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CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan — Just wanted to take a second to point out that the Military Times art department has put together a pretty sweet graphic to serve as Battle Rattle’s new logo. I’m a big fan, as you might expect.

I’m heading down to the flightline at nearby Camp Bastion shortly to try and get down to Marjah once again. We’re flying space-available today, so keep your fingers crossed for us. There are about 15 things that could keep us grounded again, including if there are more pressing operational matters.

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I'm a senior writer with Marine Corps Times, covering ground warfare, manpower, weapons acquisition and other beats. I embedded in Afghanistan in spring 2010, and plan to return at least once in 2011.


  1. I just stumbled on your blog. I search every day for news from Afghanisan. My son is somewhere near Marjah and we don’t hear news very often. Thanks for your blog. Good luck and God Bless.

  2. Read about you today in Spfd Republican,as soon as i read about you being from Chicopee,we are from W Spfd, I had to check out your info on line. Our daughter is with the army at Leatherneck and we are always looking for news about her area. We pray for her and her battle buddies daily. Thanks for your blog. God Bless!

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