Bored Marine Video: Marine eats massive desert bug


It has been a few weeks since we’ve posted a good Bored Marine Video to kick the weekend off the right way. Why not start now?

Up this week: one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen all month. Our intrepid Marine hero decides to make good on a promise to eat a freakishly large moth. And by “freakishly large,” I mean, “beefy enough to roast on a spit.” The humanity! It’s still squirming!

A slight warning: the video has a little bit of salty language, as you might expect when something like this happens. Really, though, the Marines here are quite supportive of the endeavor:


I’ve heard of having butterflies in the stomach, but this is ridiculous.


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  1. my unit was always in jungles, wed eat snakes, lizards, grubs, roots, and worms. When we got really hungry, we would choke down an MRE. Semper Fi desert warriors.

  2. hey guys, flores here, how you guys been, i did that stunt for about ninety bucks back in 29, def enuff to supply monsters while there lol. but hope everyone enjoys and spread this video.thx 4 watchin

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