Bored Marine Video: Marine takes on leaf blower


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s hard work finding content worthy of Bored Marine Video. Some weeks, it takes deep searches on YouTube, with nothing more than hopes and dreams that a lance corporal somewhere will man up and post something new and interesting.

Other weeks, the comedy gold comes to us. This is one of those weeks:


A Marine with a leaf blower? What could possibly go wrong?


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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. hes lucky something go through the air intake and go down his throat or worse yet, lodge in his windpipe and choke him to death. this is dangerous and has no place on this site. we are beter than this
    Semper Fi

  2. Michael Silver on

    Get over it, junior enlisted will always like this. Can you blame with all the crap they have to go through and how much time of theirs is wasted. I don’t i was there i was a boot Pfc and Lance in a grunt bn.

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