Feminist calls Katy Perry’s Marines video “shameful”











Feminist Naomi Wolf, author of “The Beauty Myth,” is calling Katy Perry‘s new video a propaganda piece for the Marine Corps and has suggested her fans boycott the singer.

Perry recorded the video for her new song “Part of Me” at Camp Pendleton, Calif. with the help of 40 female Marines.  The video debuted March 21.  Wolf posted the following comment about the video on her Facebook page four days later:








Some have come to Wolf’s defense, including people who identify themselves as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  Others are not so happy with her remarks, even saying she insults Marines.

Wolf added a new comment this morning saying she very much respects the brave men and women in the Marines, but very much disrespects the war profiteers who abuse their patriotism and feeds them into the war machine.

She also commented that Perry shouldn’t be glorifying war:







Some replies:

“We feel you insulted the marines and the rest of us in the military by calling Katy Perry video “glorified violence” because the video was basically depicting her in basic training, something we all go through…All she was trying to do was show us some support and by you insulting someone who has our back [you are]insulting us.”

“…the uniform code of military justice, says that we are here for YOUR protection…therefore, our “training” may be to violent for you, but for our sake, it may be nice to feel a little more appreciated for just the training we endure for your sake.”

“Becoming a Marine is one of the most challenging things you can do. Her video was about becoming self-reliant, not dependent on some man to feel empowered and happy. Your type of feminism is about an ideology that would melt like ice in the face of real, independent women.”


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  1. it all makes sense.

    yes- katy perry made a propaganda type video

    (which-if you listened to the words-could have easily be interpretuped (sp) in a different way)

    gotta realize- the young ones that join up for adventure and excitement- sometimes they find out that life can be uglier than they thought life really was……

    after almost 10 years of war….

    the youngens know

    (or at least they should)

    what war means/costs…….

    (my only complaint- we are not going for the win-we are going for a just a ‘lets be friends’ result)

  2. Ya this video is idiotic and repulsive. I think its a complete disgrace and embarassment to the Marine Corps. I thought it was a joke at first but it is truely revolting. Chock another embarassment up for the the good ole USMC!!!!!! Perry is the weirdest, most disrespectful, disgusting lesbian on the Pop/Hollywood market today, what a freak!!!!!!

  3. I thought the video was great and I admire her for going through what she did to film the video. Most of all I loved the American flag and wonderful Marines in the shoot who are some of the most loyal and brave Americans you’ll ever meet.

    I’m sick of people knocking my country. I love America and “My America” loves Katy Perry. God Bless America

  4. Hey Tom Milbank isn’t it great that you came outta the closet and started putting from the ruff.Good for you ASS Commando!!! God what a freak, I bet you love ELLEN DEGENERATE too. DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Does this even rate a response? Coming from an ACTUAL war vet.. I love it.. she is hot..and thats all I really care about.. Looks like she executed a hip throw perfect! hahah.. Take it for what its worth and atleast she is showing support for Marines instead of running us down.. All shots were training shots..no war scenes.. But I guess I shouldnt expect POGS to know the difference…Wish FET looked like that.. Semper Fi Katy..

  6. We all volunteered because we want to contribute to and be part of something meaningful. I found Katy Perry’s new “Part of Me” video motivating and I respect that she was willing to put together such a touching tribute. I have no respect for non service members trying to validate their unwillingness to contribute to society by portraying us as naïve young people having been tricked into signing up.

  7. Love My Marine on

    I see from the beginning to the end of the video what she is portraying in the song and I think it is one way for young women to get control of their lives just the way for some of our young men to be able to get their lives grounded. Some of our guys have been jilted and decided to just join there isn’t any reason the women can’t join under the same situation. I am a proud mother of US Marines and hope that we can quit fighting so dang much at home about ignorant things while our military persons are fighting real wars and even loosing their lives just to come home to civilians fighting about things just because of our Freedom to speak. Grow up. It all sounds like a jealous pre puberty girl that is mad because another girl got a little attention. Video looks good, and it is obvious that she isn’t on the battle field it is a training field.

  8. Hey, that’s fine, let the civilians say whatever they want. Their opinions mean absolutely nothing seeing as how they have done NOTHING to earn them. I’m a Marine, 3 combat tour vet and my freedom of speech was bought and paid for…by me and the rest of my Marines. So to Katy, thank you for portraying the Marines in a positive way. To all the non-rate civilian haters, you’re welcome…for your wonderful, free country where you can voice your meaningless opinions. Keep being jealous of us, Semper Fi!

  9. I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with the video. Considering alot of my own friends back home don’t know we are still in Afghanistan. Maybe some Americans will actually take an interest in what we do. I liked the video, and saw nothing wrong with it.

  10. I think her video is outstanding! Listen to the words people….

    “this is a part of me that your never ever gonna take away from me!!”

    Becoming a Marine is something that no one can take away from you no matter what. She shows what it takes to become a Marine and once the title is earned, it will never be taken away. I think Mrs. Wolfe doesnt get that. She hasnt been a Marine, never worn the uniform, never put on a pair of combat boots. If you are a Marine and you listen to the words, you know what Katy Perry is talking about.

    Earning the title of United States Marine is something we will always have, even if we have nothing later in life. No matter how much we owe someone, no matter how much anyone takes from you, materialistic-wise, being a Marine is a non-tangible that …….”your never, ever gonna take away from me!!”

    Semper Fidelis Katy….

  11. Seriously Ms. Wolf, get over it, it shows her in basic training. I’m female, I’d consider myself a feminist, I’m in the active duty military, and yes, I’ve been to war. This video is nothing, please find better things to waste peoples time on. I agree with what Maria said in a previous post about the Marine Corp…and I do believe THAT is the story the video tells. How about we discuss why women are paid far less in the private sector, or how as a society we degrade women as not good as. How about we spend our time on addressing far more heinous societal issues and their root causes?

  12. Thank you TCloss!! There are way more important things in life to worry about. I see this video as motivation for females to stand up for themselves and be strong.

    As stated in earlier posts, if you have never walked a mile in our combat boots, you have nothing to say about it….

  13. I am a Marine, have been to Iraq, and like Katy Perry. However I am not a fan of liberal reporters from NY.

    Why shouldn’t the sacrifice of someone who joins the Marines be glorified?

  14. I’m shocked that anyone could find fault with this video as it is a positive for America and The Marines. I may be a land locked DISA mushroom hear at Ft. Meade but I tip my hat to Katy Perry for not being one those of Music or Hollywood liberals who knock America at every turn. As the fourth generation in my family that serves my country with pride, I wish more Americans would STAND TO and not STAND DOWN when it comes to defending America and those who serve with honor defending our REPUBLIC. Perhaps in Nov. America will vote the Communists, Socialists and Playschool Marxists out of office.

  15. Oh…. Dave and Tom… You’re both Marxist scum. The only thing you’re fit to do is scrub GI-CANS when you’re not marching at OWS events. Take a shower. Ever notice how ugly liberal women are? Why is that? We should have finished the job after WWII. Now we have Russia and China and their proxies to deal with. Want to solve 99% of the BS in the world? Get rid of Communism. It’s a cancer. It’s time we took the gloves off.

  16. Good job TOMMY Milbanks spoken like a true idiot. Stop living in a dream world kook, and lay off the drugs why don’t ya, you make absolutely no sense at all weirdo!!!!!!

  17. Ya Tom and I bet the clothes you wear and all the things you own were made in China retard. Ya communism is a real threat these days stop living in the past you hipocrit!!!! Every dollar you and I spend is supporting Communist China. What’s your grand solution to that. (Typical American Answer): AWWWHHH we should have nuked them. Your an idiot and anyone who loves fucking Katie Perry as much as you and is a dude is Gay as hell…………

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  20. Marine recruiter on

    She’s entitled to her opinion but do you even know the reason most of the young men and women joined the marine corps and I’m taking about the main reason… well I’ll tell you what it is, is for things like challenge, honor, commitment, self discipline, words that I don’t think you understand. I can’t tell you what being a marine means because only a marine will truly understand.

  21. If she were even a half decent journalist, she would have done her homework and realized that it’s a training environment, not a war zone. And then, in an attempt to recover, she dares to offer her ‘journalistic adventures’ as though it were some type of war experience? Well, she could at least thank a vet for her freedom of speech.

  22. Girl With the Jarhead on

    Oh come on. lol. It’s really NOT THAT BAD. Compare it to Call of Duty, GI Joe. Movies like Battle L.A. Even the X-men. If you are dumb enough to join the marine corps because Katy Perry made this video, you almost deserve to get shot.

    Women in my branch don’t join for a stupid fashion statement, or pop culture. We do it because no other women could.

    Semper Fi

  23. My post on Naomi Wolf’s FB page

    “Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I should be a fan of Katy Perry. I don’t know that I have ever heard her music, it’s in a genre I normally avoid. But thanks to you, I’ll search her out and become a fan. Just one vote to offset yours. Semper Fidelis.”

  24. I like violence. It’s how we get to stay safe. I don’t think the Marine corps would put Perry up to this, where would the money come from? Semper fi Marines. Perry looks good in the video. Call me Katy.

  25. Really, she’s just a lady who wants to be talked about. I mean, only idiots would ever agree with her. I am no fan of Katy Perry, dislikes her even, but I gotta say she looked good in those Marine greens. And the song is actually one of her better ones, plus the video compliments it quite nicely.

    Cut Ms. Wolfe some slack, you Yanks. Treat PWDs nicely. 🙂

    From the Philippines, with love.

  26. I thought the video was a wonderful tribute to all Marines. It brought tears to my eyes to watch that familiar inner struggle which led many of us to join. You would think a leading feminist would recognize the incredible courage and strength of character it takes for a woman to decide to take up the challenge of becoming a U.S. Marine, a job which almost defines our society’s ideal of masculinity. The video is very empowering, in this sense, in that it sends out the message that there is nothing we cannot do.

    And I am happy that, while Perry did wear a uniform that said “Marines,” she had respect enough not to wear the Eagle Globe and Anchor. It was noticeably absent from both her uniform and her cover, and I took this as sign of respect to all of us who actually earned the right to wear it. Outstanding job all around.

  27. Sabrina Messenger on

    As a woman who proudly served in the USMC from 1979-1986 both active and reserve, I think Katy Perry’s video is AWESOME! It’s a great empowering alternative to the stereotypical junk one sees in the chick flicks! I think Naomi Wolf is full of it! She is one of 1%-er self-promoting kinds of feminists who thinks only her brand of feminism is legitimate.

  28. Sabrina Messenger on

    Something else I don’t understand: Why should Katy be criticized for her video when there have been so many other war films made over the that were intentional propoganda but are now considered classics such as Frank Capra’s “Why We Fight.” If Naomi Wolf finds the war film/video genre so abhorrent, why doesn’t she attack Spike Lee over Bell of St. Anna, Tom Hanks for Saving Private Ryan or Clint Eastwood over Heartbreak Ridge and Flags of our Fathers? No she has to to the standard cat fight stand and be a woman attacking another woman. It’s bloody annoying! As far as I’m concerned we need more “Part of Me” and less “Real Housewives” and Disney Princesses!

  29. Josh Stotesbery on

    I’m not sure what is shameful about Katy Perry filming her video with the Marines. Why would it be negative to promote serving ones country? I think Ms Wolf should re examine her values

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