Army 3-star general: Army should be more like Marines


Head of the Army Reserve, Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz

The head of the Army Reserve said Tuesday that the Army should be more like the Marine Corps — at least in the way the Marine Corps cultivates a strong life-long brotherhood.

Although Marines and soldiers usually boast about being better than the other, Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, head of the Army Reserve, said at this year’s Reserve Officers Association symposium in Washington, D.C., that the Marine Corps does a good job inculcating the idea of “once a Marine, always a Marine.” That helps them pull active duty Marines into the Reserve at the end of their service.

The Army would do well to mimic that as a way to retain hard-won experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While many soldiers see their four-year contract as finite, many Marines see it as just the first chapter of their military career. Army leadership, he said, often paints a black and white picture by asking soldiers near the end of their service if they are re-enlisting or getting out. They should be asking if soldiers are re-enlisting or transitioning to the Reserve, he said. They could do more to make a career in the reserve an enticing prospect.


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  1. Don’t worry Stultz the Corps is starting to become like the Army everyday no need to mimic, least they have an option to stay in or get out, there booting 20,000 outta here soon as you know and its just not Marines on there first, second, or third tours, Marines with 15, 16+ years are getting hacked just shy of there retirement. (That’s Fucked) seen it before in 1995. Make room for the new Joint Strike Fighter, we need those like we need another aircraft carrier, submarine, destroyer, or a hole in the head, etc. etc. F-18s, Harriers, are old yes, but do the job just fine. Cut 20,000 Marines and U can but a few F-35’s.

  2. after being out of the reserves since 93, that was nine years in for me, i say once airborne always airborne. I will always be true to my brothers and sisters hooooah!

  3. I think its more a matter of shared experiences and training that bind a group together. As an Infantry Soldier, I still keep in touch with my brothers from years past. I left Active duty over ten years ago wanting a more stable life for my family, but went Reserves because I didn’t want to lose the camaraderie of being with fellow Soldiers. I think it would be just as well to have the rest of the Army attempt to be more like the Infantry (or other Combat Arms MOS’s). Once a Grunt always a Grunt. I’ll bend over backwards to help out any one of my brothers and be hard pressed to leave the service, when I do.

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  5. Brian – They Marine Corps is diminishing their numbers to what they were prior to the war in terrorism. They’re designed to operate at around 180,000, not 200,000. Payroll and everything else for those 20,000 Marines costs much more than a few JSFs.

  6. Don’t think so dude check your Math, nevertheless thats 20,000 Marines hitting the streets short of retirement or being kicked out against there will for those who want to stay in, that’s pretty fucked, good luck finding a job when you get out, not to mention how dicked up the VA is if you don’t have insurance and have to fall back on them, total joke and disgrace, Marines gave all all and sacrificed so much in these stupid ass wars that they come home and get shitted on!!! Kinda like NAM huh, remember that!!!!!

  7. Brain- Marine Corps will not force good Marines out. Most of these Marines that will be “forced” out will be Marines that do not meet the stardard. DUIs, weight, health, NJPs…. I know a few 15 year Marines that will not re-enlist just because of the deployments. The Marine Corps needed numbers before so they “over looked” somethings. Now they can weed out the ones that don’t make the cut.

  8. Its funny how a general in the army sees this but you other army soldiers claim “brotherhood” among your ranks. If it wasnt true why would studies be done? Im sure there are pocketa of comraderie in the army, but NOTHING can or will ever compare to what the Marines have. No matter how you try to change anything soldiers do not have the internal make-up of Marines due to the intense training they go through with one another and how much they depend on one another. Soldiers CANNOT be like the Marines. For instance, physical standarsa are grossly different between services, you always see overweight soldiers but rarely see an overweight Marine. Tbats because they take PRIDE in their appearance and want to remain in combat condition. Soldiers dont really give a damn, its sad because when rounds start flying the soldier is the one getting injured because hes too fat/slow/unreliable to get where he needs to quick, fast, and in a hurry. Thank you Marines for being the protectors of this country. Thank you Army for being the second in line to protect our country. First to fight, OOrah Marine Corps (clap,clap) KILL!

  9. brians an idiot on

    Check ur numbers on service cuts brian. The army is taking a larger % cut at 57000 soldiers being forced out. So its just not the Marines trying to redux the force. Its good because maybe the army mighy become a little more reliable and combat ready.

  10. It’s a flip-flop. For decades the US has put boots on the ground to win battles. The current administration believes that boots are not needed so the Marine Corps and Army are being downsized. The Navy and Air Force are remaining large to project air and sea power. Bombs and guided missles will be the US’s primary battle losing weapons.

  11. Ok brian you are a fuxking retard if you thing the marine corps is becoming like the army there not the army should be more like the marines

  12. Nowadays most people just want to do their time and get out. lol If you think about it, this is just a recruiting tactic from the head general of Army Reserves.

    Army camaraderie and esprit de corps is fine where it needs to be. Whose to say AD vets aren’t proud of their service as a soldier? MAYBE they should reconsider certain asinine policies/ regulations if they want more soldiers in the reserves…

    @reynold one team one fight, you arrogant fuck. But I do agree that leaders NEED to actually implement standards to those who are out of line. They have already begun out processing soldiers who dont meet standards. Perhaps one day soon the Army will be as it should be. Other than that, the Army vs Marines argument is just immature and irrelevant.

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