Twitter users to Marine Corps: Hiding Marine Corps Times is a bad idea


Twitter exploded shortly after news broke on Sunday that the Marine Corps was trying to make it harder for Marines to get their copies of Marine Corps Times.

So far, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has not weighed in on this issue.

“I think we’ll let the Marine Corps speak about their decision,” Army Col. Steve Warren, a Defense Department spokesman, told reporters at a press event on Monday.

But fellow journalists, Marines and retirees have not been shy about making their voices heard by taking to social media to question the Marine Corps’ move. Here is a collection of some of their tweets:












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  1. Just another failure to add to Jim Amos pitiful tour as the commandant. Cover up’s, lies, deceit, etc..etc.. where does it end. What a freaking tool he is. Worst Commandant ever if that’s what you want to call him, can’t wait to you get bounced out on your ass and a real man, a real Marine takes the helm. What a joke, total disgrace to the Corps…….

  2. Taking Brian’s comment about Commandant Jim Amos, plus the stated goal of making a more “professional” Marine Corps makes me wonder if someone want the Marines to be more compliant. An independent news and opinion source could be considered hostile to someone’s political ambitions.

    Remember your oath.

  3. Gregory Ortega on

    When we have a Commandant like General Amos who, unlike any Commandant we’ve ever had in our Corps, pull a stupid

    political stunt like pulling our Marine Corps Times to the back of our Exchanges, he needs to go. I’m ashamed to even mention his name.

  4. What a loser. This clown (AMOS) has humiliated himself and the Corps, just another one of Obama’s puppets. He’s not even a Marine anymore just another Congressional tool working for the liars and thieves of the Government. Look at all the Marines he has “Sandbagged” and careers he ruined and how he’s brought the corps to an all time low. What a pathetic excuse for a Marine and are so called Commandant can’t wait until your 86ixed what an embarrassment.

  5. Well, it certainly looks as though whatever ailment has infected POTUS has also infected CMC. Except, there is no excuse for the CMC’s conduct because unlike POTUS, he has training and experience in leadership; presumably, CMC – unlike POTUS – started with and still has some measure of integrity. Just saying….

  6. Blaming Amos’s failures on the President is like blaming the Governor of your states when your landlord fails to mow the lawn.

    In other words, it points out that you have the mind and temperament of a 2 year old, and your internet posting and discussion privileges need to be revoked ASAP.

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