposition last week, where several generals discussed how Expeditionary Force 21 will work. The graphic diagrams a Marine expeditionary brigade that is forward deployed and can be scaled to whatever size needed to respond to various crises.

(Marine Corps)

(Marine Corps)

The first slide shows a crisis breaking out on land, but not too far from the shore. Expeditionary Force 21 points out that most of the world’s population lives near coasts, making it likely that Marines will respond to contingencies in these heavily populated areas.

(Marine Corps)

(Marine Corps)

In the second slide, we see that first responses will likely be handled with a company of about 200 Marines. Read more about how small teams of Marines will responding smarter with new technology here.

(Marine Corps)

(Marine Corps)

The third slide shows how different units in the region can aggregate within 14 days in order to “seize the initiative,” which could be anything from an embassy to an entire beachhead or series of forward operating bases.

(Marine Corps)

(Marine Corps)

Finally, we see how planners envision how Marines in the region can continue growing units up to a heavy MEB level that can conduct a forcible entry within 25 days.

(Marine Corps)

(Marine Corps)

You can read more about how this plan will likely change pre-deployment training for Marines here. And for all the details on Expeditionary Force 21, check out last week’s cover story here:

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  1. GREAT !! now all we have to hope for is that all the next contingencies occur on a peninsula with at minimum of three water fronts, and those are friendlies that allow us to ‘cruise” on through to those beaches…..well played, well thought out, I love this cartoon stuff….

    I love this kind of cartoon battle plan stuff with all the variables controllables

  2. Awesome plan! I have so many one liners about plans… How it’s just a list of things that won’t happen, or always the first casualty, or it never survives the first contact intact… Officers, man. Always trying to put a fresh face on the same old clusterfuck.

  3. These diagrams show what I have said for years is missing from our ‘reach’. Airborne MEU/(A)SOC. The other prong of the attack in only a way that we can reach out and touch. I have tried to address this isxue with HQMC on a few occasions.

  4. Gotta still look intimidating to other countries and keep moral with lower budget I guess. Can’t exactly say hey we have no money, so we can’t prepare for deployments properly, we can’t support long occupations and we can’t afford large contingencies of personnel.

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  6. Peter Devereau on

    The graphics don’t really show much that’s new except the sea basing concept which rather makes ops a bit more complicated. Save money by landing a MEU to seize an airfield or build one, fly in fly away battalion to hold it and bring in MPF’s. Why fix what ain’t broke??? Spend the sea basing monies on more gators which are the ultimate sea base.

  7. The future of the Marine Corp and our nation is in the faces of these young men and women who take up our cause for freedom. They have heart.

    Thank you from
    Proud father and greatful citizen.

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