Behind the Cover: A Marine Corps workout to rival CrossFit


The certified trainers at Semper Fit — the Corps’ in-house health and fitness promotion group you see at the base gyms — have designed a kick-ass workout program that they think will satisfy even the most demanding physical fitness disciple in the Corps.

The program is called High Intensity Tactical Training, or HITT, and it will be ready to go in about three weeks. It’s got a library of more than 600 exercises that have been combined into 60-minute workouts meant to be done three times a week. Marines who took part in the beta test done this past fall are already believers and some say they expect to do much better on their next PFT and CFT because of it.

The Semper Fit trainers are not discouraging the use of programs like CrossFit, but they do have some really good points to make about HITT and the differences between it and commercial workout programs. The story starts on Page 22 in this week’s issue and even has an example of three of the workouts.

Also in this week’s issue you’ll read about new rules for backpacks, Bold Alligator 2012 and there’s a story that will tell you even more about what expect if you get an assignment to Australia.


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