Combat assignment debate for women growing in mainstream media


Capt. Katie Petronio discusses her opposition to women serving in infantry units on CNN. (CNN screen grab)

Ready or not, the debate about whether or not women should be able to serve in infantry units has moved firmly into the mainstream media spotlight.

Capt. Katie Petronio appeared on CNN this morning, reaffirming the position she took in a recent Marine Corps Gazette article that women should not be able to serve in infantry units:


Petronio’s appearance follows on the heels of a piece by the New York Times’ C.J. Chivers published Sunday. It outlined the planned experimental introduction of female lieutenants at Infantry Officers Course.

Marine Corps Times has covered the issue at length in the last few months, most recently with this update noting that female volunteers won’t appear at IOC until at least September. Still, it’s interesting to see how this issue is growing legs in the mainstream media as the Pentagon’s study moves forward.


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