Rapper 50 Cent blasted for wearing Marine uniform


Rapper 50 Cent has taken criticism before for wearing Marine Corps uniforms even though he never served — but he probably didn’t expected to hear from Cpl. Matthew B. Schafer.

Someone using that name posted on 50 Cent’s Facebook page on Monday, ripping the rapper for wearing dress blues in the screen grab posted above. Said Schafer:

My Name Is Cpl Schafer Matthew B United States Marine Corps And The Reason I Am Writing This Is To Ask You What The F— You Think Your Doing Disgracing My Uniform We All Damn Well Know You NEVER Served In My Corps What Makes You Think You Have The Right To Put Medals On Your Chest That You Didnt Earn I Wanna Know Who The F— You Think You Are And Who Gives You The Right To Impersonate A Marine!?

That post has mushroomed virally in the last few days. More than 10,700 people have shared it, and more than 123,000 have “liked” it. Some posters said Schafer is overreacting, but many more agreed with his point.

“Hip hop just went to far!” wrote one poster. “Respect the colors that never runs. 50 cent, you are a joke stay home and drink your vitamin water.”

Other posters defended 50 Cent — and ripped the Marine for serving his country.

“Not to mention ur just a mindless zombie for the gov,” wrote one fan. “N 50 has done more, and given back more to this country than u ever could imagine.”

In 2009, 50 Cent and other rappers took heat for wearing military uniforms in the music video for “Rider Pt. 2.” It’s posted here, with the usual gangsta rap warning that not all lyrics are safe for work:


I’ve reached out to Schafer through Facebook and emailed 50 Cent’s publicist for comment. If either gets back to me, we’ll update this post. Schafer’s military background isn’t clear.

Your thoughts, friends?


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  1. Matthew Schafer was a Marine, but never deployed. He had two opportunities, but found his way out both times. He is also a thief who was NJP’d twice for that offense.

  2. maybe look up lcpl matthew schafer and you will find him. he never deployed total fake and fraud and is just as guilty as 50 cent for wearing medals he never earned. please do not praise this kid he has done nothing as a marine

  3. Any marine should understand what they are fighting for, and wearing a COSTUME or rather a replicated uniform is one of the right they fight for. But if they do not understand this or dislike this fact why do they serve? And are they truly fighting for everyones freedoms if they are selective of the rights they’re fighting for?

  4. Of course he has the right to, but that doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t. Just like you have the right to picket and protest at a soldier/Marine’s funeral, but you absolutely shouldn’t because it’s completely wrong.

  5. He is a real Marine- I helped recruit and put him into the Marine Corps myself. He actually was awarded an NROTC scholarship but for some bizarre reason his father made him turn it down and go enlisted instead. Furthermore, you don’t have to deploy to die for your country. I lost 2 marines in a training accident in Wyoming. It’s the fact that you have raised your hand and sworn to give your life if it comes down to it that counts. While I may not agree with his language or approach, you have to admit that the way that 50 cent is wearing is definitely less than honorable. I have my own opinions but that is a different issue. Also, to those of you railing against him, remember before you attack him that he has sworn to die for your very right to do so, so please remember that. Semper Fi

  6. I can’t speak for Cpl. Shafer, but I did serve. I earned that uniform and let me tell you, it isn’t easy and most people wouldn’t dream of doing it. Anybody that puts that uniform on their body without earning it is disrespecting those who have. Semper Fi

  7. Max…you may have recruited him…but that’s as far as it goes. He did serve…if you would read the above comments…BUT he was also a thiefe, and a coward. He ducked out of 2 deployments, and 1 he pretended to have gotten beaten up by a dude giving it to his wife…when actually he paid his dad to hit him with a bat. He is wearing medals and claiming a rank he never earned. He is also claiming to be an MP who works with NCIS as a military profiler. Ummm hello, he was a combat engineer 1371. Please check yourself before you defend a POS.

  8. Unacceptable. Doesnt matter if Schaeffer is a Marine or not, he is right. Marines have died, given their very lives, their blood, sweat and tears to wear that uniform. The Few and the Proud. Few is the key word. Not everyone can be a Marine and certainly shouldnt be wearing and disgracing the uniform that way. If .50 wants to wear the uniform so badly, he needs to go to Parris Island see if he has what it takes to wear that uniform.

  9. I have to agree, regardless of the background of the Marine (or anyone else) calling out 50, he’s right. It doesn’t matter what the Marine did or didn’t do he’s pointing out the fact that 50 did not earn that distinction. I’m a soldier in the army, I earned the right to wear an army uniform…here this guy goes on throwing on those uniforms and wearing them like shit making us all look bad. Does he have that right? Sure. Does he look like a stupid piece of shit who should be called out? Absolutely.

  10. CPL Christopher W Schuster on

    To be honest I don’t care about whether or not Schaeffer deployed or not. As for the NJPs we have a saying in the Marines, “Your not a Marine until someone has threatened to NJP you.” The simple and undeniable truth to this is that what 50cent did is a Felony chargeable crime. We served and earned what we earned. I’m not talking about medals either, but respect for having served to protect our country. The Respect of a Patriot. Simple as that.


  12. What I find funny is: “What Makes You Think You Have The Right To Put Medals On Your Chest That You Didnt Earn”…that is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, is it not? Is Schafer not wearing medals he did not in fact earn? I agree, calling out 50 is one thing, but if you are going to represent our Military, you should at least be standing behind the morals that you’re preaching.

  13. The language in that Schaeffer comment was ridiculous. Who talks that way besides drill instructors? This kid is either a POG or a boot.

    Ed Harris wore dress blues that had more medals on them than I think actually exist in real life and no one called him out.

    Get a grip dude, unplug your XBOX.

  14. While this kid was in the Marines he never was deployed. So while one could argue that he is a bit of a fake I think he makes a good point anyway. Why should some POS like 50 Cent wear a uniform and medals that represent pretty much the opposite of what he preaches. The Marines have a high moral code and wearing the uniform and medals is an honour. Something 50 (who only raps about drugs, sex,murder, etc) doesn’t know anything about.

  15. Did you get mad at Jack Nicholson in A few good men. Nope…and why not. You chose to defend a country that won’t even support you when you come back from its own wars. And whose freedom are you fighting for exactly. What wars are we fighting for our freedom. I’m so sick of military people saying that. Last war for freedom was the civil war and non of y’all fought in that. When has a country seriously threatened our safety? If you feel it’s a problem for 50 to wear a uniform then I suggest you man up and point the finger at all who are guilty. And for the record why did you wait 6 years after the video aired before you said something?

  16. To #21….We fight for our freedom on a daily basis. Are you that blind? Maybe the last war you paid attention to was the civil war but everyday we struggle for our freedoms. If it wasn’t for our law enforcement and military …there would have been multiple 9/11’s all over our country. Wake up and smell the roses. Enlist and make a difference (if you can).

  17. Derrick Patrick Flanagan on

    I’m a veteran, and disagree 100% with this 50 Cent wearing the uniform. He didn’t earn it, and last time I checked, impersonating a member of the military is a crime. Before you all say anything about actors and movies etc, their uniforms are not accurate, so they are not technically in a military uniform. I included my full name so that everyone here is fact checking can see that I am what I say I say I am.

  18. I say they make Fi’ty earn that purple heart. I served but was thankfully never wounded in combat and would NEVER wear that, so disrespectful!

    Semper Fi to all of my real brothers!

  19. Get over yourself Schafer, he’s an entertainer, he’s not some bum walking around telling his iraq or afghanistan war stories just to get a hard on. It’s a music video, realy, get over yourself. There are lots of people in the Marines who are POS, from the sound of what the people are saying here you seem to be one of those. OEF and OIF vet here, 4 year Seargent combat action ribbon etc.. While we’re at it let’s tell people to stop wearing Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes on Halloween.

  20. There’s only two locations in this world that you can go to earn the title “Marine”. If 50 cent didn’t go through MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego and graduated !!!!…..he’s disrespecting a tradition that is time honored by those that paid that price. Whether or not you go to combat or not…you’ve EARNED the right to voice your opinion about how OUR uniform is being degraded. Semper Fi bro’s.

  21. This is a MSG to th person who wrote about marines not fighting for freedom 1. The only reason you can say what you want is because soldiers have died for your right of free speech try saying what you want in a communist country they would kill you and 2. The last time our country was threatend was 9/11 and we’ve been fighting the terrorist who were behind it to prevent it from ever happening again.

  22. Regardless of who Shaefer is or isn’t, 50 Cent violated the law if he wore medals he did not earn. If he just wore the uniform jacket he would be ok (unclassy, but still legal). However, wearing medals he did not earn is a violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

    He won’t serve time for it though most likely as he will probably reach a deal. That and the corrupt Holder Department of Justice hardly ever prosecutes black people no matter what the crime they commit.

  23. Cpl. Schafer and some of you other folks are too damn sensitive; also, if some of you scholars would do your research, you would know that, as of June 2012, the Stolen Valor Act was deemed unconstitutional and a violation of the 1st amendment. Some of y’all some wankstas. Quit trying to compromise the constitution we’re supposed to be defending because some guy is wearing fake flash.

  24. 1stSgt G.L. Thornton on

    I am truly amazed at the number of you that have taken the side of the rap star, 50 cents on this issue. I served for well over 20 years in our beloved Corps, and like every Marine I have ever knew (Yes Lexi, even the less than stellar Marines, as you claim Schafer is), was always ready to do whatever I was called to do for this great nation. That doesn’t make us better than anyone else, but we “Marines” feel that our uniform and our emblem are sacred, special because since 1775 they have been the symbols of our commitment. Schaeffer may have violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but that does not mean he is wrong about a rap artist being disrespectful to our uniform and our emblem. I am sure that you have all seen our recruiting slogan, “Earned, never given” that refers to our title, “MARINE”, our emblem, the “Eagle, Globe, and Anchor”, and yes our “uniform”. While, we know that the super stars will at times use our things to help them sell their products, i.e. songs, movies, etc. we have every right to expect them to do it respectfully and honorably, if for no other reason than the fact that for some 328 years United States Marines have been at the forefront of all conflicts defending their rights to earn money from their craft in a free country.

    What I think many of you have forgotten is that even Hollywood Actors and Rap stars have an obligation and yes a responsibility to support the beliefs of the men and women that have sworn to give their lives to defend this country, and not disrespect those things that they hold on to so strongly. I personally believe that the rap star has an obligation to his public to support the men and women that are defending us. If we lose that one important part of the equation, then where will we get these young men and women who are willing to serve their country. Jay says our uniform is a COSTUME, I would ask Jay to grab a rifle and stand on that wall with me. At the end of our tour together well see if he still thinks of it as a COSTUME. We know what we are fighting for but we also know that our uniform and emblem is a part of us and this GREAT NATION.

    Me wrote. “did you get mad at Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men”. I would say to “Me”, no and the Navy didn’t get mad at the actors playing the Navy Officers. The reason is not the wearing of the uniform but the correct wearing of it, the pride of wearing it correctly and the honor and respect shown while wearing it. If you look at the video or the photographs of 50 cents wearing our uniform it is not worn with respect or pride and it is not worn correctly. Had he done that I might feel that the Lance Corporal should have chosen his battles better. If any of the writers that are slamming LCPL Schaeffer are Marines, either past or present I can only say “Shame on You”. That uniform represents your dedication to your country as a part of Americas 911 force and her finest fighting force. If you weren’t a Marine I would only ask , as Jack Nicholson put it, “Just say thank you to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and MARINES, that have served in peace time or in Combat, since it is through their service that you have the freedoms to be disrespectful to us and our beliefs.

    One more item for Lexi, you might want to check your facts. I attempted to check your statement and found no Matthew Schaeffer on the list of Marines accused of Stolen Valor. I would advise you not to make statements like that since you open yourself to legal action by the person you made the claim against.

    Semper Fi (for you Non Marines that means Always Faithful)

  25. I understand ur guys feelings towards this n ik how u feel but have u ever thought it was for a music video maybe for u guys?

  26. 50 is a POS and deserves to be taken out and shot, that being said i was in the USMC i never deployed, shortly after ITB i was medically discharged. whether or not M.B. Schafer is a real marine or not is not the issue people its 50 wearing my uniform, the uniform of my father and grandfather, we all earned that either at parris island or MCRD San Diego, it was a slap in our face when he disrespected us . i may have never deployed like schafer didnt but that doesnt make me any less of a Marine. we swore an oath to defend the american people and the country from all enemies foreign and domestic and in my eyes he is a domestic terrorist. oh and btw i was a marine for less than 6 months but by god i still earned the title and like the gent said before “youre not a real marine unless someone threatens you with an NJP” ive been NJP’d for going UA while on class B libo…. i went to a strip club lol OORAH and Semper Fi

  27. 50 is a POS and deserves to be taken out and shot, that being said i was in the USMC i never deployed, shortly after ITB i was medically discharged. whether or not M.B. Schafer is a real marine or not is not the issue people its 50 wearing my uniform, the uniform of my father and grandfather, we all earned that either at parris island or MCRD San Diego, it was a slap in our face when he disrespected us . i may have never deployed like schafer didnt but that doesnt make me any less of a Marine. we swore an oath to defend the american people and the country from all enemies foreign and domestic and in my eyes he is a domestic terrorist. oh and btw i was a marine for less than 6 months but by god i still earned the title and like the gent said before “youre not a real marine unless someone threatens you with an NJP” ive been NJP’d for going UA while on class B libo…. i went to a strip club lol OORAH and Semper Fi oh and death to all posers wearing my uniform

  28. blacksunbird4211 on

    I am a combat Marine (and the only one of 9 veterans in my family with combat experience), one who has had friends hurt or killed defending your right, Curtis Jackson, to enjoy the freedoms that this country provides. But let’s get a few things understood: (1. Freedom IS NOT FREE; it came with a price; a price that I, along with countless others that wore that same uniform, with dignity and pride (that you choose to wear as a fashion statement) paid for…and that price was STEEP. (2. There is currently an act in this country that I think you need to get familiar with…it’s called the Stolen Valor act…in short, what you are doing is a federal crime, under the law, if for no other reason for you wearing the ribbons/medals on the dress blues…dawg, THAT IS A CRIME. (3. I like the NY Yankees, and am actually a fan of your music, but the cap and my dress blues ain’t a hot look. (4. To Matthew Schaeffer, or whoever you are, IF your served in my Corps and didn’t deploy, that’s like you sitting at the little kids table telling adults to mind your manners…BOOT. Shut up when adults are talking…in fact, the only words that need to come out of your mouth, right now is, “yes, sir”, “no, sir”, and “aye, aye, sir”. Back to you, Curtis…remember your instructional song…”Stunt 101″? Well, while you have street cred, you’re stuntin’ by doin’ a half-ass attempt at lookin’ like a hip hop Marine…read your code of the streets and take my eagle, globe, and anchors off…they ain’t yours; you didn’t earn them.

  29. Regardless if the Marine is real or not — 50 Cent crossed the line. I defend his “right” to be an ass… BUT it is against the law (I thought) for him to wear the real “medals and awards?”… Just my “2” Cents…

  30. I personally know Matthew Schafer. Maybe some of you should make sure your information is correct. Schafer was and still is considered a Marine. None of you know his personal reason for not deploying but I can tell you hat if his personal situation was different he would have in fact deployed. And just because he didn’t deploy doesn’t mean anything he still took an oath and busted his ass to earn the right to get upset over some “thug” wearing a marine uniform. I myself as a civilian that was raised around the military got pretty upset about this man thinking he is cool by disgracing a uniform. My grandfather just like Schafer was a marine who did not deploy but I dare you to tell either one of them they are a fake cause I can promise you they will show you different! And for all of you that have never been in the military but seem to want to throw around accusations maybe you should get of your lazy ass as you sit at the computer or on the coach and just attempt to do what our military personnel do just for their PT I am positive you will not succeed. If it wasn’t for people like Schafer who took an oath to protect this country you wouldn’t even be allowed to use your freedom of speech to bash the people in uniform. You people just like 50 cent disgust me!

  31. I served in the Marine Corps with Corporal Schafer, Matthew B and he was an outstanding Marine. Say whatever you want but I remember him well he saved my life and served his county why don’t you just ask him I heard that he doesn’t know about all of this bs and that it is all been caused by his Ex Wife.

  32. Jason W Johnson on

    This message goes out to all of you ignorant fucks who support 50 cent your fucking retarded and I can say that because like so many others I served under Schafer we fought for you fucking right to support that fucking disgrace and weather you like it or not we will continue to put our asses on the line just so you can drag a good Marines name thru the mud I support Matthew and everything he said Facts are Facts I think its funny that Matthew isn’t engaging in this pathetic debate why you might ask well me personally I think its because no Marine ever has to defend he was a Marine look on MOL he is their I do believe its under LCPL rank but I served under him while he was a CPL believe what you want but put my name up their to matter of fact put all Marines names up their because as my brother I will support and defend him just as I have in battle you talk all you want but the few of us who really know him know the truth and know the FACT is he was a Marine Fact he served our country Fact he put his ass on the line for me personally Fact he helped me become the Marine I am today Fact without Matthew and all of us you wouldn’t be here today much less freaking out about some shit bag rapper! so

    Fuck You America you have become weak you have turned your back on us the Military the Veterans the shield that protects you the few who lay it all on the line so you can act like a bunch of winy little bitches grow the fuck up step up and stand up next to lady liberty rather than cowering behind her support our troops fuck the leaders and their hidden agendas and really pay the fuck attention we fight for you we fight for ur kids and your family we fight for your right to treat us like shit just like you have to the Vietnam Vets we fight for our brothers and sisters standing next to us on the font line because god knows you are to much of a coward to stand with us and hey that’s ok because even if you put Schafer down and talk crap on him I will still be their on the front line supporting your right to do so.

    Semper Fi Schafer

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