Marine is best enlisted leader — at Army Ranger School


Sgt. Grant Royal receives the Enlisted Leadership Award at Ranger School graduation Oct. 22, from Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Smith. (Army).

It seems the Army’s Fort Benning, Ga., agrees with Sgt. Grant Royal.

Not only did he kick butt at last year’s Army Sniper Competition, taking first place by a mile with teammate Staff Sgt. Joshua Huskey, but he outshone the rest of the soldiers (and one other Marine) in his Ranger School class, too.

Having successfully completed the notoriously grueling 61-day course in one shot, Royal, who is an instructor at the Scout Sniper School at Camp Pendleton, Calif., walked away with the Enlisted Leadership Award voted on by his student peers.

He was presented the award by Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Smith at the Oct. 22 graduation, standing out in his green MARPAT uniform among the glowing ACUs of his fellow Army students.

It might have looked a little big on him, though.

“I dropped weight for sure,” he said. “I got a little fat before I went; now I have a six pack. I dropped about 20 or 30 pounds.”


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